The BMW Car Club of American (BMW CCA) offers a rebate to members of the car club after one year of membership. The rebate ranges from $500 to $1500 depending on the model. Eligibility and details are available on the BMWCCA website. Cars purchased through the European Delivery program are eligible for the rebate.

A few important notes:
1. The delivery date is the date you pick up your car in Munich. This means that you must have been a BMWCCA member for one year prior to that date. In the past, the car club would sometimes use the date of redelivery in the United States as the date. They have made clear that they no longer will do so, but if information they have provided has led someone to schedule delivery accordingly, they may consider an appeal.

2. You may not receive an odometer statement with your ED car. You are not required to submit one to obtain the rebate.

3. You have 60 days from purchase/delivery of the car to submit the materials. To be safe, you should assume that this is 60 days from delivery in Munich.

4. Keep a copy of the materials you send, and consider sending them in a way that proves the date on which they were sent. That way, if BMW does not receive your materials in a timely fashion, you can prove you sent them on time.