“Greetings fellow Bimmer enthusiasts! Returned last week from doing ED on 3/17. Flew from Detroit to Frankfurt and to Munich arriving around 10:30 am then took a taxi to the ED Center. The taxi cost about 45 Euro plus tip and the ride took about 20 minutes. Had no problem entering the compound. Upon entering the building was promptly greeted by a smiling and very helpful Bernard, who informed me that the only thing he needed was my passport. He advised me to go upstairs to the “bistro” and relax while they prepare the paperwork.

About thirty minutes later a different gentleman came out and told us that he was ready for us and went over the papers to be signed and asked where we would be traveling and told us what kind of gasoline to purchase and that we would require the vignette when driving through Austria and Switzerland. I would have preferred that Bernard helped us out as this other gentleman was courteous and nice but no Bernard. He took us to our car and did not really want to spend too much time with us. He did help us program the navigation system to get us back to the hotel and then drove the car out of the garage and we were on our own. It was a sunny and pretty warm day and there was quite a bit of dust blowing around the parking lot so we decided to head out of the compound immediately so our car would remain clean.

The Navigation disc from “Beewang” was a life saver and quite amazing for someone who had never had one it guided us to the Renaissance without any problems. Actual the hotel is a bit hidden and we were wondering where it was as the fraulein kept saying “you have arrived”. As we already had an e60 530 everything was pretty familiar to us, so we just played with the Logic 7 sound system and the navigation which were new to us, and then jet-lag started to creep up on us.

The next day we planned to go to Marienplatz and then to Olympia Park. To our delight the weather was wonderful when we were ready to hit town. The navigation is pretty amazing, under information on location you can actually look up places to visit, restaurants (including Macdonalds), historical building, etc. so we chose Marienplatz and of we were. Once we arrived downtown we realized parking would be a problem, after driving in circles through pretty narrow streets we thought we found a parking spot, but since were not too sure if we were allowed to park there and we noticed a Meter Lady approaching I asked are we allowed to park here and she replied to our amazement in English “not really, this is only for police vehicles”, so of we were again, until we noticed a “P” for a parking structure not far away so that’s were we ended up parking, right next to another e60. Later in the day we drove to Olympia Park, again with the help of the navigation fraulein. The park was busy with all kinds of action, joggers, bikers, mothers with strollers and cleaning crews everywhere as it was the first nice day in a while ( I think it was about 70 degrees).

The cabbie had informed us the day before that less than a week ago the had a few feet of snow on the streets and now it was all gone. This was the first time we could push the pedal to the metal (within limits of course) and the car is AMAZING, my son and I were pushed into the seats and we just looked at each other and smiled! I thought our current 530iA was pretty fast but the 545i (6 speed) is something else WOW! At the park we went to the BMW museum and then to the top of the Olympia Tower which pretty much took up the rest of the day. Once again the flight from the day before was getting to us so we headed back to the hotel as the next day we were leaving for Fussen. “