Preview: 2010 BMW 5-series revealed

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Update: 2011 BMW 5 Series official photos Could this really be the new 5-series? According to the article below, this model will be available in …

Update: 2011 BMW 5 Series official photos

Could this really be the new 5-series? According to the article below, this model will be available in 2010.

When you think of luxury executive saloons, one car always comes to mind, the BMW 5-series. A class leader since its inception, the 5-series remains a crucial car to BMW. With the current E60 5-series introduced back in 2004, BMW is preparing the sixth-generation model to be revealed in 2010. It will be a tough job for the designers as well as the thousands of engineers working across BMW‘s development centers to renew the current model, a car that already resides at the edge of the technical front line.

The new design is critical for BMW‘s design manager Adrian van Hooydonk and his team, who have to create an exterior that radiates the brand’s distinctive design values and at the same time feels new and fresh. Using information from various sources, these renderings were compiled by our partners over at Sweden’s Auto Motor and Sport and their illustrator Radovan Varicak, giving us a preview of what the final version will look like.

BMW5series front

The front-end will likely feature a more upright kidney grille in order to comply with stronger pedestrian protection laws, while the headlights won’t be stretched out like on the current model. BMW‘s characteristic interaction between convex and concave shapes will still be emphasized, and will be clearly indicated in the engine hood’s lines.

The rear roofline and C-pillar connects more fluidly to the trunk lid, which is now devoid of the Bangle-butt that was so universally derided with the E60 model. Parts of the tail-lights continue onto the trunk lid in order to strengthen the impression of width. We must say, this design is very pleasing and if BMW’s car looks anything like this, we sure it’ll lure back any customers loss to its rivals because of the controversial styling of the former E60.

BMW5series back

The new 5-series is being built off an entirely new chassis, with double wishbones in the front, like on the new X5. The move is designed to give better control and road grip around corners, according to the chassis engineers. With the aid of the extremely fast Flex-Ray automotive network communications protocol, the adaptive shock absorbers is set to become more effective, as will active steering.

BMW will also be updating its iDrive system for the new 5-series, making life a little easier with the addition of yet another pair of programmable buttons. Those that think the standard 5-series isn’t sporty enough will have to wait for a few more years until the new M5 turns up with its V10 motor and more power than the 507hp offered in today’s edition. The M version will be the only 5-series model offered with a new dual clutch gearbox (similar to VW’s DSG technology).

The standard version will instead be fitted with an 8-speed automatic transmission that will take the fight to Lexus. This gearbox is being developed by ZF, which will also manufacture a new four wheel drive system that will feature in the new Five. A new 5-series wouldn’t be complete without the introduction of more electronic driver’s aids, and this time BMW is bringing Dynamic Performance Control to the table. The system actively distributes torque between the wheels, depending on how the car acts during a turn. The result is increased security and the ability to handle larger side forces. The new differential will also come in the new 3-series and potentially even the 1-series as an option.

A full-hybrid system, featuring an electric motor in parallel with an engine, is not currently planned for the new 5-series, which instead is likely to feature the same system already used in the 1-series. This light-hybrid system consists of an electric starter motor that’s connected to the crankshaft and can function as both a generator and a propulsion system, spinning the engine during initial off the line acceleration. The light-hybrid will be available in both diesel and petrol versions and expect a new V8 diesel engine to make its debut in the next-gen model.

The two-mode hybrid transmission that was developed by BMW together with General Motors and DaimlerChrysler is mostly aimed at bigger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. The design features dual motors, and an advanced control system that can allow both engines can be turned on simultaneously, and to regenerate electric power during braking.

This two-mode system, however, is not currently planned for the next generation 5-series, although BMW has not eliminated the possibility that a similar technology can be added towards the end of the model’s life cycle. We’ll have to make do with the light hybrid at the moment since BMW feels it has already succeeded in heavily reducing the fuel consumption of their engines. However, it remains to be seen whether or not BMW will be able to reach the EU’s new requirements for average CO2 emissions of 130g/km by 2012.

That’s it for now, we’ll be back soon with more exclusive news. But in the mean time, if you would like us to keep you updated on all the BMW news, please take a moment and sign up for our email feed. Get updates by email

128 responses to “Preview: 2010 BMW 5-series revealed”

  1. asa7 says:

    its too narrow, not wide enough to be a 5. might be a new 4 series, cuz its too big to be a 2 series. but then again, i see some 3 series in it. id say a redesigned 3 series or a new 4 series.

  2. zeta says:

    Unexciting; boring; nothing interesting to see. I think the images need a horizontal stretch. It looks like a bus!

  3. Pieter says:

    Save the image on your pc and then look at it again because the above images was resized in the website… looks better now ;)

  4. MYT says:

    All i have say is DONT DO IT……Bring back the 2000 5 series and change that up for the future.

