Comparison: 2007 BMW 335i, 2008 Audi S5 and 2008 Infiniti G37

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We are back with our regular photo comparisons. In the past, it seemed that our readers loved to see visual comparisons between different models and …

We are back with our regular photo comparisons. In the past, it seemed that our readers loved to see visual comparisons between different models and we have received many emails asking us for some new ones. In case you have missed our previous articles, some of the top articles were:

BMW 135i vs BMW 335i

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Today, we are going to show you a unique comparison between three different cars from three different automobile manufacturers: BMW, Infiniti and Audi. Remember, this might not be the most appropriate comparison, since the S5 it’s not in the same class as the G37 or 335i but it’s still interesting to see the designs.

After you see all the photos, come back here and vote for your favorite car.

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2007 BMW 335i vs. 2008 Audi S5 vs. 2008 Infiniti G37

thumb audi s5 bmw 335i infiniti g37 2008 comparison 013 thumb audi s5 bmw 335i infiniti g37 2008 comparison 006 BMW 335i
Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i
Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i

Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i
Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i
Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i
Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i
Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i
Infiniti G37 Audi S5 BMW 335i

And now, the photo finale:

335i vs S5 vs G37

335i vs S5 vs G37

335i vs S5 vs G37

335i vs S5 vs G37

335i vs S5 vs G37

335i vs S5 vs G37

335i vs S5 vs G37

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112 responses to “Comparison: 2007 BMW 335i, 2008 Audi S5 and 2008 Infiniti G37”

  1. Scott says:

    Why no license plate on the Audi and Infinity? Even with the plate on the BMW it is an awesome looking car!

  2. Irv Robinson says:

    Good point! Not sure exactly why they didn’t take off the front plate, the 335i looks so much better without it

  3. von says:

    Would prefer if you put some thought before doing a compare like this (what looks better).

    – Take the license plates off the BMW.
    – Considering the S5 is more expensive than the 335i, option the 335i (or 335xi) with iDrive, standard aero kit (front at least), and 19″ wheels. All these are factory options and not after-market.

    My ratings as far as looks go:
    1 – S5
    2 – 335i
    3 – G37

    The G37 is a very generic-looking Japanese car. No elegance or sportiness in it’s design. It’s just a luxury Nissan with no heritage, and hence in my personal belief, no inspiration.

  4. sjenner says:

    Audi S5 has best looks but costs more than BMW 335i coupe which has same performance for almost 10k less money. So overall winner is BMW but the Infiniti has best price but looks cheap like a cheap jap rice burner.

  5. David says:

    This being a bmw board, it’s going to be pretty biased. Of course the 335 will come out on top. I, being a 335 owner, agree it should be there, but again I am very biased. The S5 is a great looking car and I have to admit I do prefer it’s interior. The clear all around loser in this is the G37 though. That thing is REALLY ugly. It’s reminds me of a steroidal female track runner. It tries to look feminine, yet has muscular bulges… it just doesn’t work. It’s too girly for a guy to drive, yet too masculine for a girl to drive. The S5 I think looks good, but the front grill is just a little too much. If they had a more subtle grill like the previous model audis had I might just have bought one. Oh.. and if it didn’t drive and sound (awd tire noise) like a tank… (but this is just about looks).

    The 335 looks graceful and classy and I have to say from owning one and seeing it every weekend for our ‘personal time’ that the lines just pop amazingly on this car. Pictures don’t do it justice as the way it flows in lines and the wheels just work together in an amazing manner to create a beautiful piece of moving art. From up close sometimes there are parts of the car that I mistake for someone hitting it and denting it, but when taken from a few steps back you see its all to create a visual effect that none of the other cars would even attempt. Like I said… I’m biased.

  6. Jim says:

    Without a doubt…the 335i is the top dog…the alpha male…the king of the roost…etc. etc. I must admit I own one…but, I am not biased…heh heh. Seriously, it is the most satisfying ride I have ever owned. My previous two cars were a cream-puff (am I showing my age?) twin turbo Z and an Audi S4. So, I know a little something about Nissan’s and Audi’s. The interiors on the G37 and S5 are better but, that’s about it. Exterior styling goes to the 335i with the Audi in second. As far as engine performance, ride and handling, well…need I say more…it’s a BMW.

  7. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the comparison! Pretty much solidifies my choice for the 335i however it would be nice to look at the Aero-kit option as well.
    Even without that option, the 335i looks most balanced between sporty, elegant, modern, and functional.

    San Diego

  8. Jim says:

    Joseph, Go for it. You won’t be disappointed. The aero kit is cool but, be sure you get the sport package which includes the 18″ wheels and much better seats. That is, don’t trade off the sport package for the aero package. Of course, if you plan to get both…again…go for it. Jim

  9. Reny says:

    the BMW is a better car out of all the cars period. i picked though s5 though because it looks better, has more class, and is right behind the 335i. personally, i think the g37 shouldn’t even be in this comparison.

  10. miki says:

    sports coupes is a bmw’s area of expertise. the 335 with only 3000cc gives out 306 bhp and the s5 – 4200cc and only 354 bhp, a fact that shouldn’t be ignored. as far as looks go, s5 isn’t an ugly car, it’s just that there’s nothing that makes it stick out from the crowd

  11. mickel habe says:

    when any one say bmw be sure that it is imposible to say that there is a better car than bmw so i like 100% or really 10000000000000000% the bmw 335i ,the infinity and the audi are very bad,i love the bmw 335i,and the bmw are my favorite favorite favorite cars all the bmw cars are superb ,now i have 16 years old and in the future if i have money i will buy all the bmw cars,so please if anyone read my messge please help me to have the bmw m3 coupe who look like 335i but it’s more faster(420hp,250km……..) ,cause i will spend all my life getting money to buy this car,mickel haber beyrouth lebanon,send me a message to mi e-mail(supermickel_14@hotmail .com)

  12. hacking car computers says:

    all 3 look like garbage . only audi looks good from the top, otherwise looks like junk ,interior and exterior specially cluster. I have had around 100 of vehicles I like Nissan I like Audi I like BMW . Car is popular when it has good shape (Nissan Maxima 1989-1994 Pathfinder 1987 and up , not the newest though , Infiniti QX4 Audi 100 1990-1994 A6 1995- 1997 1998 not too bad , A8 BMW 540 1997-2003 X5 2000-2006 740 1995-2001 and reliable. In USA junk ugly shapes started with Ford Taurus .

