My trip at the BMW European Delivery Center in Woodcliff, NJ

BMW European Delivery | December 6th, 2006 by 2

  How could I understand European Deliveries from beginning to end? The only way I could find out was to experience it for myself. Did …


How could I understand European Deliveries from beginning to end? The only way I could find out was to experience it for myself.

Did an European Delivery for Motor Werks in May 06


Offered to work at the European Delivery office at Corporate, Woodcliff Lakes.


Managing Director of European Delivery sales welcomes having me there.


First client advisor to ever work there


Motor Werks agrees to send me to their office.


Motor Werks becomes the First European Delivery friendly dealership to have sent a client advisor to Europe and New Jersey and also O’Fest, a BMWCCA event for five days in Grand Rapids.


Extremely talented European Delivery Staff







European Delivery office processes close to 3000 deliveries yearly , about 500 or so are Diplomatic and Military Sales linked to Motor Werks and Motor Werks International Sales.


First Multi-line Global Automotive Group offering national, International and European Delivery sales.


Most titled cars sold in the state by a single Dealer


Motor Werks becomes the Premier dealer in the Midwest for European

Delivery and places in the Top tier Nationwide for the first time in

It’s 35 plus year history



Summary Of My Experience


Send in the Pre reservation request form completed to check availability date even on short notice, the Department will let the CA know if the date is available. Try to minimize phone calls since it slows things down for them




Pre reservation request form should be double checked by both the CA and the Client, for legibility, correct pickup date ( no weekends or Holidays) and every line filled out. I was amazed at how many needed some type of clarification and how much extra time is spent doing this. This would certainly HELP the European Delivery Department to be able to focus on other things.



The Purchase Order must be completely filled out as well and be 100 % accurate because if items are missing or if the information doesn’t match the passport, it really slows down the office while they have to spend time tracking down the CA to get the correct information. Both the CA and the Client should read each line carefully to make sure this information is accurate before they sign it !


There are over 3000 CA’s in North America, there are 5 very talented and dedicated people handling European,

Military and Diplomatic sales. If CA’s and Clients can be

sure these two forms are filled out properly, the staff can

have more time to focus on other issues.


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