Once again, Palbay, a member of germancarzone.com has come through for everyone. He is known to always have the latest and greatest BMW X6 photos. He has met our expectations again and he recently posted some new photos showing the X6 XDrive 50i, roaming around the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg.

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According to him, the Vermillion Red X6 seem to be the first finished BMW X6 50i. As you might know by know, the X6 50i is powered by a V8 Twin-Turbo engine. But here is what he had to say:

Hey guys, I finally caught two beautiful TwinTurbo V8 BMW X6s out testing yesterday. They appeared to be finished production level xDrive50i models. These are the first two finished V8s I’ve spotted. They appeared from a very unlikely location. These two X6s popped out of some roll up doors in the BMW Training and Development Center.

I thought this was some sort of an HR Facility for advanced training for BMW Associates. I just happened to drive by this place, like I have many times in the past. I’ve never seen any X6s enter or exit from this place. It had a kind of James Bond feeling to the whole thing.

This door rolls up and out pops two red X6 models! I got behind and beside one of the cars at a stop sign. One of the doors opened and a guy got out and walked towards me.

thumb X6%20Sittings 22%20Feb%202008%20014.jpg post

Luckily the guy kinda grinned at me and opened up the rear hatch. I’m not sure what the stuff is hanging out of the hatch. There were two X6s and they were in a hurry. They did several high speed runs on this road behind the BMW Plant. They would do a u-turn prior to getting to the traffic light at each end of the street.

After a couple of passes on this road, the X6 went to the Performance Center and did 4 or 5 hot laps there. One last comment. These V8s did not sound well at all. They had the deep “NASCAR” V8 rumble, but almost sounded like they were misfiring or running on less than eight-cylinders.

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Maybe that was somehow tied into the test they were preforming.At least yesterday they did not sound like a precision german engineered V8.

thumb X6%20Sittings 22%20Feb%202008%20008.jpg post