  13. Nos145 says:

    In my personal opinion its S5, G37 and then BMW.
    Why? Its all because of the interior of the cars. I drive alot and the comfort level is very important for me :)

  14. Bascom says:

    Well, it took me a while to cast my vote. I was torn between the BMW and the Audi. Both cars look sooooo amazing. Also, both look so much better in real life than in photos. I am going to be getting the BMW 335i within the next couple of months… (so I am a little bias toward those)… however, I frequently visit my local Audi dealership to see all of their new toys. (R8 in person= Georgeous <—- sidenote).

    So when it is all said and done… i ended up casting my vote for the Audi… I do believe that the interior is stunning… and the exterior styling is breath taking. The first time you see it live you are Ou-ing and Ah-ing…. everything about it comands your attention.

    BMW – I think that the Bimmer has the best balance of sport and elegant. And as previously mentioned… the audi is quite a bit more. just imagine if you spent a little on wheels, window tint, maybe the “M” spoiler, tint the tails… and a few other things.

    The G37 looks thrown together… compared to the others. I’ll stop with that.

  15. Jim says:

    So, you like the Audi best but, you are buying the 335i…???

  16. Bascom says:


    Yeah, I will be getting an 06 335i sooooon. The reason I’m not getting the Audi is because of the difference in price. And I have always been a big fan of Bimmer’s. Also, as previously mentioned… it was a tough call. I still think that the Bimmer offers the best of both worlds “Sport and Elegent”.


  17. ImUrDaddy says:

    I own a BMW 335I coupe w/ sport pkg, and my son a G37S. Over and over again the G keeps beating the beamer. Better/stiffer handling, nicer response if u r willing to bring the RPMs to the right levels (I admin I wish it would’ve had more tork on lower RPMs, but a good driver will adapt to this). I’ve owned 4 BMW in a row, including 03 M3, but for all or u beemies out there, time has changed. Beamers are softer than ever, and even when u say G has no history, it is, hands down, a stiffer car and handles better when driven hard. I don’t want to break ur heart, but BMW is a no go compared to either G37S or S5. Looks wise, my order is S5, BMW, G37S. My god, is any one here saying the Beamer is sexier than the S5 … god bless u!

    Anyone wants to take over my 335i lease?

  18. Jim says:

    To ImUrDaddy:
    Very interesting post. I think you are the first to be able to provide a head-to-head, relatively long-term, comparison of the 335i and the G37. It’s good to know how impressed you are with the G37. But, I don’t think you’ll sway too many away from the 335. In fact, your post validated two very important reason to get the 335. 1. the low end torque…as an everyday driver of the 335, that’s what I enjoy the most about it…getting pinned to the seat without turning 6 grand. And 2, as far as stiffness, the beauty of the 335 is, while it’s plenty stiff compared to most cars, it does a great job smoothing out the bumps. (You didn’t mention how the G37 does on bumps.) And finally, is anyone really saying the 335 is sexier than the S5? Well, on this blog, 52% (to 39%) say yes. Enough said. Peace.

  19. George says:

    Just as a note, did u guys check the seizes of the cars? persnally I like wider cars, they look better. The s5 is about 10 inches wider than the 335 and the G37. These cars need to be compared in real life put side by side in order to make a real decision. Pictures don’t really work.

  20. G37sNj says:

    Great posts by everyone but I do have to agree with Imurdaddy on his comment. He put it perfectly by describing the all around look and performance. In my opinion as a g37s owner it it a great performing car. Yes the Bimmer is about .2 seconds quicker but don’t forget it has a twin turbo. Put the turbo on a G and the 335 won’t stand a chance. If I was to choose between all three I would definitely choose the Audi, great looking car inside and out and high performance, the only downfall would be the price.

  21. Dontex Dacari says:

    just from a exterior point of view I like the S5 followed by the 335i then the G37. Audi’s are known for those short overhangs and the S5 just has a muscular look right out the box doesnt really need a body kit to make it look aggresive which i like where personally just needs some aftemarket rims and its ready to go….I like the design of the 335i better as far as which car i would actually buy… but only after there a premium body kit on it like the Hamann one Hartage ect….the G37 like that guy David said is confused… its more rounded and femanine then the G35 while trying to look more a aggresive which just doesnt work…

  22. alex says:

    haven’t not had the opportunity to drive anything but the 335i and a regular a5, i cannot comment on the driving dynamics of each car. that being said, the s5 is the one of the most most beautiful/sexiest/meanest cars around and as such is the best-looking car in this montage.

  23. boson says:

    It isn’t the best looking 335 – they look so much better with the big wheels, aero kit and no silly crome window trim it isn’t funny.

    I really dislike the new Audi running lights – too chavvy for me. The front overhangs Audis have make them look odd, although the clean bangle-free styling is generally pretty good.

    Infinity: Meh. I guess the rear lights are funky… And I’d have one over a 350Z…

  24. RR says:

    Let’s make things clear;

    Audi S5 PRO’s: it’s the most elegant, beautiful yet sport design. Best interior quality, design and material. I’m not saying because i’m a fan of Audi’s but because it is.
    Regarding Performance, several test, side to side showed that the S5 it’s much faster then the 335i, 0-60 4.8 and 1/4 mile in 13.3
    Audi S5 CON’s: The only thing that doesn’t fit is the AWD. The AWD makes the car heavier, more unbalanced, increases the engine’s consumption and due to higher friction, make’s the car slower for higher speeds then it could be. Even though, my choice is sure the audi S5. The PRO’s are heavier the the CON’s.

    BMW 335i PRO’s: Lighter car, RWD and bi-turbo (Bi-turbo engines increase torque ,power per liter and has a better mileage perHP)

    BMW 335i CON’s: Exterior design not as elegant or beautiful, but only sport. Terrible interior design and material quality is far from good.

    Infinity G37: I just think that this car it’s not good enough to be compared to both Audi and BMW.

  25. RR says:

    @ImUrDaddy: Finally! I think that people say that BMW is better because they heard that from the very past. I agree that back 5-7 years ago, BMW were better, but Audi decided to take over the comand and be the best cars on the categories. They look much better, have the finest finishing and equipaments.
    And, if we compare S5 vs 335i, LOL, S5 is the TOP DOG car on the category. Imagine the RS5. Bye bye M3…..