  5. WAT says:

    this looks spectacular..i wonder how the M5 would look!

  6. Noel Lynott says:

    The new 5 series looks fantastic, as a current 5 series owner I agree with the new look.
    They should however improve the dashboard layout and looks and get rid of the i drive. too dangerous to be loking at a computer screen when driving.

  7. viper says:

    u morons..thats not 5 series , its not even close…new 5er will be influenced by the CS…..u are so funny

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @viper: Please refrain from insulting anyone. The article never said this will be FOR SURE the 5 series, there were just renderings done a long time ago. And yes, we all know it will be influenced a bit by CS concept. We might have seen photos of the real deal, but we can’t disclose them yet.

  9. asa7 says:

    hey moron a.k.a. viper, the Concept CS is a… CONCEPT. meaning they tried something new, and the aspects might work their way into all of the cars, not just the 5 series. its doubtful that there will be a car that looks exactly like the CS, but like they said in the article, its a rendering

  10. mitsubishi says:

    on a stretched photos difficult to talk about design

  11. masood khokar says:

    hamzah ali!
    u r absolutly right u rock mahn
    bmw sucks mercedes rocks mahn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jonathan Johnson says:

    bmw sucks???you must be blind….the new 5 looks 100%

  13. Jonathan Johnson says:

    it would not be a bad idea for bmw to use this concept as the 5 series face lift model………

  14. davinci says:

    dont try to fool d public! thats neve a 5, bmw enthusiasts know better. let me let you in on a little secret, bmw next generation cars now come wit a massive grill, its evident on the 7, so what ever you are speculating be corrected.

  15. davinci says:

    i’ve seen the 2010- 5, 3 n 6, tell you what, bmw spent all of its time and resources in the quest of pefection. name it, they all got style, performance, beauty, luxurious interior, my god, bmw rocks! 2010 will be the start of the best years for bmw.

  16. badr says:


  17. L1ndja says:

    I can garantue you that thi isnt the new 5series

  18. Jonathan Johnson says:

    @L1ndja: i hope it is

  19. ku je qa po ban a je mir

  20. eric samuel says:

    If that is the new BMW 5series, then its fantastic. Love to see the line down the side and more traditional BMW look. Never liked Chris Bangle designs and frankly he is over hyped. The sooner BMW shareholders get rid of him, the better and hopefully BMW can go back to making great looking cars which Audi seem to have copied successfully.

    This new 5 makes a person just want to go and buy it. Can’t say the same for the current outgoing model.

  21. damon says:

    Its not wide enough to be a 5series. it’s side mirrors front lights and back lights are look like a (3series coupe) it can be a 3series sedan

  22. nazam says:

    front looks ok bt 4rm back i dosnt look nice front looks ok bt they should made bit wide

  23. musam says:

    it looks like as it come from another world
    it is not beautiful and it is small too from back side it is like evolution for 3 series not 5 !!

  24. davo says:

    the front doesn’t look too bad, but the back reminds me of the current 3 series, or even a Ford Mondeo

  25. I’m a bit confused. My lease is up in June so I went to the dealer I always go to and ordered a 2010 5 Series. The dealer said the 2010’s just started to roll off the line and it will be here in early June. I can’t imagine this will be the new 5 which I understand will be revealed at the Frankfurt show in September. So, does this mean the 2010 5 Series model year will be a breif one, June 09 to ?? and the new one will be badged as a 2011 and available early 2010? Confused enough?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      @Wayne Cavanaugh,

      yes, the 2010 5 Series will have a shorter production year and yes, the new 5 Series will be labeled as 2011, due to be released next Spring.

  26. D solomon says:

    I like the look of the new 2010 BMW 5 series. It’s sleek, sporty, and head turner just like any other BMW. BMW has to change things to stay ahead of the competition.

  27. Alex says:

    I like the design, except for the headlights scream Lexus to me, and so does the mouth opening at the bottom of the bumper.

  28. Rad says:

    You guys are right, once u download the image it looks much better. It looks good but does it look at nice the Jag XF? Certainly it will put the 2010 E Class to shame. The interior will be the key in my decision making come 2010. I am down to the XF and this generation of 5 Series. I love the front profile of this car And we know that nothing drives like a Bimmer – but will the interior have the luxury of the XF?

  29. Rad Dockery says:

    Oh by the way, does we have an updated side profile in any of the renderings?

  30. umair says:

    i love sports cars but no many

  31. Nuno says:

    I agree with MYT

    DONT DO THAT …… it,s absolutly boring , looks like all the trivial cars we pass by every day!

    I have a 530d (2004 model), and even now after five years and when i look at y car i still think, Cris Bangle, you dit it!

