Pontiac G8 GT better than a BMW 5 Series?

5-series | March 31st, 2008 by 17

In of the latest video commercials, Pontiac takes a stab at BMW 5 Series. In this particular video, Pontiac is trying to convince the people …

In of the latest video commercials, Pontiac takes a stab at BMW 5 Series. In this particular video, Pontiac is trying to convince the people that their latest G8 GT model is a better buy, from a price and speed point of view.

The Pontiac G8 GT has a base price of $30,000, while the luxurious, but slower, 5 Series starts at $58,500. I have to agree, the video is hilarious and I aplaud Pontiac's marketing department for coming up with this. But, there is no way I would believe the G8 is a better car than the 550i for example. 

Look at the engine, the german manufacturer managed to squeeze out 360 ponies from their V8 4.8L, while the american automaker managed to the same horsepower, but from a 6.L engine.

I know that I am little biased and that this is a BMW Blog, but either way, I still have more confidence in the fine german engineering.

Anyway, watch the video, it is worth it though.


17 responses to “Pontiac G8 GT better than a BMW 5 Series?”

  1. Mark says:

    WHAT a FIRGGING JOKE!!! So what of the Pontiac is cheaper?? Okay, buy that Pontiac with its cheap plastic interior….watch as the value (oxymoron) of that same Pontiac drop 50% when you drive off the dealer’s lot….tell you what…at the end of two years, let’s see which car retains more of its value….

    You will NOT catch me screaming down RR 12, FM 1431 or any other twisty road here in central Texas….you WILL find the Pontiac rapped around a tree or upside down in some ditch after some person TRIED to copy the BMW’s the ad is going after…

    WOO WOOOOO, funny ad indeed!!!


  2. Toy Yoda says:

    The Pontiac motor is more compact and weighs less than the BMW motor and has more torque. Why bring up HP/L when you can also put up HP/Volum and HP/weight which favors the American motor. Such arbitrary arguments in favor of BMW is inane.

    And yeah, I own a 6 series.

  3. Mohammed Ali says:

    haha right?

    soo … 2 things the pony beats beemer in .. being spacious and uh speed… i agree with the author when he said they’re comparing a 6 litre to a 4.8
    but what about all the technology with the idrive, the looks (i prefer the 6 series but watever) and drive in a BMW or …. hahah pontiac
    LOL i feeel sorry for american car makers they’re losing lots of money
    then they claim to be better than german cars

  4. Paul Phillips says:

    The BMW is almost DOUBLE the price of the G8. All you can do is bring up HP and L… pathetic. The G8 offers not as much luxury and comfort a BMW 5er does, but its also almost 30k less. Thats what is hilarious. $30,000! haha. Wow. Now lets talk about an American car in the SAME price range. Try bashing the 550hp Cadillac CTS-V for 58k. It blows BMW’s 5 series out of the water.

    And yes…the advertising is hilarious, for one reason: a car for 30k should not even come close to the performance of a car almost double the price. Get over it, American cars are coming out of the slump they have been in for the past decade. Sorry, but your little 5 series has met its match (or matches).

  5. gene says:

    I love how people want to comment but never read everything someone else has to say first. I will not say mean things and call people mean names. This is for constructive criticism.

    American car fans say that we can only bring up luxury and hp for the BMW.. are you retarded? The handling of a BMW is MUCH greater than the Pontiac hands down. HANDLING ALONE is sometimes reason enough for any driving enthusiast to pay more. Guess who has a 5 year/100k mile warranty and guess which car will retain it’s value much better.. The BMW over the Pontiac. 30 grand more for for a car that is worth more than 30 grand more than it’s American “competitor” .. It makes me laugh to think people will think the value of a Pontiac comes close to a BMW.

    No, American cars are not coming out of it’s slump from the past decade, especially due to horrible management. Do I hate American cars? No. I actually like the new designs coming out for some of them. BUT LETS BE REAL. BMW isn’t like it’s German counterpart MB, who’s car has been slowly losing it’s grip on their loyalists because of poor quality the last 10 years. So no, I’m not bias against German, American or Japanese car engineering.

    Good day to all. =D

  6. Azer says:

    Furthermore, if Pontiac wants to prove that G8 is faster than BMW then they should take BMW M5 since they are comparing with GT version. BMW M5 has 10 cylinder 5.0 litre with 500hp. It can hit 0-60 MPH in 2.3 seconds. Now, Pontiac G8 GT hits 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. WTF Pontiac get a life….

  7. G Man says:

    Azer ur dumb the m5 dosn’t even get close to 2.3 seconds 0-60 the buggatti veryon goes 0-60 in 2.3 and it has 1001 horses and 4 turbos the m5 is slower than the cts-v and that dose 0-60 in 3.9

  8. The Lee says:

    First off, let’s get something clear: the G8 is not an American car. It’s an Australian car with an American-branded logo.

    The G8 isn’t a bad car. It’s not a bad-driving car, either. And in GT trim, it’s pretty quick. Is it necessarily an E60 rival? Not really, no. Different markets, and most people who can afford an E60 aren’t going to buy into the marketing speak.

    The comparison is really meant for those who aren’t in the market for a BMW in the first place. It’s so that people who buy a G8 can tell their buddies “My G8 compares to (insert vehicle here that retails much higher than the G8).” It’s the same strategy that Kia/Hyundai (don’t remember which) employed a couple years ago where they were saying their car was superior due to a larger number of cup holders.

    Take it for what it is, laugh it off and move on with life. There’s no reason to get butt-hurt over marketing speak from a company that has a VERY short life to live before it’s gone for good.

  9. The Lee says:

    And you suck, G-Man, for bringing up a topic that (I just noticed) died months ago.

  10. BMWho says:

    As a G8 GT owner with a just a tune and CAI, I am putting down 340 to the wheels with a 0-60 less than 4.5 seconds. Next please…

  11. BMW Killer says:

    all of you apparently dont know your cars because from my PERSONAL experience the Pontiac G8 GT blows the bmw 5 series out of the water with its powerful 6.0 liter V8 and the handling is the same if not better than a bmw. i have taken turns at 65mph and the handeling still did better than the bmw’s shakey suspension system.
    either learn your cars or spend a little more money on a car that can beat a G8 but dont get your hopes up with a BMW 5 series.

  12. anonymous says:

    I’d buy a Pontiac. If I wanted cheap build and ride quality.

    All the trolling in the world from Pontiac’s marketing team isn’t going to convince anyone who’s ever driven or as much as sat in a 5er that a G8 GT is in the same league.

    But lets talk about what’s important to 5 series customers. Drag racing. That’s why people buy them, so lets get the 0-62 times out and see what the better car is.


  13. 535xi Owner says:

    I have raced a friends Pontiac G8 GT twice now in my 535xi and crushed him both times. Its not even close which is a better car. I have driven both and while the G* has some speed nothing else measures up at all.

    • Xpdw says:

      You’re a damn liar. No 535ix on Earth will beat a GT. You raced a V6 G8 and I’m would probably bet that model will still run a 535ix.

  14. Nooge2004 says:

    Mark, think the G8’s aren’t holding value relative to purchase price at this point? I’m sorry your lite dick is hurting because I purchased a superior car than your BMW full of faggotry. Goddamn cocksucker!

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