  26. Jim says:

    People don’t say BMW is better because of BMW’s past accomplishments, they say it’s better because it is better…in the past and still. Comparisons in various car magazines continue to favor the BMWs. From a cost standpoint, we really should be comparing the A5 (not S5) to the 335i. If we did, there would be no contest…the 335i is the better performer. Also, BMW continues to offer a 4 year 48,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Audi went to the “limited warranty” last year…and I know why. My A4 always had problems. The AC needing fixing 4 times, power windows failed, rear defroster broke, lights constantly burnt out, and on and on. I’ve had my 335i for 16 months and NO problems. And as far a styling, until Audi gets rid of that ugly snout, it will never be “elegant”.

  27. Jeff Fields says:

    Well, my post won’t be popular. But after a lot of driving and really detailing every feature of the 335 and S5 for months, I decided to purchase in favor of the Audi this time. I feel that the S5 is a much more a distinctive car than the 335. I like the 335 it is a very good car, but the design of the S5 is fantastic. Its very wide and has a low roofline and Italian lines. In fact many of the comments are that it reminds people of an Aston I have never received so many looks in a non-exotic car as I have in this S5. The exhaust and engine sound is addicting and I am really impressed with Audis new chassis. Much better than the previous generation. I think the current 3 series drives far better than the last A4 but Audi has done well with the new chassis (on the A5 and new A4) – at least from what I can tell on California Speedway’s inside track. I don’t think a buyer can go wrong with either car, truth be told but I have no regrets trading in my E46 for the S5

  28. Nisei2ndGen says:

    Having just sold my 02 E46 M3, I’ve been looking for a replacement and have been eyeing the exact 3 cars. Having gone on numerous test drives, I can say, the S5, although, hands down the best looking felt the heaviest and turn-in wasn’t as crisp as the 335i. Acceleration was the best on the 335i because of the excellent engine and turn-in inspired confidence. The G37, was, as expected the stiffest of the 3 but also inspired confidence. As any M3 driver can exclaim, 8000rpm is a joy to hit and the G37 was a blast to take up to the upper rpms. Having said all that, I’m looking at getting the 335i, for just being all around. Also, for those who said the G37 lacks heritage, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Nissan Skyline.

  29. Jim says:

    To: Nusei2ndGen
    Why are you not getting another M3?

  30. Jeff Fields says:

    “Nisei2ndGen” – The Audi S5 and G37 both stop the fun at 7500 RPM but the S5 has the most torque and power out of the three. I took all three cars on identical routes for 45 min drives and the Infiniti was most comfortable to me. The combination of the seats and ride were impressive, and Inifiniti did a great job here. While quality of materials wasn’t quite as nice as the others, I felt it was a well-designed car and liked it. All three cars are quick with the Audi having the advantage. AWD is tricky but if launched correctly (easier to bog than RWD) but will yield the quickest times with a good driver, especially with the 325ft/lbs torque. It’s the quickest one of the three but its aftermarket tuning is not even close to the 335s. A simple chip for less than $1500 gets the 335 close to 400bhp, where a supercharger (properly designed) for the S5 is $20K from MTM Germany. The turbo kits for the G37 are less expensive also. I think the 335 has the best value, a great platform and the best of the three for aftermarket tuning potential.

    I didn’t plan to mod my next car, so after coming from the E46, the S5 was perfect. I wanted the quickest car, the best brakes, and beautiful design with every feature that I could get my hands on. The back up camera, and Bang&Olufsen sound were some of the features that are also pretty cool. Problem with the S5 vs the others is that it’s near impossible to find one. Unless you get lucky, you have to order one from the dealer and wait 3 months for it to be built to your spec and there are no discounts. With the G37, you can walk up on any lot and have one today, same with the 335. The 335 also has some great discounts right now since it has been out the longest. In the end, there is a lot to weigh but no wrong choices. Pick your preferences and pick a car.


  31. Horatiu B. says:

    @Jeff Fields: Very good point Jeff! One of the most complex responses. I love how this thread keeps going and people shared so many interesting things. Thank you all

  32. Nisei2ndGen says:

    I don’t like to purchase Year 1 cars so I am holding off on the M3 for now. Maybe in 2 years or so

    @Jeff Fields
    Thanks for the response and your in-depth view. I have a question though. Did you test drive the G37 S? Or the regular G37. The reason why I posted stiffest was because over undulations, the car tended to settle a lot harsher than the 335i or the S5 for that matter. All 3 test drives were on the same street as the dealers are located within blocks of each other.

  33. Jeff Fields says:

    Nisei2ndGen, good point. I drove the standard G37 not the S trim. It was during a vehicle test comparison between the most popular luxury coupes from Audi, BMW, Infiniti, and Mercedes. Only the Mercedes CLK350 failed to impress me in any way. It was really a great test though as they gave us 45 minutes behind the wheel of each car, in every driving situation. Freeway onramps, transitions, Tight hairpin corners through a mountain pass, rough pavement, uneven pavement, full acceleration and braking tests, etc. It does make sense that the G37 in S trim would have a sportier suspension and ride, which I hope to get to sample at some point.

  34. Jee-Pee says:

    I find ALL your comments very interesting and true.

    Perception is in the eye of the beholder right? All of you express your appreciation, or lack of, according to your personal experiences, tastes and expectations. All three models offer different advantages and performances according to whom the model wants to charm. They are all great looking and performing cars. Anyone driving ANY of these beauties should consider themselve’s lucky to be enjoying such high style and performance.

    As far as I am concerned, I drove a 2004 G35 Coupe for four years and LOVED it. I recently replaced it for a G37S and my mind was blown. This new model is SO different on ALL levels, that comparisons are hard for me to make. I believe the 2008 G37 marks the arrival at “maturity” of the Infinity Coupe model. It’s comfort, performance, technology and overall attention to detail is NOTHING like the previous models.

    I am NOT a professional race car driver, commentator or specialist, but I am VERY satisfied with my new ride. Technical trim details and performance differences will not make me chose an Audi or BMW over an Infinity because I simply cannot find the overall price/quality/value “rapport” as fulfilling as what I find in the G37S.

    Enjoy your cars! If we were all professionally competing on race tracks, we could engage in such commentary and competition, but, unfortunately, most of us drive our cars on public streets and highways that impose all kinds of limitations.

