BMW 1-series convertible on the 405 freeway in SoCal

1 Series | October 26th, 2007 by 0
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Thanks to one of our readers, Wayne Clarke, we’re able to show you some new spy photos with the new BMW 1-series convertible that will be launched next year in the U.S. Without any further introduction I’m going to let Wayne talk about these photos

Here are the pictures of the 1-series convertible on the 405 freeway in SoCal from this morning.  It was heavily masked.  I drove in front, along side, and behind (when I could get between it and the tailing Mini).  Trying to drive the 405 and take pictures while driving isn’t very easy, so most of them aren’t too great.

The convertible is much better looking in person than in pictures (even masked this heavily).  The top looks better than other pictures I have seen.  Maybe that is just because it is black on black.  I wasn’t interested in the convertible at all until this morning.  I must admit, I liked what I could see.  I drove with them for probably 20 minutes so I got a good look at it.  I drive an E36, and it appears to be slightly smaller than my car.  However, I think the actual dimensions are pretty similar.  I game them a thumbs up and some applause and then left them at the 710.  8-)

The picture from in front and behind are not good, and you can’t see all of the equipment that was in the tailing Mini.  He had wires and devices running all over his car.  My guess is he was an escort and monitoring the 1-series.  It looks pretty hazy, but that is smoke from the fires–it isn’t too bad in this area.

thumb 1series%20on%20405c

thumb 1series%20on%20405e


BMW 1-series Convertible