Is BMW European Delivery going to be available for the BMW Z4?

BMW European Delivery | August 17th, 2007 by 1

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I am almost positive that the BMW European Delivery Program will be available for the BMW Z4 models as well. In a recent announcement, BMW informed us that will be shifting the production of the next generation BMW Z4 back to BMW’s Regensburg plant in Germany instead of the current Z4’s production base in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The Spartanburg factory will become an SUV plant, where all the X models will be manufactured, including the next generation BMW X3 and the new BMW crossover X6. Currently, the plant in South Carolina is the home for the BMW X5 and X3 models.

Historically, the BMW European Program was available for all the cars built in Germany, so the BMW Z4 shouldn’t be the exception on the rule. This opens a new door for the BMW fans who have always dreamed of test driving the Z4 on the german autobahn.

Several rumors have been circulating stating that BMW will be taking the new Z4 upmarket to better compete with the new models from Porsche and Mercedes, and buyers would expect to receive a premium “Made in Germany” product.