    On a race track, cars are differenciated by their optimal specs.
    On an “everyday drive”, whether it be on a city street or a highway, the REAL advantage and enjoyment comes from the driver’s skills. It’s HOW you drive and not only WHAT you drive.

    Just look at all the “old grey and white haired clowns” that drive their Ferrari and other “super cars” in the “slow” lane, because all they can REALLY do is afford them, not drive them for their TRUE worth and purpose. Is that not a bloody shame?! “Sure, go ahead, drive your bank accounts and equity, show them off!

    WE want to drive our CARS!”

  35. Jason says:

    Everyone that chose the bmw and the audi are a bunch of douche bags for bashing the G37. Fuck bmw and audi german bastards !

  36. Jeff Fields says:

    @ Jason – Finishing the 6th grade should be required before using the Internet…

  37. stan says:

    B M W 335 is da best over all other cars every 1 should drive it 1st & he or she’ll say da same cuz i’ve tried da s5 & it’s not better in performance & da way u feel & 4 infinite i tried g35 & i didn’t tried g37 but i think B M W 335 is da best after an experiacnce 15 year of testin cars in carage….

  38. stan says:

    plz plz i wanna ask all da people to stop commentin on cars before testin it plz & sry for disturin…….

  39. Cazisk says:

    I gotta say the Audi S5 looks sexy to me. I do own a BMW 335 E92 tho. Y? I think I just love rear wheel drive and plus im a boost addict. But there are times that I wish my car looked like the S5, it really is sexy!!

  40. Joseph says:

    The Audi is arguably more beautiful than the 335i, overall however
    the 335i is the better car mechanically. I chose the 335i sedan over the S5 for similar reasons why I chose it over a 335i coupe. Attempting to explain or quantify one’s preferences is difficult to say the least. It took me years to fully understand my own wants. It’s a matter of searching one’s own changing soul earnestly and honestly. At one point you gotta make a decision. I can tell you that mine was based upon the following factors: fun, beauty, precision, utility, power, and elegance. I’m confident I’ve made the right choice for me. I hope the same for others.

    08 335i sedan, manual, sports package, bmw assist, black on black with aluminum interior trim :)

  41. DANIJEL says:

    BMW IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  42. Modather Ludin says:

    I would rate the bmw, audi and then the infiniti. the bmw has a very strong characal lighting which shines it very strong in the night. and the xenon headlights have a very strong eye around it. my mom didn’t want a bmw, she wanted a volkswagen because of the gas but when she saw the characoal lighting and the xenon headlights. she said that we are going go get a bmw, just because of the lights. THERE IS ALSO A CAR, THE BMW 850, HAS A TWIN-TURBO, GOES UP TO 155 TOP SPEED BUT 180 ON THE SPEEDOMETER, AND A 0-60 IN 5.3. MAYBE THE 0-60- IS SLOW BUT 70+ IT’S SO GOOD. ONE TIME MY UNCLED RACED IN IT IN L.A. IN 2003 WITH A 2003 VIPER, THE VIPER CAME UP TO HIS 850, AND JUST HIT THE GAS NEAR ITY, WANTING TO RACE IT WENT ON BACK AND FORTH. AND AT THE END THE 850 BEAT THE VIPER. bECAUS EHHE HAD TO EXIT. SO THE VIPER EXITED TOO, AND THE VIPER RIDER ASKED MY UNCLE WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THAT. AND HE SAID IT’S AN 850. i think you guys should hook it up with like a mercedes. please do reply me back by my email…

  43. stan says:

    B M W 335i of course ,all B M W cars r da best…………..

  44. jeff says:

    I just leased the g37 and am very impressed with its performance. With no money down I’m paying 440 per month which is less than a base 328i with fake leather. I had the bmw z4 si and it was a really fun car but a very stiff ride on bumby roads.

    To be fare I really liked the way the A5 drove but the lease was $200 more!

    My real choices were the base 328i with nothing, the base A4 or the G37.

    The base G comes with many more options than the base A4 or 328i.

    My Rank

    1) A5
    2)G37, 335I

    Love the G37 and is with out a doubt the best value!

  45. RR says:

    @Jeff Fields: @Jim: @Jim: BMW’s are not better. Compare the RS4’s vs the M3’s. Compare RS6’s vs M5’s. All the RS models were always faster, more luxurious and better looking. So, why is BMW’s better?! Just because of the RWD?! I’m sorry for who goes with this opinion, what i can suggets is go to a Audi dealer, drive a RS model, or even a S model then go to a BMW dealer and do the same. You’ll see the diference.
    PS: Audi a more expensive forsure, when you compare them on the same category: But, Audi’s are in a totally in a higher level

  46. ed says:

    Jim your 335i is a lemon, check this test result from edmunds Road TestsComparison Test: 2007 BMW 335i vs. 2008 Infiniti G37
    All the Necessary Details
    Our test-driving loops on back roads also revealed the 2007 BMW 335i to be faster in real-world driving, even though its softer suspension tune compromised our slalom testing, where the BMW recorded 69.5 mph. Feedback is what makes the difference. Both coupes talk to their drivers, but the 335i speaks in great detail.

    We’re so locked into the car’s progress down the road through the compliant chassis and textured steering, we push on without reservation. Although the BMW’s steering ratio of 16.0:1 suggests otherwise, the 3 Series reacts to its steering more quickly than the G37.

    Once you get deep into the BMW’s middle pedal, it’s easy to get the full measure of the brakes. At the track, our 3,542-pound 335i test car came to a halt in 109 feet and never deviated more than a foot over our series of stops.

    The BMW held only a surprisingly slim advantage in ride comfort over the Infiniti, perhaps because of the 335i’s run-flat tires.

    The Dyno Beckons
    Although our 3,715-pound Infiniti G37 test car weighed in almost 200 pounds heavier than our 3,542-pound BMW 335i coupe, we puzzled over the wide difference in their respective acceleration performance and the G’s relative lack of high-rpm vigor. The Infiniti is supposed to have a 30-hp advantage, but it wasn’t adding up.

    This led us back to the chassis dynamometer at MD Automotive in Westminster, California, the same facility we used to test an overachieving, automatic-equipped 335i.

