2012 BMW 3-series

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Could this be the next design for the best seller in the BMW family, the 3 series? The current E90 BMW 3-series has only been …

Could this be the next design for the best seller in the BMW family, the 3 series? The current E90 BMW 3-series has only been on the market since 2005 but details about the next-gen model are already circulating with most agreeing that the next model will feature styling lifted from the Concept CS.

Due in 2012, the next BMW 3-series will be the first of a family of BMW cars with a more recognizable face derived from the original styling of the Shanghai concept.

With the new 3-series, designers will attempt to address criticisms of the current car’s awkward styling and lack of interior space. These renderings, compiled using information from sources close to the project show that the new car will have a pronounced kidney-grille with the air-intakes positioned on either side of the bumper just below the headlights.

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New options for the 2012 3-series will include hybrid variants as well as the latest version of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics. The X-Drive AWD system is likely to gain favour thanks to a redesign of the system to reduce weight, which will only increase fuel consumption by 0.5L per 100km over RWD models.

Other features that may make it to production include night-vision devices, a head-up display and radar safety systems.

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158 responses to “2012 BMW 3-series”

  1. IPGAuto, Germany says:

    Hell no, thats the stupidest lookin ever. Thats the new concept from BMW. their not going to make it that dramatic.

  2. Scott says:

    They also need to bump up the horsepower over the new 2008 Infiniti G37 coupe to beat the competition. I would like to see BMW add another 100 horses.

    • pou says:

      oh man, it is not about horsepower all the time… Why is Infinity havin so overpowered engine, when driving it is feelingless ? No offense, but company like Infinity, focused on american market, can never produce car which can be compared to any BMW… It is all about the way it feels, i guarantee you, that theres no stock infinity that can be compared to any of mass produced BMW cars…

    • krap says:

      It already beats the G37. Magazine cars are not reality. G37 is a sh1tbox, Ive driven both.

      • John says:

        Krap, your name says it all.
        Calling the G37 a “sh1tbox” is the height of ignorance. You’re obviously a highly challenged BWM fanboy, versus someone who loves cars, and can objectively discuss them. The G37 is a fine automobile, as are most BMW’s I’ve driven.
        “Driving them both” makes me ponder if your driving experience is limited to the Xbox 360 your parents most likely bought for you.

  3. Irv Robinson says:

    Scott, they might bump it, they could basically use the new M3’s engine

  4. Pat says:

    I’m tired of people just taking recent concepts (Concept CS) and Photoshopping them onto existing models (335i) and declaring “Is this the next [whatever]?” It has no basis in actual fact.

  5. Chris says:


    Car magazines already have done comparos on the 335i coupe and G37 and they were suspicious why the G37 didn’t beat bimmer’s acceleration times. So, they dyno’d both cars and found that in crank numbers, the 335i had 350hp with about 300fps and the G37 read as 349hp with about mid 280’s fps. BMW really underestimated the hp ratings for the 335i significantly primarily to sell the rest of ’06 M3’s…and ofcourse keeping it as much hush hush as possible just to make it more difficult for Infinity as they were making their final touches with their G37 coupe engine’s outputs.

    As for the 2012 model, with past hp increases, I predict the new 3-series having still the twin-turbo, inline 3.2L w/ approx. 350 (under-rated) hp.

  6. roy bessant says:

    bmw have gone the mile infront ov every1 else 2 do with design and technology, gonna buy 1, stay with bmw, no probs ever.

  7. suraj says:

    i like it. enough said.

  8. SOSAD4BMW says:

    It is so sad to see what BMW has done to its cars. The new design is no where near the design history of old. I have had more BMWs follow behind me and you have to look twice to see if it was a pontiac. The styling is developed a feminine softness that doesn’t keep up with the design line of the past. Sure it may handle like a Bimmer, but putting the badge on the newest model line is way off mark. Also looks like they went more toward the riceburner market, which is NOT their market.
    And I’m not bashing BMW as a brand. I know your all gonna get your panties in a bind and say I just don’t understand, but I am not part of the market segment that just glorifies BMW just for being BMW. I am a proud owner of the last great design before this generation was launched. 2004 330i Msport package.
    SO SAD 4 BMW

    • krap says:

      Badge fans might not be with you, but true brand/car fans are.

