An example on how BMW treats their European Delivery customers

BMW European Delivery | October 21st, 2006 by 38

Here is a great story from one of my customers: “Hi! My name is Radu and I am sold on BMW! I’ve just returned from …

Here is a great story from one of my customers:

“Hi! My name is Radu and I am sold on BMW! I’ve just returned from the best trip of my life and BMW had a lot to do with that! Details In 2003 I’ve bought my first Bimmer, a 2003 325Ci and it didn’t take long to love the car but only 30 seconds of driving.

In April of 2006 I knew I wanted a new 330Xi and I knew that I wanted to do European Delivery because I was planning a 3 week vacation in Europe in the summer. I chose the options on the car, placed the order and elected June 26 as the delivery date in Munich, Germany. Got the 2 for one Lufthansa tickets (you can’t beat that-you buy one ticket and your companion only pays the taxes) and started to plan the trip.

June 26, 10:00 A.M. my wife and I arrived at the delivery center in Munich after we took a cab from the airport. Drove through the gate and the sea of Bimmers was huge and colorful- anything from one series to M6’s and even the new 335 coupe, all waiting their new parents.
Walked in, gave them the passport and went upstairs for the free breakfast while waiting for a representative to come and talk to us. So far, so good but half an hour later we started to wonder why others that came after us were already talking to a representative and we were still waiting. Finally the manager comes out and invites us in his office. He closed his door and at that point I got nervous! Everybody else was talking to a representative outside, why are we in the manager’s office? Is the car not ready? Impossible! I tracked the completion. Did they paint it pink? Impossible! The color is not available and they are Germans, they don’t make mistakes so what is the issue? By now the manager cuts my thoughts saying: Well Mr. Radu, I see you bought insurance for a month of traveling. What are your plans? I started to tell him that this is our honeymoon and wedding trip and that we will be driving about 3500 miles through 5 different countries. His comment was funny: Don’t make me feel bad, oh-ohhh. Mr. Radu I have bad news for you. The truck that was transporting your car to our center broke down 10 Km away from here. Your car will be here around 3:30 this afternoon. I’ve must had a bad expression on my face because next thing I hear is: but we can let you drive one of our cars today if you want to come back and drive your car during the trip or you can use our car for your whole trip if you wish to do so I could not believe my ears! As much as I wanted to drive my baby in Europe when I heard the offer, I could not refuse it! Let me see I get to save 3500 miles on my car, I don’t have to worry about insurance, my car will be shipped to US today and I get to drive a 530i fully loaded! Nothing to think about! Deal! Sign me up!
So I tell him that it is OK and 10 minutes later we have the keys to a 530i with terracotta leather, European Navigation, fully loaded! If this is not platinum service and BMW is not the King of it then I don’t know what is! We were so excited! That was like a wedding gift from BMW to us! Only put gas in the car and drive wherever you wish in Europe! I was born in Europe so I knew what a Bimmer on AutoBahn or in the Italian Alps can do!

Germany: Munich, Nueschwanstein Castle
Austria: Salszburg, Vienna
Hungary: Budapest
Romania: Hunedoara Castle, Sibiu City, The TransCarpathian road to Balea lake, Curtea de Arges Monastery, Bucharest, Sinaia, Brasov City, The Red Lake Mountain Resort, Agapia Monastey, Bistrita Monastery and Moldovita Monastery, Sighisoara and Oradea cities
Back to Hungary: Budapest
Back to Austria: Graz
Italy: Venice, Florence, leaning tower of Pisa, Genova, Milan and Lake Como

In total we drove 3615 miles on roads without any speed limits, for most of the time, drove a dream machine and collected memories for life. All this was possible because of the BMW European Delivery program! Without it, trying to do the same trip by renting a car it would hurt! A small compact car for rent in Europe can cost more than $100/day especially if you want to drive all over the place.
To top it off, they offered to pick up the car from the hotel we stayed in by the airport in Milan, on Sunday!!!! After they picked up the car we just got on the airplane and flew back to US. WHAT A TRIP!!! “

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  1. Singh says:

    I always agreed that BMW provides an excellent customer service o their customer, this story is another great example, they handled the situation very well and professional

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  3. Irv Robinson says:

    I’m waiting to see the improvements in the new X5, especially the 7-seater one. As soon as I get to test drive one, I will definitely post a detailed review.

    And thanks Art for reading my blog, anything I can help you with, let me know

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