Audi A5 3.2FSI vs BMW 330i vs Mercedes CLK350

Interesting | November 24th, 2007 by 0
BMW 3 Series 330i G20 41 of 26 830x553

The guys at AutoZeitung decided to run a comparison between these three wonderful automobiles. As you might have noticed, these cars were UK configured so therefore we see the BMW 330i instead of the popular 335i that we have in the states. The cars were all automatic and 2WD so the comparison would be as fair as possible.

Honestly, if I would have to choose between these three cars, I would have a really hard time. Each one of them has something unique and are different from each other in many aspects. You will see at the end that the AutoZeitung guys came to a similar conclusion.

Price(€): 44000/44460/49504
Hp: 265/272/272
Nm: 330/320/350
Weight(kg): 1620/1600/1632
0-100km/h: 6,5/6,4/6,4
Lap time: 1:50,4/1:49,4/1:51,1
Slalom (km/h): 62,6/64,2/61,0
Breaking cold (m): 37,6/37,9/36,8
Breaking warm (m): 36,6/35,8/36,4
Consumption (l/100km): 10,7/10,3/10,5

Body: 573/563/574
Comfort: 686/680/692
Engine/gear: 740/743/733
Driving dynamics: 619/646/623
Costs: 361/353/338

Total result:
1. BMW 330i – 2 985 points
2. Audi A5 3.2FSI – 2 979 points
3. Mercedes CLK350 – 2 960 points