    • honveer says:

      So true, I have 2006 5-series with sports package, and when I go out to drive that car, I always feel the same way–What an amazing design— If this is the new one, it looks nothing like the current one. NOTHING

  32. nana says:

    i like all the Bmw
    but more and more everyday and if u can send me the pictures in my e mail thans alot

  33. chief chale says:

    you guys rock the world.

  34. jAMES says:

    Lord please don’t make the new 5 resemble the new 3.. They can’t get the design right on that car and its been out for a few years now.

  35. John Warner says:

    Well the new 5 series is avast improvement ove the Bangladized previous model. I usually get use to looking at car that don’t appeal to me at first, but the Bangle cars hav left me cold from the beginning. I bought my first BMW in 1968 and have had several since then. So for me to not like a BMW is a big deal. Welcome the newest 5 series. I still think my 2000 540i spot is a better looking car.

    FYI, I started a blog called I would love it if you checked it out. It’s for BMW lovers to tell cool stories about and experiences with BMWs.

    Anyway, I like your blog and your ideas.


    • honveer says:

      Dude, I respectfully disagree with you because according to me Bangle made BMW–Designs which are, and will always be astronomical– I have a 2006 530i with sports sus, and believe me, there is not a single eye on the road it does not catch..

  36. Samir says:

    I think the nose is beautiful. As long as the kidney grills are not dropped like the new 7 series.

  37. jumpmanjr11 says:

    im on da fence wit dis im likin da front end but da tail not so much remindz me mor of a 3 series den a 5 n da shape iz nice not too diff from da last generation although it appearz 2 b alil smaller but so far itz not too bad n da front so far iz da best bout it overall itz ok 4 now it will prolly grow on me like all bmw`s lol

  38. v says:

    I really think the new designer could have done a little bit better job on it…… the current E60 looks better, and I hate the tail lamps used on the 2006-2008 3 Series Sedan. They look ugly. I hope they do diesel this time around. An M5 Wagon and Grand Turismo would be nice, too.

    • Samir says:

      Don’t let this pic fool you. The new 5 series most likely will not look like this. As far as the tail lights on the 06-08 3 series they look hot in my opinion.

  39. Bryce McKenney says:

    Does anyone else think the trunk lid is way too short. I think the rear end looks too much like a Toyota Corolla. I’m not particularly impressed, I’d like something more along the lines of the 5-series GT.

  40. Silvério Correia says:

    I’ve a BMW 5-series and I would exchange by the 5-series GT, but, unfortunately, as it seems that will have just 4 seats, is a very big roadblock for me and will avoid that exchange. Will be available any option with 5 seats?

  41. jeffrey choong says:

    i agree with some of the comments it looks more to the new 3 series

  42. John Warner says:

    Well it’s better than the previous 5er that looked something like a German Batmobile.
    It still doesn’t compare to the E39 which believe is the best looking sedan BMW has ever made

    • honveer says:

      Dude, you cannot even compare the new 3-series to a civic, the new 3-series are just plain ugly–Shame on BMW for those—. 5-series designs after 2004 are just astronomical–you just cannot compare it to any other car out there today—. It is complete in every aspect.

  43. John Warner says:

    It refreshing to see the old Bangel designs die out.

    If you want to read more about 5ers and other BMWs old and new, try going to There is even a section on BMW motorcycles for those that call themselves Beamer fans.

    • honveer says:

      By the way, the bangle’s 5-series design is so sexy that even this, and many other websites have them as their banner picture…. Lol, have you ever driven a 2004 or higher BMW 5-series, probably not, because if you would have, then you would know that what an eye catcher design it is… All I got to say, it is plain beautiful.

  44. osane says:

    bad look 4 the new 5 series really e class looks better than this rabish

    • honveer says:

      I agree with you, the current one looks billion times better than this one. It will be disappointing to see this one as the new one. –VERY disappointing–

  45. Nazar says:

    BMW 5 series is the best car in the world don’t care at the price. Price very expensive.

  46. Lynwood Glover says:

    This is the best damm car i ever saw in my life

  47. Bikie says:

    Boring, looks like hyundihondalexustoyotaetc. Audi blows their design doors off.

  48. vinod pareek says:

    i dont know more about bmw cars
    but yeah i wants to purchase this car on next 3rd january 2011
    its my commitment
    now i have started a mlm company
    n i want this car from its money
    so pls pls pls do wish 4 my thid great dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  49. Rabee3 says:

    the front of the car looks nice, but im not sure about the back. i’ll buy the 2005 model instead

  50. Charlie says:

    Ewww… the headlights look like they came from a Toyota (

    And the rear looks too narrow – it looks like the 3 series.

    I love bimmers and I hope they put some more work into the design.