    • Taco325i says:

      2004 styling is crap too dude. 1990s was the golden age.

    • Hmorad says:

      i kinda agree with u because i also see that BMW went slightly downhill since the e46 (the one u have) when it comes to BMW’s agressive appearance but it improved dramatically when it comes to performance and i am sure u agree with me on that part

    • Paul Brun says:

      I have to say I disagree. The newest 2012 is an amazing platform from listening to the webcast. I will reserve final judgement till I get to drive one personally at the dealer next year, but it looks so much better than the predecessor. 

      Great job BMW…looks like I will be knocking at the dealer’s door in the latter part of 2012.


  9. zeta says:

    The rear and profile look are excellent. The front is not simpatico, no? Looks angry from the front – not a nice look – like lifting one’s upper lip to frown. I’d rather a neutral look; somewhere between a hint of a smile and abject indifference, rather than a cosmetic surgery stretch gone awry.

    The eyebrows on the kidney grill look silly, in my opinion.

    This rendering exercise deserves high marks. I don’t think BMW can come up with a better profile or rear although the cut on the rear lamps along the trunk seam will look passé by release date. If this were out tomorrow I’d be waiting overnight at my dealer’s.

  10. angelina says:

    well i do agree the front looks a little to exaggerated and i own a 2003 bmw 3 series and id much prefer that. But what i think there trying to do is modernize the vehicle, have you seen the new r8 by audi there smokin, hey if you dont like it others will, the fact is that we have to accept change
    besides it bmw they can pretty much do anything to there cars and ppl will lovethem the point is a bimmer is a bimmer

  11. mohammad reza says:

    please send new picture send me tanks

  12. tommy says:

    hey socct the bmw with 300 horse power is still faster the the infiniti with 330 horse power because bmw is better make for a car

  13. Sidiku Buari jr. says:

    this is incredible. Cant wait fr it to be released.

  14. Wonger says:

    I saw this in France already, they get different designs over there… lucky bastards!

  15. Bob says:

    Nice car. Kidney grille is way too big, but otherwise, nice car.

  16. siva says:

    i am very satiafied for buy the BMW car

  17. Chris says:

    uh thats the seven series

  18. Howie_In_AZ says:

    Yeah this is the new 7, not the new 3.

    Interesting possibility of a hybrid, even though BMW had stated before they were against hybrids as their diesels get better mileage.

  19. Beefy says:

    BMW truely has a driving experience that never must be forgotten and its driving pleasure is phonominal no futher comment.

  20. ukrineanman says:

    excellent execution. probably just like this and will look new generation of BMW 3-series. idea design taken from bmw CS Concept. which was shown almost a year ago. excellent direction. personally I very like the ideas of this designer.

  21. J. Marincic says:

    I can’t believe it! BMW still running on petrol in 2012? You know the times when people used to runn car on coal, when petrol was in short supply? Well, why don’t you just do that instead! It will draw the atention, people will look twice at the car with chimney, wont they?
    Keep up the good work BMW, with technology such as this will be in space in no time. Cheers James

  22. Bobby says:

    I thought this was the look for the new 7 series that is coming out soon. If this is the 3 series I would say it is really UGLY. The 3 series now looks waaaaay better.

  23. john says:

    can you say 7 series ? whats the price going to be 55g’s ?

  24. bil blogg says:

    Looks way better than current BMW’s, looks less like a fish..

  25. Cal says:

    This picture is not real one bit, I do not believe they will use the exact same headlights (in picture) that is used on the Concept CS, the body design on the 3 (pictured) is very similar to the Concept CS and the Concept CS is going to be upward of $250,000. BMW will not be able to manufacture a 3 Series like that without going upmarket (changing series category). “BMW will not make a car like this fullstop”.

  26. Artmic says:

    i like the front of that car, and if a 3-series had it in the future, i’d love to get one

  27. Jonathan Johnson says:

    if this is it??! ill start saving up>>>>BMW for life

  28. Artmic says:

    come to think of it, i hope they increase the existing 230hp engine to 280, and make the 300 into a 360hp engine….
    The 230hp engine is lagging behind IMO.

  29. Mike says:

    I like it. I would get it.

  30. Mercy says:

    BMW looks great but its a seven series which is coming in 2009…………..