    As the dyno reveals, our 335i test car produces 280 hp 5,800 rpm as measured at the rear wheels, while the G37 comes up with 281 hp at 7,200 rpm. As close as these numbers look, the 335i holds a huge advantage over the G in power under the curve from idle to 6,350 rpm. And if you look at torque, the difference is even uglier: 279 lb-ft at 3,370 rpm for the BMW versus 229 at 4,500 rpm for the Infiniti.

    The thing to keep in mind is that the G37’s dyno numbers are actually right on target. They’re 15 percent lower than the published specifications (which don’t take drivetrain losses into account) and that’s what you can expect from most production cars. The 335i’s numbers were only 7 percent down from the specs, which suggest to us that BMW has slightly underrated it.

  47. RR says:

    I’m sorry but i just can’t understand how can you say that the 335i is any better then the Audi S5. It just can’t be. Look at the design of the S5: looks like a updated Aston Martin. It’s wide, sport yet classic look. Look the interior: A “sporty” interior of a Bentley. What about the equipaments and tech. What about the Bang & Olufsen sound!! Simply fantastic!!!

    I’m not saying that the 335i is a bad car, but it’s just not close to be as good as the S5.
    The only things i understand that Audi should work out are:
    1) Loose the AWD and use RWD – This would reduce the weight of the car, improve the driving due to better balance, increase high end performance due to less friction and increse the fun to drive for good long drifts.
    2) Turbo engines that increase the torque, de availability of it, and more HP per liter. Use this engines more. Remember: Better fuel economy, less weight per HP.

    I bought a gray S5 and a very close friend of mine bought a white 335i coupe. We will post a video on the youtube comparing drag race, and others… I’ll let you know….

  48. the 335i is a beast enough said


  50. RS says:

    I am a 540i M-sport owner who is switching to a G37x. I considered the 550i but it looks god-awful – it has a front-end and a rear-end only a mother could love. I then happened to test drive the G37 and realized that the car handles better than 540/550 and the 335 imo, has more interior and cargo room than my series and looks so much nicer than current 5 series (and a little nicer looking than the 335 which is good looking but a little boring). I converted to the G37 overnight!

    The 335 is way to tight inside if you are taller than 6 feet. I would never buy a 3-series.

    I haven’t driven the S5 but it looks stylish, albeit a little overdone. I would only pick an S5 if looks were the *only* criteria.

  51. Alex T says:

    @ RS

    You can’t go wrong with any of the cars but coming from a previous E46 owner, I think you’re missing out by not driving the S5 before your purchase. The V8 is downright lusty and the torque comes on really strong with instant response. In fact, I was at a few lights today where a 550 kept trying to show the line of cars that he was the fastest car on the road each time that the light would switch to green. While I’m not one to race for the most part, I happened to get lined up with him at the third light. After making sure he was going for it, I too put down the pedal and was able to pull on him until we let off before risking our licenses. It does have more going on in the style department (as you mentioned) and that can be either a great thing, or not so great thing for those that don’t like the attention. I mean, the lines of the car, wide stance, and 19″ wheels really gets it’s share of attention, and I admit that sometimes I just want to be left alone. I could have easily went for the 335 and blended in (there are tons of them where I live), but I do like to stand out from the crowd. I still think the G37 in RWD form is a great coupe. If comparing AWD between Audi’s Quattro and BMWs 328ix or 335ix, I dont think there’s a comparison. BMWs AWD system needs some refinement before it can really compete. Anyway BMWs are always about RWD (as they should be) and my E46 M3 was one of the best.

  52. RS says:


    The styling is great, but also a little overdone with the jewelry (is that what its called?). My wife doesn’t like it. Moreover, its a coupe and I am looking for a sedan which can seat 4 comfortably. Among the sedans, neither the 335i or the S4 sedan does this very well.

    The v-8s torque can be gratifying(my 540 has the same torque as the S5) but in reality, it doesn’t lead to much performance difference for the S5 over the G37 – 0.1-0.2 seconds does not matter in the real world. Don’t get me wrong, the S5 looks like a wonderful car, just not one that meets my needs at this time.

  53. Howie says:

    performance= close between the S5 and the Beemer, but without a doubt the S5 takes the cake with looks in exterior and interior, beautiful car. I hope to see audi come out with more ferocious coupes like this, aka no more TT’s.

  54. Resistant says:

    335i Coupe is what a sport coupe should be. Looks sleek , great handling and great, great, great engine.
    S5 looks good but also gives a feeling of big and heavy.
    No comment (yet) for the Lexus.
    In fact my wife has a 335 xi Coupe – which I enjoy so much that I am trading in my 645i for an Alpina B3 Biturbo convertable…now that one beats both the S5 and the new M3……I drove all of them !

  55. jackson says:

    I think audi S5 looks the best and the interior is very nice but I have never driven it. Infiniti is what it is…..pretty good performance, interior fairly nice, but exterior needs the rear wing the 2003 G’s had and then some. The 335i’s interior is okay, styling is above infiniti, and performance is first-rate. And that is why I got the 335i.

  56. Resistant says:

    I was just invited by Audi to drive the new S4 with V6 compressor- 333 BHP 470 nm. The car felt as fast as my wife’s 335iX and is faster on the paper. But most of all, the S4’s handling is right up there with the 335 ! No more of the typical Audi understeer when pushed hard in the bend. With the exception of fuel consumption (335 is still the king in this class), I must say I am impressed.
    I have just read that the new Audi S5 covertable will be using the same V6 compressor engine – certainly this would be an attractive car.
    So now comes the no-brainer question: Why does the S5 Coupe have V8 and S5 Covertable have V6 compressor?
    Case closed for me. My wife made the right decision to have chosen the 335iX instead of the S5 Coupe.
    And I am really looking forward to my BMW Alpina B3 Biturbo !

  57. Alan says:

    Interesting that you comment that you’ve driven the new Audi S4 with the V6 supercharger. Which country do you live in? In the United States, it is not available yet. The very early reviews are excellent though, and magazines are saying that it’s easy to hang the tail out with Audi Drive Select. For an AWD car, this is exceptional. BMWs X drive has always trailed their RWD models for driving dynamics. It is not the handler that BMW has received it’s merit from. Compared to Audi Quattro models, it trails as well and is quite heavy at 3825 lbs. Fuel consumption as 16/25 on BMW USA with a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds. While still a nice driving vehicle, it is the RWD BMWs that the new S4 was aiming for. Apparently the change in handling over the last few years was due to an engineer leaving BMW and defecting to Audi. He apparently turned the luxury vs performance equation upside down in Inglostadt.

