November US Sales:Audi, MB, Porsche & BMW

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And BMW managed to sold the most cars in November. Even without the Mini sales, they would still be ahead of their main competitor, Mercedes Benz, which solved a total of : 22,819 cars.

Audi follows next with a total number of 9104 units sold. As expected, Porsche finished last in this top four with a only 2662 cars sold.

Here is a small breakdown:

BMW: 23,808 (+5,3%) … YTD 263,596 (+8,3%)
Mini: 3,177 (-3,3%) … YTD 38,483 (+4,9&)
BMW Group: 26,985 (+4,2%) … YTD 302,079 (+7,8%) 

Total units sold = 9104 units.
YTD sales = 85008 units
New products sales:
S5= 151 units, YTD= 489 units
R8= 67 units, YTD = 171 units.

For the other brands, you can read of these charts. MB has reported that the past month was their Best November Sales ever.

thumb bmwsalesiv4

thumb mbsalessr9

Audi November Sales

Porsche November Sales