I have put together a list of websites that are going to help you planning your BMW European Delivery. I’m sure there are others websites as well, but these seem to be very popular and they have helped a lot of people. If you think I’m missing anything, feel free to leave a comment and I will add them to the list.

1. Lease Calculator

This is the first step in your purchase and this one of the best lease calculators I have seen so far. It is extremely accurate and you can always cross reference with the numbers you are received from your dealer.

2. www.tripadvisor.com

A website with hotel reviews from around the globe and the nice part is that the reviews were given by actual visitors that have stayed in them.

3. http://www.globalfreeloaders.com

For the adventurous, this website allows you to register and then find other friendly travellers all over the world that will offer you to stay at their home free of charge, if you also offer your home for fellow travelers, it is basically an exchange program.

4. www.kayak.com

Use friendly travel site that searches all the airlines and other travel sites, such as Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity simultaneously

5. www.seatguru.com

This website lets you know what the best seat is on any plane on any airline. You can get information on legroom, how wide the seats are and many other statistics.

6. www.thetravelinsider.info

A website for travel planning and assistance. Very useful also

7. ask.metafilter.com

A forum with topics on Europe travel.

8. www.hrs.de
An online booking engine and seems to have some decent deals in Europe

I hope this helps.

Have a nice trip!