    Audi is listing the upcoming S4 as 333bhp/324ft lbs torque, 0-62 (100km) in 5,1 with 17 city/32 mpg highway at a weight of 3638 lbs. I’d expect magazine tests to get the actual 0-60 down to the mid-high 4s once the car has been out and reviewed. Outside of the R8, which received best handling car of the year, the reviews are saying that the new S4 is the next best car for Audi. We’ll see. I would prefer that engine in the S5 body but with the RS5 about to make its introduction, the choice will be more complicated. I also like the new E92 M3. Decisions decisions…

  58. Joseph says:


    I’m anxiously waiting to see and test drive the new S4. Thus far, magazine reviews have been timid on the crucial quesitons.. How does it compare to the 335i and M3 in terms of performance, fun, beauty, and value???

    I own an 08 335i sedan, manual, with sports package. It’s a beautiful driving machine! Besides it’s quirky manual engagement, less than inspirational sound note, and some what bland interior..the car is damned well near perferct.

    The new S4 looks as though it will easilly win the asthetic competition..but what about the more import stuff???? How does it feel? Will one feel connected? Is it fun? Does it feel heavy? Linear low end torque, to me, is a very important aspect of a car’s character. The new S4, with it’s supercharger may have an edge over the 335’s twin turbos.

    Please, elaborate a bit more on your impressions…and if you can.. give an honest comparison to the 335i (as well as xi).

    I’d appreciate it.

    San Diego

  59. Solrac_x81 says:

    One of the things that i think that takes credit from audi is that they are kind of copying bmw in terms of they are doing they engines in base of the bmw engines that’s what makes BMW the best of all they try to innovate and they do it beautifully

  60. Alan says:

    Solrac_x81 “One of the things that i think that takes credit from audi is that they are kind of copying bmw”

    Wow, I couldn’t disagree more. Audi had twin turbo V6 engines back in the B5 S4 which is over a decade ago. They have been known for having turbocharged powerplants for quite sometime. Audi increased the displacement of the S4 by dropping the V8 4.2 while the competition from BMW and Mercedes still had 6 cylinders in the M3 and C Class. Finally, Audi introduced the RS4 with a V8 and 420bhp. Two years later, BMW followed with the E92 and you guessed it, 420bhp and a V8. The thing to recognize here s that both BMW and Audi are built in Bavaria (BMW in Munich and Audi in Ingolstadt) and they are located geographically much closer than Porsche or Mercedes, distance-wise. They are both my favorite car companies and I applaud them both for making better and better cars each year. While my favorite car is the R8 5.2 V10 GT3 that was just announced, I bet BMW will have something to admire in the same class very soon.

  61. Solrac_x81 says:

    Wow i didnt know all that LOL sorry but is good to adquire knowlege thank U.

  62. Josh B says:

    I have never looked at Audi as a car of choice. But lately Audi is really biginning to apeal to me. The R8 is clearly the car to have, neither BMW or Mercedes-benz have a car which can really compete with it in terms of WOW factor. It just doesnt look the price of an M6 or an Sl500. The new S5 is another class winner. I love its looks, performance and interiour. Audi have really stepped up their game but my main cristisism would be their design “method” looks the same on all the cars, (excluding the R8). Most Audis have squarish front lights and simuler back lights with boxy shapes. The A8 looks like a big A4 for someone who doesnt know cars and sees it driving past. I think they need bolder designs and more refined interiours.-(feels to clutered and like your in a very nice space ship) never the less i would by an S5 over a 335i, but i would by an M3 over both :)

  63. Resistant says:

    Happy New Year, guys – let’s buy new cars and get the economy going !

    No doubt both BMW and Audi built good cars. And there is nothing wrong with following good examples. BMW started the small sports limousine and look who pioneered the all wheels drive – Audi Quarttro, of course. At the end of the day, it is your heart (forget your head these days) which decides.
    For those of you who are interested in the 335i, S5, S4, M3, RS5, I have driven all with the exception of RS5 (end of 2009 – Alan, I live in Switzerland where Audi has a lot of good customers – for general S4 test drive, early March 09). First, the 335i, S5 and S4 are comparable but the M3 and I am sure the upcoming RS5 are a notch above (R8 is something else – I do not even bother – only then when I am serious about getting the 911, later). Now back to the S4 – if you like Audi design (with LED Christmas tree all year round) and you order all the new dynamic stuffs like active steering and backwheel active differential, you will be happy with the car. It drives better than an S5, is ultimately faster than 335i and can be as fun as 335i (if your heart is for Audi or neutral and ready to pay more). We chose the 335xi Coupe (to replace our old S4) over the S5 and would have done it again over the new S4 – We are the ultimate BMW freaks ! I drive 645i and have to admit that I will take any chance to drive my wife’s 335i.
    And the new M3? I drove both the coupe and the convertable. We are big M3 fan and used to drive the prior M3 before my 645i. The new M3 with DKG is realy faster than the old M3 or anything else I mentioned. If I were to drive my car at the race track every weekend, I would go for the new M3 coupe with DKG. However, for every day uses, the high rev. V8 is too demanding (and potically incorrect wuth fuel consumption). We finally found another car which you guys in the US are not familiar with, namely, The BMW Alpina B3 Biturbo. For those of you who have never heard of Alpina. Alpina is a small German exclusive car manufacturer (NOT a tuner) who works closely with BMW. In fact their cars come right out of the BMW production line. The Alpina B3 Biturbo is based on the 335i engine, the new pistons allow higher pressure and get the power up to 360 HP but more impressive is the 368 lb ft (M3: 295 lb ft) torque. The Alpina is not quite as wild as the M3, almost as fast on the track but beautiful to live with on the daily basis. If you are curious, read this:
    The downside is that it takes five months to get an Alpina if you order one according to your spec.
    Well, I will certainly try the RS5 when it is ready, In the mean time, back to work and remember to spend the money and get the world going !

