2008 BMW E92 M3 available at the U.S dealerships

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Lucky me. Today I was given the opportunity to check out a brand new BMW E92 M3 at Schaeffer BMW in Wilmington, NC. The pictures …

Lucky me. Today I was given the opportunity to check out a brand new BMW E92 M3 at Schaeffer BMW in Wilmington, NC. The pictures cannot begin to show the true being that sat right in front of me. There was no doubt that it looked like it was ready to take off out of the showroom. It didn’t look like the new M3 likes to be cooped up like some caged animal, which is just what it is, an animal! The stance of the new M3 alone is enough to show you that it means business. I took a look at the whole car inside and out and didn’t see one part of the design that was there for show or ascetic reasons. This car is all go.

As soon as you see the rear-end you know this is the M3 with its beautiful quad tips sitting out and the lower rear fascia looking so race drawn. Then you start to walk around the car and you notice how low it sits in comparison to the E46 M3, and then you notice how much longer it seems as well. The profile looks like it’s getting ready to pounce on its prey.

After seeing the rest of the profile, you slowly make your way around to the front of the car and immediately you are taken aback. This is no M3 that BMW has ever designed. Every M3 before has always been so pretty, so clean and so smooth. This M3 is smooth, but in a much more hardcore way. The front end is sharp, it shows its growling teeth with the wide front mouth that sucks in all the air, and the hood sits so far up. With the E46 M3 there was a small up rise in the middle of the hood to make sure the 3.2L I-6 fit properly. This car has a Mount Everest sized dome in the middle with two rather large air intakes next to it. The left intake is fake, while the right one feeds air straight to the air intake. Neat design and they figured out how to blend it in perfectly with the rest of the car.

There is a noticeable difference when you get into the M3. The doors are longer than the outgoing E46 model, and the interior is much plusher. It is much more up to an ///M cars standards. The steering wheel is thick, and a smaller circle than the E46 as well. This wheel fits your hand much better. The transmission still feels the same as all of the other ///M cars, but the shifter feels smoother and more precise along with being a shorter shifter. There are only four seats total in the E92 M3, which is great because it gives the rear passengers all of the room they need for a nice drive.

As soon as you open the hood you realize why that mountain is in the middle of the aluminum hood. The 4.0L V8 is monstrous. And I don’t mean monstrous as in a big V8, or a V8 in general, this damn thing is HUGE! It sits out like it’s going to jump out of the car, no joke. I was with two friends and as soon as I opened the hood the three of us just said “whoa!!!”  How they fit that engine in there I have no idea, and how they made it weigh less than the outgoing I-6 is even farther beyond me. Leave it up to the boys over at ///M to make the best damn car they can.

Enjoy the pictures guys. Stay tuned tomorrow when I get to drive an E90 M3 and an E92 M3.

A big thanks goes out to my friends at Schaeffer BMW for calling me up and telling me they had the car, and for letting me hang around and take pictures. If you are interested in this M3, feel free to give them a call at 877-247-9268. Their great staff (who are personal friends of mine) will help you with all of your needs. Tell them BMWBlog sent you.

Article by Josh from RawAutos.com

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