  51. meti says:

    te kokshe shum i fort

  52. This new 5 series look fantastic. BMW make the best car in the world. They are about people witch like to drive!

  53. goya says:

    Sorry guys, but the new 5er will look completely different than
    the picture above.

  54. jooby says:

    If you look at the BMW Financial Services page Joy Sales Event, there’s a picture of the new 5-series there!

  55. keivan says:

    its spectacular.i will definitly buy this car

  56. Samuel anthony says:

    New 5 series, i ‘ts dream

  57. honveer says:

    It is just too girly looking—This is a very disappointing design–certainly, a downgrade from the current design.

  58. Miguel says:

    This is a nice Bmw.

  59. BMW FAN says:

    Very nice car but looks like mazda….

  60. christopher bell says:

    what the fuck!!!!!!!???? this guy bangle needs shooting! man, this design totally sucks – its even worse than the 7 series. LOL

  61. Asa7 says:

    Christopher bell… You do realize-
    1. This rendering has been out for like 2 years.
    2. The real 5 Series was officially released in late November.
    3. The new 5 looks like the new 7 in a bad way.
    4. Bangle left BMW and has nothing to do with the new official 5 series.
    5. And this rendering looks better than the real 5.

    • christopher bell says:

      hey buddy, LOL, i didnt actually know the 5 was out yet. after checking the new 5 out on bmws website it actually lux pretty nice. so it doesnt surprise me that bangle didnt design it. man, that 7 series sucks donkey dick!!! who in the right mind ‘d drive that bollocks rather than a LS or a s class?????

  62. Mike says:

    Why can’t you people use your brains? Go onto BMW’s international website, you won’t need to understand the language to see the car … look at the beautiful automobile and love it OR shut the F— up. FULL STOP!

  63. christopher bell says:

    OK, OK, OK!!!!! as i sed in the last comment, it lux ok. but surely most people agree that the 7 series looks like the dogs bollocks….

  64. amin says:

    it’s verry exellent,but surely 7 series looks like lexus from back

  65. wow… it looks like an e90


  66. simba says:

    was expecting more pictures of the inside of the car man.plz do more on this website hey

  67. Qhawe says:

    this is lovely ………i like the ride

  68. Avdhesh Jadon says:

    tooo cool….. I wana buy a bmw 5 series in future.

  69. sdosd says:

    نوش چنه

  70. bleron says:

    une dua per momentin nje bmw

  71. wei jing lee says:

    damn …….. i oso wanted to have BMW this….

  72. duka says:

    thi is a wery nice bmw

  73. kashif ali says:

    i love BMW brand

  74. Deepak Jain says:

    Alwats BMW rocks man, its style, engine performance, the royalty, the posh look, the liberty, the Brand, the series and finally the person who love BMW is affluent. I love BMW and love it for all the season. Love you BMW muaah

  75. Phil says:

    Can someone please take this bullshit webpage down? Its one of the most popular pages related to a search for a 5 series, yet it makes it seem like this bad rendering by a nobody is the actual car. This is misleading, and borderline unprofessional.

  76. Raymond says:

    I prefer the current 5-series.
    The new one just does not do it for me. I fancy the shape of the vehicle, and the rear does not go down badly, but BMW REALLY cocked up the front. The lights make me think they have run out of ideas, just copy the 3-series then? Don’t like it. I am buying the current 5, will keep it till BMW come up with a better one. Sorry guys, I am no Merc fan, but this one does not look good. Even the C-class looks better ??? Disappointing.

  77. Phillipae says:

    I agree with the previous comment, this is a change for the sake of change. I will also stick to the current one and wait in anticipation for BMW to come up with a beter idea with the release after this downgrade ???

  78. almedina says:

    sa e shet qit kerr se jam interesume me ble

  79. Cloud Strife7777 says:

    I hate everything about their stupid company
    They had this (useless) loyalty for Harry Potter
    BMW & Harry Potter SUCKS

  80. rob says:

    i got this car for my sister she loves it and adors it

  81. abdou benzert says:

    it’s cool

  82. ken says:

    Hi, everyone, We produce BMW Car DVD Player for E38,39,53, 46,90-93. If you are interested, please contact me freely, thanks!

  83. SundayBuy says:

    BMW is very expensive in China…Why???!As we know,it is cheap in Europe,correct?Not fair…

    • Jag says:

      imported cars are expensive because of all the taxes the government have issued to protect domestic production. and BMWs are not cheap, even in Europe or USA, they’re just less costly.

  84. pat says:

    oooh baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. mostafa says:

    دم بی ام و گرم پولی هم که میگیره نوش جونش
    ما که نداریم شما که دارین حتما بخرید
    ایران بندرعباس

  86. bmw fan says:

    The 5 series is good but i like 3 series more.

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