BMW 3-series and iPhone Compatibility User Report

3 Series | June 29th, 2007 by 108

Special thanks to PAMidge, a member of, for taking the time and I think he is the first person that posted a review, including …

Special thanks to PAMidge, a member of, for taking the time and I think he is the first person that posted a review, including some great pictures. Once again, thank you.

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This is the first report I’ve seen on the iPhone and the BMW 3-series compatibility, and let me just say that BMW and Apple are one of the most amazing companies because the iPhone is FULLY FUNCTIONAL with iDrive and the integrated bluetooth. These 2 companies can do great things together.

I’m going to quote the full report, so please, sit back and enjoy and please let’s hear your comments.

” Well my iPhone is as about as old as everyone else’s. Only waited 2.5 hours at #30 in line at my local AT&T store for one. Let me just say before the BMW Part… I’m one HAPPY customer.

If you don’t think this phone lives up to its hype (well other then no 3G), then you’re just fooling yourself. This phone at daybreak is everything and more then one could hope for in a portable device… and I haven’t even played with it as an iPod yet!

So what you lovely folks want to hear, its compatibility with our e9x’s. Let me give you my specs first:

1 week old 2007 328xi e90 with iDrive & Premium Package. That’s about all you need to know.

1 hour old iPhone 8GB

Fully loaded contact list, calendar, bookmarks, mail, and a few videos.

Our initial reports have listed our iPhone as “fully compatible” with the bluetooth. I fully agree and endorse that statement so far.

No more:
Incorrect incoming calls
Abbreviated Phone Book List
One name and number per user

This thing is FULLY FUNCTIONAL with iDrive and the integrated bluetooth.

Let me show you.

Bluetooth off:

thumb DSCN0474

Sorry for the flash, this was done in a hurry.

Turn on bluetooth, turn on your car. They pair together in harmony just like any phone would:

iPhone BMW

Now, let’s look at those contacts. For now I have 276 stored contacts, and it shows every one of them in the iDrive display. The AAPA is a public number, so I’ll share:

BMW iPhone

Now would be a great time to point out the phenomenal AT&T service by my coverage indicator.

Oh boy, Mom & Dad are calling me… (well it’s really just me with a portable house phone)

iPhone BMW

Phone rings, car rings, as you hope and expect it should. Well, I’ll just ignore that call.
BMW iPhone

So with the little blackout, so no one calls anyone, you can clearly see full name, what type of number it is, the full telephone number, all displaying as BMW and Apple intended.

Again, you will just have to take my word for now that if a person has multiple numbers they show up in the correct format XXXXXXX (Home) vs (Mobile), etc.

I really don’t think there needs to be anything else said other then the call quality was what you would expect for a cell phone through bluetooth. I will provide more feedback as I have more time to use this device.

And on a side note, the keyboard… it’s awesome. You need half a brain and a trusting of the device to use it. It does take some time, but it seems very easy to pick up.”


For users with the iPod integration in the ARMREST:

Initially, the iPhone, when plugged in gives you an error warning message that “this accessory is not meant to be used with the iPhone, would you like to switch to Airplane mode”.

Once the iDrive and iPhone systems initialize together, your playlists and songs show up without a problem.

I briefly played a song. What happens is that the iPhone can be used like normal, but when you click on the iPod icon, a white screen says “In Use”.

When the phone is in its standby (not home) screen, instead of your background, the album art associated with the song shows up as the background and changes for every song… pretty cool.

When making or receiving a call, it shuts off the iPod and makes the call. I haven’t tried yet, but will tomorrow, keeping bluetooth as well as the iPod connected to the stereo – meaning to see if the iPod changes seamlessly to Phone when a call is attempted or received while playing iPod music.

Songs showed up and loaded much faster then Hard Drive based iPods.

Hope this helps, and answers MOST questions!”

I hope you enjoyed this report, now let’s get the comments rolling. What do you think? Was it worth waiting for the iPhone? Did BMW live up to the expectations?

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