  64. J says:

    The BMW 335i will mostly stay in the service shop all week several times. The Audi will let you enjoy the weekend. Too many fuel pump failures in the 335i; get the Audi

  65. Joseph says:

    BMW has already replaced my 08 335i’s fuel pump once but
    so long as it doesn’t happen again, especially after the warranty,
    I’m happy. Audi has a notorious reliablity record FYI, and they don’t
    provide free maintenance for 4 years or 50k like BMW does. All things to be considered. Niether is best for reliability. Get the G37 or Civic if reliability is a priority. The 335i & S4 are affordable, performance oriented, fun, and stylish. Reliable?? uhh no

    Current Winners IMO:
    Beauty: S5
    Handling: 335i
    Reliable: G37

    Question is, will the new 2010 S4 fit neatly between the S5 and 335i, or G37 and 335i?

    San Diego

  66. Lesciba says:

    Great comparison (I think the department of transport better sort out the ugly numberplate problem).

    Audi has the looks – but BMW has the appeal. Furthermore, BMW beat the Audi S5 on the track.
    So winners as follws:

    BMW = nmbr 1
    Audi S5 = nmbr 2
    Infiniti = nmbr 3

  67. Nijole says:

    Hello everyone. You don’t get anything clean without getting something else dirty.
    I am from Norway and now study English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: “It should start before you write the book and continue for as long as you want to sell.”

    Regards :( Nijole.

  68. Carlos Perez says:

    The A5/S5 is probably one of the biggest thing for audi in the last few years (taking the R8 apart), i think is a interesting, good looking car, but i think in the engineering level the 335 is still the best, but audi is getting close, to close

  69. tuli says:

    i know what everyone thinks about Bmw and audi’s, they are pretty nice and good looking cars, and they are also expansive, but it’s hard to afford the parts, they are expensive on both bmw and audi, ofcourse they are made in germany. as far as i think audi has really nice exterior.. but for interior i would give a point to Infiinit g37, it looks real nice, and you feel comfortable.. it a japanese peace, and it’s affordable, and cheap parts for it to buy…

    for people who have money to spend , i would recomend you to buy an Audi, u can’t find any better than that…

    Bmw is type of car, people who love racing or love a test drive on roads…
    looking at all these three cars, i would rather stand/go far G37s, it the best for me to say..

    i know it’s not too good looking exterior in all three, but the interior is the best it has, and it’s also one of fastest in all….

  70. Jon Kim says:

    The G37 is the best deal and value. I am a former BMW 330i owner and loved it but as always, BMWs and Audis (esp. Mercs!) are way, way overpriced, particularly in Korea, where I live. Also, Chris Bengal totally messed up the butt-ugly, boring designs of every 3 series after the E46 (incl. the Z, 5, & 7, although the ’09 new 7s look a lot better).

    So far, I love my 2009 G37 S coupe (all 333 horses!) – the Japanese, I must admit, have caught up and the Germans are in for some serious competition – look at the Nissan GT-R, for instance, a superior Porsche Turbo contender for a portion of the price! In this day age, with the US and the world in major financial meltdown, VALUE FOR MONEY is all that really matters! Wouldn’t you agree?

  71. Bill says:

    3 series is made for girls. Period.

  72. Kyle says:


    wow grow up.

    While I own an Audi, if I had the 335i and S5 in front of me with the pick of either car to be mine, it would take me an exorbitant amount of time deciding. It seems we have come to the conclusion that either car is a taste of personal preference. Since I am a huge gear head, I am attracted to enthusiast type engines (FI), the 335i with the twin turbos would be the car for me to tinker on. Then I look over to the S5 with the presence it carries and my decision would be altered again. Two great autos.

  73. Joseph says:

    While the 335i does satisfy much, I find that the car misses the mark in terms of quenching overall expectations. I’m happy with my 08 335i but can’t ignore a strong feeling of wanting for something a touch more fun.
    Funny that I didn’t get this feeling in 06 with my 330i. The 06 330i is far more rev happy allowing rapid swoops of rpms with ease joined by a beautiful scream. Low end torque was lacking. The 335i solved that problem but lost some spirit in turn. Not to mention that the styling of the 08 335i is identical to the 330 so impressions have been muted. What’s left is a feeling of wanting.

    Unfortunately however, the G37 and S5..even the 370Z…do not offer anything better. For the money, the 335i is basically the best one can do for now..

    Unless you consider a used 05 or 06 997 911S. An 05 nicely loaded can go for about the same as a new 335i. Now THERE is something to quench all desires.

    San Diego

  74. Doug says:

    @Joseph: Joseph, which 06 330i are you comparing your 335i to, an E90 sedan or the E46 coupe?

  75. Joseph says:

    Both are E90s. I leased an 06 330 for 3 years. I’ve now owned
    an 08 335i for about 6 months which is how I’ve formed the above impressions. Right now, I covet a used 997 911 that is just a touch
    beyond my grasp due to the fact that I’d have to sell my 08 335i first and
    not to mention that this depressing economy is hardly a time to buy
    expensive toys. My hopes for the S4 have been deleted from the limited reviews. Not to shabby to roll in a 335i (sedan or cupe). And
    I’d choose it over the G37 and the S5 hands down.

    San Diego

  76. Jon Kim says:

    @Joseph: I agree with most of your points and believe an Infiniti does not YET beat a BMW in terms of performance, feel, and handling. However, since the demise of the E46, all 3-series successors have been at best, “controversial” in design and styling. The interior is even worse with the “centralised” cluster of control panels which remind us of American car designs of the past. BMW has lost that warm, cozy, “skewed to the driver” layout and as opted for a sterile, hospital-like, “cold,” industrialised look. The exterior of the current M3 looks much, much better but still lacks the beauty and prowl-like nature/look of the E46 M3.

    Admittedly, the G37 is not on my top design list but it is certainly more aggressive in appearance and design.

    A former BMW owner
    Seoul, Korea

  77. Smegma says:

    The 335i is a great driving car,but its looks are that of a sedan that was made into a similar looking coupe as BMW has always done with this coupe. It’s curves are somewhat sporty but does not ooze sports car in the least. The S5 is a beautifully styled car that looks more like a sports car than the bmw without going quite as boy racer over the top as the volptuous G37. Internal fit and finish of the Audi are superior in my opinion.
    As a total package… price, looks, performance all inclusive… I would rather opt for a 135i and save the 5 grand or so for a lighter faster car with same twin turbo I6 as the 335i.
    If money were taken out of the equation I would opt for the S5, but it should be more in the league of the M3….which is superior.

  78. Smegma says:

    If you want pure value for your money… buy a Hyundai Genesis coupe… something is a bit awry with its setup though… over 300 horses and can’t break 60 mph under 6 secs.