  31. Alex says:

    To all of you who keep saying its a 7 it’s not! Go look up the 2009 7 series and compare it to this, they are way different! I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but the 3 and 7 series are very similar in design! Ranging from the 2001’s to the 2008’s!

    Everyone should also try looking up the 2012 6 series, its very similar! BMW is soon going to make all there cars look the same!

  32. Chex Nigeria says:

    The rear look is out of this world. The front should not have that same 6-series kidney grille design please and no eyelids for the headlights please-thats why I love the 3-series coupe.

  33. Thomas says:

    one of the first new bmw that’s finally looking good.. the lights look quit good actually and the ugly bumper is turned in an “ok” bumper

  34. Andrew says:

    That’s a very ugly car. I really hope BMW will not adopt this design for the important and volume seller 3-series. This is really a big step backward in design after Chris Bangle leaves BMW

  35. RamZess says:


  36. toni nemr says:


  37. RAMORAB says:


  38. hasssan says:

    Damn, it looks angry

  39. AJ says:


  40. I like it, and truthfully, isn’t this the design leap we’ve been waiting for? A more aggressive face, better proportions on the rear, interior space, size? This is solved…

    HOWEVER! I don’t like that they render these, and we get all hyped-up, and save our money just to find different designs… Something other than what we eat, slept, and thought for for the past years it’s been developed. My 2 cents… Otherwise, I wish this design was 100% accurate.

  41. Richard Davids. says:

    List of best rally driver. Colin McCrae(Late), Richard Burns, The Stig, Junior Buari, Tom Ford, Tiff Nedal, Jason Plato, Richard Hammond, Edward Miller. These are the best drivers i,ve ever seen.

  42. John mayhem says:

    The 7series is great. The 3 series is ok. I’d prefer the m3. Saw the video of some guys from ghana doing burnouts in an m3. Check it out on u tube.

  43. cem yanmaz says:

    ı dıdnot understand. wıll bmw sell new 3 serıe ın 2011 or 2012

    • Ernesto says:

      I really love the current BMW design. It is true tho, that the next 3 series will take some of the new 7 series’ appearance, but I strongly doubt it will be as much as we see on that picture. The lines in the 3 series are generally much more accentuated than in the 5 or 7 series historically. Regarding engines, the new M3 engine will prob be history for the 2012 version. I see more turbos on future petrol engines since they improve both HP and consumption. And for the one that commented on BMW’s petrol engines, I love them, and I hope they never go away.

  44. Priyanshu Bhateja says:

    Man, the design is awsome. It has the looks of 7 series but i dont think its the same in the picture. has a handsome look n a bumper.But is it runnin on petrol in 2010 or 11.

  45. ESSAMFANSA says:


  46. Glenn says:

    This car looks great, how can I order one. I have been waiting for this for the past 5 years, as I cant handle the back lights on the E90 and am still driving an E 46, which I feel is by far the best 3 series so far.

  47. mohhhs says:

    it;s very suck it looks like dodge the current is the best in desien

  48. mohhhs says:


  49. Mr music Producer says:

    it’s ok but it doesn’t have that m33333333 look, it doesn’t look sporty

  50. Go Aussie says:

    Was going to buy M3 next year but will wait till 2012 for new style. Would like to see the front with slightly harder look

  51. varant says:

    best look for bmw is model 2000………………..

  52. xtreme says:

    Hope they fix the leaky top and N54 issues

  53. nav says:

    I think it looks like Volvo !!!

  54. BMW xxx says:

    I LOVE “Big Money World”

  55. Yesman says:

    I hope it doesn’t come out like this. The front looks too angry, the back is way~~ off.

    I think the best 3 design is the current e90 LCI (2009 version)

  56. najib says:

    I’m working for bmw dealer ship in africa, and i alwais asking my self what is next,
    there always next and better than the previous model
    I’m very proud to be member of BMW family


  58. Keshav says:

    3 series bmws have always been great cars to drive.
    other than its engine specs, i just hope bmw keeps up their traditional looks for the next generation.
    by so, i mean not having LED lights( which other car companies are having..MB, porsche, nissan, audi) and having a boxier shape to it.
    also, its starting to look like a smaller 5 or 7 series.

