The Canadian BMW European Delivery may improve

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The BMW European Delivery program for Canadian citizens or residents has always been the black sheep of the BMW family. The program didn’t offer a …

The BMW European Delivery program for Canadian citizens or residents has always been the black sheep of the BMW family. The program didn’t offer a generous discounts in compare to the US program and often, buying the car through the European Delivery would have ended up being more expensive than buying it locally from a dealership. In case you are not familiar with the BMW European Delivery for North America, you can read the articles below:

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Many canadians have asked BMW Canada to revise their program and make it more attractive for the canadian market. I have often received emails from people asking me if they could place an order through an US dealership. Unfortunately, that’s not possible since the ED rules state that only US citizens or legal residents are allowed to place an order with a dealership in the US.

In a recent email to Lindsay Duffield, the president of BMW Canada, a member of has inquired about the possibility that the Canadian European Delivery program will improve and become more attractive for the local buyers.

Dear Mr. Duffield:

Firstly, congratulations on your return to Canada!
I am writing you directly, as I cannot get a clear answer from dealers or through BMW Canada.

I am very interested in purchasing an M5 through European Delivery in 2007 or 2008, when I retire. I presently own a 2003 530/M-Exec, 2003 Z4 3.0 and 2002 325. I also had a 2002 330CiC/M-Pkg, which was traded for the 530. All were purchased new, in a 10 month period from Otto’s BMW in Ottawa.

I am a BMW enthusiast and committed to BMW vehicles for life. I follow BMW internet forums daily and have become very knowledgeable about these great vehicles.

1. Why doesn’t BMW Canada offer the same incentives for European Delivery that BMW NA does?
2. Why can you not trade a vehicle on ED? The GST savings would make ED very lucrative.

I realize that Canada is a much smaller market for BMW, but buyers may be more apt to take advantage of ED if it was similar to the US version. I priced an M5 for ED versus buying it here, and it would actually cost more for ED, even on a cash purchase!
I had planned a month long vacation throughout Europe, but the lack of savings does not make it worthwhile. I do realize that car rental savings in Europe would be a saving with an ED purchase, but I would like to see insurance and licensing thrown in (as in the US), plus the ability to trade my older BMW. The 2 month wait for my M5 to arrive, after ED, would be more bearable!

Now, if you could get Lufthansa to provide their “2 for 1” airfare deal (as in the US), that would be a bonus.

I’m just asking if BMW Canada would consider re-evaluating the Canadian ED program.

His reply:

Thanks so much for your email. And thanks for your business and loyalty. We really appreciate it!

You raise some very good points regarding the European Delivery Program, and your timing is good.

In the past, based on the small volume and overcrowded facilities in Munich, we did not promote this offering widely in Canada. However, with the construction of the new BMW Welt (BMW World) delivery and experience centre and renovated Museum and expanded plant tour infrastructure in Munich, this changes everything. This new world class facility will open in 1H’07 and our plan is to update and relaunch our European Delivery program to take advantage of the new facilities.

We’ll take your input to heart and if you would agree, I will have one of our staff contact you to make sure we have all of your ideas.

Thanks again and please be patient as we work on this exciting new phase of the ED program for Canada. We should be in good shape for your timing to order your M5.

All the best and please keep in touch.


His reply does sound very encouraging but if I recall correctly, the rumors that the Canadian BMW European Delivery program will improve, have been circulating for quite some time now and nothing has changed as of now.

All I can say is, hang in there our dear neighbours and I really hope you will receive the same benefits as the US customers.