BMW 135i vs Subaru WRX STI

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We’re back with another comparison, but this time it won’t be in between two BMW models like in the past. BMW 135i vs BMW 335i …

We’re back with another comparison, but this time it won’t be in between two BMW models like in the past.

BMW 135i vs BMW 335i BMW 135i vs BMW E46

This time, we’re going to compare the most talked about BMW these days, the BMW 135i, with the most popular Subaru car: Subaru WRX STI.

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BMW 135iBMW 135iBMW 135i


BMW 135i – around $33,000-$34,000

Subaru WRX STI – $33,495

Subaru Advantages:

  • sport seats with 2-tone suede, very good supporting sport seats
  • LSD
  • Brembo Brakes with Super Sport ABS
  • AWD
  • 2008 model equipped with heated seats and navigation system

BMW 135i Advantages:

  • same HP but a twin-turbo engine
  • less weight 3274 lbs vs 3351 lbs for the Subaru STI
  • M-sport suspension
  • nicer body style
  • free maintenance for 4yrs/50,000 miles

These are some of the arguments on the debate Subaru STI vs BMW 135i but as soon as the 135i test drive reports will be available then we can go ahead and compare the handling and power of both cars, of course stock models.

If there is anything else that I have missed, let me know and we will add them.

10 responses to “BMW 135i vs Subaru WRX STI”

  1. Ben says:

    135i has split folding rear seats whereas the STI does not.

  2. B~Dawg says:

    Did anyone else notice that C&D mentioned that the 135i also had 6 piston front calipers and 4 piston rears! I think these will be as good or better than the brembo’s on the STI! And lets just say for reality sake – BMW or SUBAWU

  3. menotakoala says:

    B~Dawg, I’m from and those 6 piston front and 4 piston rear brakes are manufactured by Brembo as well.

  4. EJC says:

    I think this would be a great match-up. Very similar specs on paper. I might argue that the STI’s suspension would be as good as the 1 with the M-Sport Suspension package…which is an option to the base price of the 1…and probably better than the standard suspension on the 1. The STI’s suspension, which is pretty aggressive, comes standard. I think that when it comes down to it, no matter what numbers are turned in by either car (which I suspect will be very similar), it will come down to personal preference.

  5. Carshopping says:

    Both are great cars but if I were living in the snowbelt, I’d go with Subaru because of the AWD. Since I live in So. Cal, I’d go with BMW.

  6. Bob says:

    They’ll be pretty close on paper and on track. I see BMWs all over town, but I don’t see a lot of STIs. A BMW person will never drive a Subaru and a Subaru person would never drive a BMW. I drive an STI and would never consider driving a BMW, because I know a lot of BMW owners that think very highly of themselves. On the other hand, a BMW driver could argue that anyone that would drive an STI must be a tuner toolbag with saggy pants and a complete inability to properly wear a baseball hat. The STI will out handle and outperform an equally priced BMW on any track. Racing aside, I live in the Midwest, so I need the AWD in the winter. I appreciate how perfectly crafted BMWs are and I even test drove the M3, I still like my car more.

    • Csawyer1955 says:

      Disagree I have had 3 STI’s and a BMW-135 both are great cars however i choose the STI due to it being more practical as in a hatchback form. I know have an 11″ STI hatch and it is hard to beat. I use it as a everyday driver working in sales and covering over 500 miles per week.

  7. Max says:

    hahaha nicer body style. that seems somewhat subjective to me.

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