  59. That thing looks like a damn GMC suv or pickup truck… i think i”m going to be sick…

  60. KleenboiDuke says:

    I currently have a 1999 328i e46, and I love that car. I drove a 2008 335i and it was extremely powerful and fun to drive but I wasn’t ready to give up my naturally aspirated e46. I will be getting the new model 3 series if it looks anything like the one pictured above…

  61. zaidy othman says:

    mine is e90 2007 320i model..i will definitely shift to new model after 2012..anyway i really hope they could change back light design..less curve pls…( lets see how..vw scirocco also nice maa..)

  62. jocamryn says:

    NO NO NO! We JUST got rid of the UGLY “moustache”! We killed it burned it and threw away the ashes!!!!

  63. Muhanad Jaff says:

    misleading photos, they are reproduced by some photo editing software from the image of the bmw concept car…

  64. Dina says:

    The 3 series2004 & 2005 are the best… the current 3 series is very ugly

  65. psk26 says:

    bardzo pieknie przedstawia sie BMW 2012, piekne swiatła tylne przód auta tez ładny, oby tak juz pozostało.
    fan BMW

  66. Looks a bit similar to the new 5 series

  67. DT says:

    The front is not bad but the rear is shite… It’s practically a wagon for christ’s sake. The trunk line is practically non-existent. I’ll be waiting a few more years to buy if this is to be the new design.

  68. Rudy says:

    Looks like the e46 M3 is last of the great looking BMW’s. Sure to be a classic.

  69. Alex says:

    These guys broke the 1/4 mile world record in a Twin Turbo BMW 3 Series.

    Maybe they can do it with the new 2012 3 Series. I hear that the new N55 Engine has an ECU that is designed to be hack proof. We’ll see.

  70. scott barton says:

    Im considering buying the current model 330d msport in UK, for delivery in about september. Does anybody really know the UK release date of the next model?

  71. RAMORAB says:

    I’m switching for the new 5 series — it maintains the classic BMW’s spirit with contemporary tech.

  72. scott barton says:

    Nice idea but i want the msport pack, and still no sign of that on th 5 series here.

  73. cmorebuttz says:

    It looks like a 7 series, don’t like it at all. Love my 09″ 335i conv with the msport package, was hoping that they would come up with something as gorgeous as the body they have now but i guess wrong. I’ll pass on this one.

  74. recon24d says:

    this is what the E90 should have been or something like it. its a big departure from what i think was the best body style in 3 series history (e46) and this time its in a very good way

  75. tumi says:

    if this is it,I’m buying one for myself

  76. dk says:

    if they go back to the “Buick” style cheap looking flair on the grill (ergo, 2007-2009 3 series sedan), I will never buy this. It’s cheap and it looks cheap! I should know, I’ve owned three 3-series, one 5-series and now a 135.

  77. psk26 says:

    czy można poprawić doskonałość???
    lepiej nieee!!!!!

  78. sakheni says:

    cha, inhle ke li moto

  79. phyllis says:

    when will the 2012 i series coupe come out

  80. fadi says:

    يا عمي ال bmw لا يعلى عليها

  81. tom says:

    what a nice car im gggggggggggona buy

  82. Voogan says:

    Love BMW, the engineering behind their cars is untouchable. For a car under 60k no body touches them. I am a true car lover and nothing I have owned or driven touches the 3 series.

    As for this concept, I like the front…love the front, but the back is a little awkward for me. If I was to predict the future engine for the 3 series. I assume it will be a beefed up version of its current engine. 350HP w/ 350 torque.

    The only thing I want to see added to the 3 series is A/C Seats!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in AZ and it is 118 out right now. =(

  83. smooth.j says:

    im on the same page as voogan, except for the back of the car part. i love the design period… i’ll buy it as soon as it lunches out!!!!

