BMW European Delivery -yet another amazing story

I can not describe how happy I am every time I receive a story about an European Delivery experience. Reading other people stories and even …

I can not describe how happy I am every time I receive a story about an European Delivery experience. Reading other people stories and even more important, looking at the amazing pictures they have taken in Europe, it makes me jealous every time.

In the past year, I have received some wonderful stories on the BMW European Delivery and I have shared them with you, here and here for example, but this last story, it’s just amazing. The pictures that he and his fiancee have taken in Paris, London, Zurich or Munich are just beautiful and they tell more than a thousand words.

I’m going to let him tell you the story with his own words.

thumb BMW%2520European%2520Delivery%2520Munich%2520%2520008

There is no way I could ever recreate the events that took place during our European Delivery. Pictures are worth WAY more than the thousand words many say they are.

Our European Delivery started in Kansas City and headed to Philadelphia, stopping in Nashville to change planes. We then flew to London, and spent 2 days there, and walked it at least 2 times over. Lots of sights to see, and plenty of history there. It was, however, VERY expensive.

thumb BMW%2520European%2520Delivery%2520Paris%252064

We flew to Munich after staying in London, and went directly to pick up an alpine white E92 335i. We tooled around Munich for 3 days, and had a ball. Olympia park and the BMW museum were first on the list, then Marienplatz, and some touring of the city.We then headed to Paris, through Zurich, and ended up getting lost thanks to TomTom.

After 3 hours of looking for the car, we made a mad dash out of there and headed onto Paris, and arrived to the hotel, where we were upgraded to the “Master Suite”, courtesy of the Courtyard by Marriott, thanks to my e-mail telling them what I had up my sleeve…We toured Paris for 3 days, and on the 2nd day, we see the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, and head to dinner at Altitude 95 (atop the Eiffel Tower) and had a great meal, and afterwards, I proposed to my girlfriend, and drew a huge crowd of people that went crazy applauding afterward.We left Paris to head to London on the 3rd day, and had nice drive up to the Chunnel. We took the Chunnel and finished the trip to the airport, where our hotel was, and I dropped off the car in London.

If you wanna read a more extensive write up, and complete pictures, visit his blog

BMW Munich

BMW 335i

BMW 335i

BMW 335i

BMW F1 car

Old BMW race car

BMW 335 in Munich

BMW Headquarters


BMW 335i


Germany countryside



Eiffel Tower

Louvre entrance



BMW Dealership in Paris

Picture from Eiffel Tower

Ben Tower London