Spy Photos: BMW 1-series Convertible

1 Series | August 9th, 2007 by 5

We have already seen several BMW 1-series convertible being tested throughought Germany so it’s no surprise that more and more spy photos are coming up. The convertible is likely to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

As we have seen before, the BMW 1-series convertible will have a soft top which it’s a little surprising since BMW switched already from the soft tops to hard tops in their 3-series models. The convertible will feature a revised tail-end to accommodate the folding mechanism.

It will feature the same engines as the recently launched 328i and 335i coupe, which means a 2.0L engine and a 3.0L twin turbocharged.

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Credit for the pictures to Autoreport/Stanka

Some of the new features that will carry over from the BMW 135i coupe include direct injection and Bi-VANOS valve timing technology as well as BMWs new Efficient Dynamics fuel saving tech. In these new spy photos, we can see a Red Coral interior and an iDrive option which in my opinion it will look great in the convertible, especially when the top is down.

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