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The BMW 5-series has always been a very successful model for the german automobile manufacture, and the new 2009 BMW 5-series it will definitely follow …

The BMW 5-series has always been a very successful model for the german automobile manufacture, and the new 2009 BMW 5-series it will definitely follow its predecessors. The current model range has been on the market since 2003. Early illustrations show toned-down creases and edges, less-busy details, and a more elegant overall appearance.

Several prototypes have been already spotted on the streets of Munich and from the spy photos we could see that 2009 BMW 5-series has a different front end and extra wide fenders. A longer wheelbase will boost rear seat room, while a wider track and a slightly lower ride height give the car a more ground-hugging stance.

thumb GW560H310

The new model will also get bigger wheels, the standard size is 17 inch, wheel sizes 18 and 19 inch will be optional. Due to the wider track and lower height the all new styling of the new 5-Series will make it look almost like a coupe. Power comes from a large choice of 6 gas engines (ranging from 2.5 litre 218hp to 4.4 litre V8 biturbo 408hp) and four new generation of reduced-emission diesels (ranging from 2.0 litre 175hp to 3.0 litre 300hp).

thumb SP32 20061011 120219

The new car is expected to drop slightly in weight, despite a modest increase in size, thanks to the use of light-weight materials. The 5 will be loaded with all the electronic goodies, including new electronic damper and active yaw control systems. The next M5 is expected to upgrade the current M5’s 550-hp V10, mated to a dual-clutch transmission, arriving in 2010 Inside, there’s a new instrument panel, an optional head-up display, and a center console angled toward the driver, similar to the one found in the E39 models and the 3-series E46. Take a look at these pictures and judge for yourself.

2009 BMW 5-series

2009 BMW 5-series

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8 responses to “The new 2009 BMW 5-series”

  1. m1k3 says:

    This doesn’t look like the new redesigned model. This looks like the current 5 series with a few body adjustments.

  2. magic_marker says:

    It’s very interesting – it looks as though the new 5 series has taken some design cues off the Mercedes Benz S-class; notice the flaring over the arches and the pronounced downward curve over the C-pillar.

    I assume the car is very heavily disguised – i.e. the whole of the rear and front end (tail lights, headlights, spoilers, fenders etc.) are all off the current vehicle.

    Let’s see how this works out…

  3. Roger says:

    It looks good ,was looking for another shape.But I guess it’s got surprises

  4. marc fogel says:

    When will the 2009 535 be available in california?
    When will the facelifted 2009 335 conv be available in Cal.?
    Which auto trans will these models get?

  5. jad slsll says:


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