335i twin turbo vs M3 E92?

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This is going to be a tough choice, both the BMW M3 Coupe and the all-new 335i, twin-turbo (300 ponies), are great cars. Both enginee are …

This is going to be a tough choice, both the BMW M3 Coupe and the all-new 335i, twin-turbo (300 ponies), are great cars. Both enginee are amazing and it will be difficult to choose between them.  

Here is a technical breakdown:

The 335i with ProXede(modded) can put out 430 HP and weighs 1623 Kg. The M3puts out 420 HP and weighs 1655 Kg.

So basically the M3weighs more and has less power and a LOT less torque.

The added $15k goes into all the M badges, bragging rights, the “powerdome”, the “individual” colors only available to M, the extra buttons “comfort, sport, etc” you have to setup for your personal preference, the extra 2 or 4 speakers as if having 14 speakers wasn’t ridiculous enough.

Oh yes, and the “M-lock”: because driving in twisty US highways is really really demanding.

What you really will get with all those M badges and domes and lips is the cops on your arse. Then they will ticket you until you lose your license and then you will get to enjoy your M3 inside your garage.

So what do you guys think? Let’s hear it.

8 responses to “335i twin turbo vs M3 E92?”

  1. smlaing says:

    New M3 will be revised with 18 months. Its already been pitted against RS4 and cant match it other than on the track. Less Torque, less in gear power, crapier cabin.

    What is it with BMW and their high revving engines? Most people want a combination of torque and horsepower. Torque is what make a car feel fast and the new M3 feels slow unless you thrash it like a jap motorbike.

    The M3 is definately not for me. Next year when my deal on my current m3 expires I’m going for a 335i and upgrading it with a Hartge kit. It will have 380HP and 345lbs of torque. It’ll murder the new M3 in the midrange and will feel loads faster. All for ?20k less !!

  2. Bascom says:

    OK…. you guys gave the M3 a hard time up there. The truth of the matter is (imo), there is little to no comparison between the 2 vehicles. I am going to be getting a 335i soon, and have been to multiple dealerships. When you look at the 335i, you are like “wow, nice car, oh man this thing is….” then you see M….. and immidiatly you move away from the amazing 335i and are drawn to the M like a magnet. Not just because of the “M” badges. They could be removed, and when you see it, you can’t help but drool. The wider body, bigger mouth, bulgier hood, bigger wheels, lower ride height, the 4 cannons aiming out the back….. you cant help but touch it. Then, you pull the handle, and it opens …

    You sit in it and within .0025 seconds, you realize that this is not just a hopped up 335i, this is a street legal racing machine. The seats caress you, and hold you tight. The soft leather wrapped stearing wheel says “touch me”, the carbon leather dash inlay keeps whispering “look at me”, the start button screams “PUSH ME, come on!”, and the pedals say “I dare you.”…. I could go on and on.

    To compare the 2 cars is like comparing a Betty Crocker ready to make cake in a box to the nicest wedding cake you’re ever seen…. OK, maybe not that far off, but you get the idea. Just my thoughts.

  3. ///M says:

    ok, the M is good looking, but it is too expensive. the 335i is what ill probobly get, all im looking to add on is a good lsd, a dinan or hartge chip so that i dont loose the warranty, and wider rear rims. also a quad racing exhaust and the m-aerodynamic body kit. it will still lack the ///M power but what the heck, im only gonna street race it and do some drifting in the city at 3am. lol

  4. DRIVER1 says:

    I own both cars–a 335I which I drive eveyrday and the new V8 m3 for fun. They are completely different experiences–while they are both “fast” and a great car–especially sprinting–the M3 is a total driving experience. the M3 engine is like nothing I’ve ever heard–and the responsiveness in the steering and throttle are no comparison to it’s little brother–the 335i. While i’m convince the 335 (stock) could almost keep up in a straight line accelation–the M simply out handles it–and I assure you the M driver will have a much bigger smile. There is a reason the car is considerably more money (nearly 20k more).

  5. i think… these cars were not designed for the US.. so a comment like ‘
    Oh yes, and the “M-lock”: because driving in twisty US highways is really really demanding…’ is a bit silly really. These Bavarian motors were designed for the Europeans, and us folk have very windy roads, very very windy, if you’ve ever been to the UK and taken a trip down a country lane, you will understand.. uneven road surfaces, only 1 car wide with 170degree banks either side, twisting and turning through the landscape.. believe me when i say something like that is very beneficial. Unlike the US where you only have long straight motorways and wide carriageways, we have roads where a little fun and excitement can be had.. As an owner of a 330 let me tell you, your rear doesnt half pukka up a couple times ;)

  6. poop says:

    you are a dildo.

  7. KINGjames says:

    sure you can mod and add horsepower but what does that do? straight line performance only really. you would still have to do mods to a few other things to compliment the new found power gains, especially if you want to track the car. So you’re also talking bigger brakes, suspension upgrades and better, stickier tires also.

    so you’re $45,000 (starting price only, could get over $60,000 if fully loaded) plus your mods is really worth it? Trust me if you have the money to do this, chances are you bought an M3. You’re article is completely ridonkulous!!!!!! You suck bruhhhhh

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