    Again, at 40 grand the 135i provides the best performance for the price…. 0-60 in 4.7 with skidpad of 0.94 g according to motor trend! BMW quotes 0-60 in 5.1 s though… hmmm

  79. AL says:

    135 is an impressive machine but it doesn’t have the classy look of these coupes whether from Audi’s S5 (my favorite), 335, or G37. There’s something about a big coupe, particularly a European one. I think Audi hit the mark with the Italian influence from Walter De Silva. It looks very masculine on the road and that V8 grunt/sound is semi exotic. I like the 335 also, and think that’s a great looking machine. Here in Orange County, it’s a bit too popular though and since there’s not much to differentiate it from the lesser 328, I think BMW missed an opportunity. It’s a good value though and a good 5-7k less than the Audi. I’d make the monetary sacrifice to be able to drive that S5 and have it in my driveway though.

  80. commentator09 says:

    Nissan never an eyecatching car.
    BMW 335i styling is matured.
    Audi? hmmm… fresh styling, looks like very modern and very space-technology.

  81. Jon Kim says:

    @commentator09: @commentator09: I beg to differ. They are all totally different styles. If anything BMW and Audi seem to be copier each other more and more for the past couple of years. Look at the Nissan Z370 – it’s an agressive looking/performaning vehicle. Frankly, I think it looks even better than my G37 Sport coupe.

  82. RR says:

    Just to let know, i have a S5, and i have 2 other friend one with 335i coupe and another with the V8 M3. 0-100, side to side, everybody was toghether, but after this speed, the m3 put a little in front of the S5, that put a little in front of the 335i. I’ve tested them and that it. Anyways, the s5 is much more luxurious and pretty.

  83. Kurt says:

    I unfortunately own a 2008 335i in Knoxville and the car is over-rated. I took it to Grayson BMW so many times, people recognized me more in a loaner more than my 335i. The car still has not been fixed and it is extremely slow compared to my other car, between the fuel pump, turbo lag, software issues, transmission and other issues; I kick myself for not getitng the S5. The 335i is a completely unreliable car; you just don’t know when it is going to fail. The 335i stays in the garage waiting for the fruity smell of lemons. It’s just my opinion, but I already bought another car. Watch the posts……you’ll see what I mean…by the way, this is 2009 compared to 2006. Let’s see which company addresses the issues.

  84. disnuts says:



  85. johonos says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Uniquely put but I am inclined to believe you, disnuts, being a current G37 S Coupe owner and former BMW owner! BMWs are great and fun but require too much maintenance and money!

  86. Horatiu B. says:

    @johonos: I agree, but at least for 4 years, the maintenance is free, that kinda helps.

  87. johonos says:

    Depends on which country and when you got it – for Korea, when I got it my BMW 330i sport package, the warranty was just 2 years. At the time, I paid over USD 70,000.

  88. disnuts says:



  89. Valerie says:

    I am not sure I agree with disnut’s high class, low income crap. My 335i convertible is as much as 535 if not more once you put all the options in. I can afford whatever car but its about buying what you like. Anyway, if you’re going to talk about comparisons, you can never win because there will always be a more expensive car on the road. I dont know where you live but in LA there are tons of G37s.

    Anyhow, for the sake of this artiicle, 335i is #1.

  90. eduardo aguilar says:

    i have a bmw 1351 and an audi s5 and i think my audi is better rthan my bmw

  91. eduardo aguilar says:

    hahahahahah i love amrerica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. joseph says:

    My 08 335i (manual with sports package) turned out to be a lemon due to repeated High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) failures. BMW bought back my 335i (I got a full refund). Besides the hassles of repeated repairs, I think the car is great! I look forward to the next generation 3 series/M3 which are supposed to be significantly lighter. I think the S5 is way too heavy, and the G37S is not as tight as the 335. The best options right now are to either lease a new 335i or buy a used E90/2 M3. I would not recommend buying a 335. The new S4 has some good reviews but I’d have to test drive it back to back with a 335i to justify its premium over a 335i. I wonder how the new RS4 will turn out but history tells us it will be a powerful pig.

    San Diego

  93. disnuts says:

    LA is over rated,its old news. Anyways back to the subject, I think this site is about comaparison of current vehicles . Valerie if you can afford any vehicle you should look into something better.

  94. Kraas says:

    Not sure about the G37, but the stock Nissan 370Z coupe consistently beats 335s, 135s, and Audi Ss on any track; this is a fact… The VQ37 is also the most versatile tuner engine

    The Nissan/Datsun/Prince Motors also has plenty of racing heritage as you can read about in history. Just like the germans, Japanese also have plenty of engineering clout and unmatched attention to detail.

  95. johonos says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Kraas. In fact, Road & Track did a test run comparison of the G37 and 335i Coupe (’08 models, I think), and the BMW’s engine failed before it could complete the run! A great car – Bimmers (former owner), but undoubtedly overrated, over-priced, and requires high maintenance.

  96. JBS says:

    The best styling goes to the G37. It just has the best lines of this group. The S5 is really nice too, but I can’t get past that ugly grille area that has become an Audi staple. It ruins the design, although it is less offensive on a black car because it blends in better. Overall I like the BMW, but it looks stodgy next to the other two cars, almost like a pug standing next to two greyhounds… and the taillights on the BMW look like they belong on a Honda Accord. So here’s my order: 1- G37 2-S5 3-335i

  97. Johonos says:

    Nicely put, JBS, but I still think the S5 looks the best, although I am a G37 coupe owner and a former Bimmer owner. I must admit BMW has gotten a lot better in recent years – thank goodness Chris Bengal left.

    Did you know Audi/VW’s chief designer, Peter Schreyer, joined Kia, which is part of Hyundai a few years back.

  98. paul says:

    Let me premise by saying, I’ve owned BMW for the past 14yrs. I currently own a 328 totally kitted out pulling 300hp and a X5, I’ve already lined up my next purchase which is a 2007 335I. That said, Audi currently makes the best looking cars and as far as I’m concerned Infiniti doesn’t factor into it.

  99. Chris says:

    I’ve always wanted the 335i but turned to the audi s5. The s5 is so sexy and those lights on it damn!!!! I test drove it and fell in love with it and how its an all wheel drive sports car. And yes i wish i had the 335 as well cause of love that car as well with that twin turbo but my rating goes s5, bmw, G37

  100. says:

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