  84. JOHN says:

    It looks amazing with that almost unique sport design…

  85. Moe says:

    This looks really nice, and tough, but BMW will never come out with this for the new 3-series becasue it would kill the new 5- series which was released a couple of month back and i personally think they did not do a good job on it.
    this car above would best go for a new 4-series and if they put a big engine on it like for example a 4.5 litter and call it the 445 i would consider buying it instead of the 5-series.
    i have been driving BMW’s since 1996

  86. Jack says:

    I’d prefer my 2010 320d

  87. waleed wajih othman says:

    عنجد سياره ما شاء الله

  88. Eugenite says:

    Thats a nice Beemer, i just hpe that they will create more space, and make the interior a bit more attractive..its about time Beeemer, starts keeping up with competitors(Audi, Benz…)

  89. its nice but something about the rear makes it look fugly that im not feeling i think its the tail lights it looks like some bug

  90. Fucking Hooydonk says:

    looks like a pig

  91. عبد الله says:

    مشاء الله سياره جباره البي ام وبس bmw ths is speed nissan ind bmw 4 ever

  92. Morteza says:

    عشق است bmw
    زیباست و با وقار
    nice car 3 2012

  93. nobel says:

    when this new version will come to malaysia?

  94. سيارات says:

    bmwblog Tags: 2012 3-series, 2012 BMW, 2012 bmw 3 series thanks you

  95. sameer says:

    so sexyyyyyyyy

  96. sameer says:

    so sexyyyyyyyy

  97. Definably updating when the new 3 Series arrives

  98. max says:

    Dawn, its so ugly…

  99. Donald mogotsi says:

    i have always respected bmw designers, from an early age i just fell in love with the brand(BMW) how would have life been without BMW?

    donald mogotsi

  100. Edl says:

    Be carefull BMW ! please do not copy Mercedes big mouths, keep your stiling ! Go back to the 335i 20108 – Eduardo A´de Lima – Mexico

  101. seda says:

    perfect……as always…..darısı başıma

  102. Thyeo1 says:

    BMW has been slow to introduce smaller engines with higher torque at lower rpm and better fuel economy. Look at how VW, Audi, and now even Ford have introduced these green engines. I say BMW has been disappointingly slow in their R&D. If they dont have something substantially better than the competition and soon, they are in serious trouble.

  103. Lucas says:

    muito fera

  104. Naveen Ked says:


  105. Abdullah7864 says:

    my jan bmw i want to get it but

  106. Abdullah7864 says:

    my jan bmw i want to get it but

  107. Omar_haddadi says:

    i have pictures of the new serie 3

  108. Billtant says:

    Very beautiful design…

  109. orochi says:

    if they’ll keep even a little bit from this concept it should make the new 3 series a very appealing and desirable car. might even be as the greatest 3 series ever from what bmw has ever made thus far, a design evolution that should naturally occur.

  110. Justin says:

    nice look from the front, reminiscent in my eyes of the 6…the side and rear need some work though.  reminds me of the 3 coupe.  If BMW wants to start the price at 50K this might be the design, though.

  111. Supasonicblu3 says:

    Fake the rear bumper is from the e92 335i. Grill is from old 740i at lease 2003. The only thing real is the photo on the 7 series they are trying to promote for 2011 lol

  112. sdfasdf says:

    coach outlet

  113. Peterlau says:

    Just another BMW>>> Boring Motors Works.

  114. Peterlau says:

    B now stand for Boring?

  115. BMW is
    unmatched in terms of style, performance, technology, safety and
    comfort, providing customers a truly complete driving experience.

  116. Gdonnell says:

    Greg D

    Owned BMw’s since 1989, never seen  a bad one yet, they  always come up  with  the goods

  117. rupert deBare says:

    Finally got to drive a BMW. Drove it hard round a couple of country roads to see if they’re really as amazing as they’re cracked up to be. Well, as far as the driving experience goes, the 3 Series I tried was only marginally better than my 1997 Toyota Carina. Both good cars, but neither the stuff of legend, I’m afraid. The best road-hugger I’ve ever experienced was a brand new Simca panel van, circa 1974.

  118. rupert deBare says:

    Finally got to drive a BMW. Drove it hard round a couple of country roads to see if they’re really as amazing as they’re cracked up to be. Well, as far as the driving experience goes, the 3 Series I tried was only marginally better than my 1997 Toyota Carina. Both good cars, but neither the stuff of legend, I’m afraid. The best road-hugger I’ve ever experienced was a brand new Simca panel van, circa 1974.

  119. phoenix1 says:

    Just took ownership of 2012 320i Modern.
    I’m sorry for not spending more time test driving this car because the seats are really low budget and make my back ache after about 10 minutes.
    I can spend 24 hours in my Audi’s and be fresh as a daisy. Wondering if there is anything I can do to make these seats more tolerable?

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