Top 10 Out of Production Cars of the Last 30 Years

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I was browsing the forum the other day and I came across an interesting topic. One of the members, "Merc1", decided to make a …

I was browsing the forum the other day and I came across an interesting topic. One of the members, "Merc1", decided to make a top 10 of his favorite cars in the past 30 years. His rules were fairly simple:

Nothing current production or produced before 1977. Nothing about some great car from the past that no one here has ever driven or remembers when it was in its hey-day.

I find it interesting to see a top 10 done by a car fanatic rather than a car magazine. Honestly, I always find these reviews and tops more interesting and unique, so therefore, today I'm giving you this cool list of cars.

1. Mercedes-Benz E500 (W124) – Quite possibly my favorite Mercedes-Benz of all time. True tank-like build quality, unique looks and some Porsche know-how.

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2. Mercedes-Benz SL (R129) – The only other older Mercedes that compares to the W124 E-Class for me. Still beautiful today, this car was technical marvel back in 1989 when it was introduced with many world's firsts.

thumb mbSLR

3. Ferrari 550/575 Marenello – Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I'll never forget listening to one of these go by. Arguably the best looking Ferrari of its time

Ferrari 550/575 Marenello

4. Ferrari F355 Spider – A much better car than the 348 that came before it, this was the answer to several cars that dared challenge Ferrari's V8 entry. Did I mention that it IMO looked better than the 360 that followed it?

Ferrari F355 Spider

5. Ferrari 512TR – Ahh…one of the last versions of the of the Testarossa series. The TR was my favorite version of this car. This thing looked the part right up until that awful 512M version came along.
Ferrari 512TR 

6. BMW 8-Series – Another model from the past that could well be my favorite of a particular brand. Many BMW faithful here don't like this vehicle, but I loved it. Totally unique and exclusive as all getout.

BMW 8-Series

7. Porsche Carrera GT – Stunning performance and engineering and it now qualifies for this list! 

Porsche Carrera GT

8. BMW M5 (E34) – The one with the big ole hairy I6. This and the 535i of the day were some of my favorite BMWs. 

BMW M5 (E34)

9. Ferrari 456M – Arguably the best looking Ferrari of the time frame given for this thread. This was the gentleman's Ferrari.

Ferrari 456M

10. Mercedes-Benz CL (C215) – Another technical knockout upon introduction for Mercedes, stunning looks, a future classic IMO. 

Mercedes-Benz CL (C215)