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BMW Welt getting ready for its first visitors

BMW European Delivery | August 12th, 2007 by Horatiu Boeriu

We’re getting closer, there are about 60 days left until the new BMW delivery center, BMW Welt, will open its doors. The Welt will serve …

BMW Welt

BMW European Delivery | July 28th, 2007 by Horatiu Boeriu

NY Times has published an interesting and informative article on the BMW Welt that is due to open its doors in October. Starting in October, …

BMW Welt opens October 20-21

BMW European Delivery | May 16th, 2007 by Horatiu Boeriu

BMW issued a press release today to say that… “BMW Welt opens its doors to visitors the weekend of October 20/21. The start of the …

BMW-Welt new pics, and updates

BMW European Delivery | March 9th, 2007 by Horatiu Boeriu

here is the official link for the new BMW Center in Munich, they have also updated their video and photo gallery. www.BMW-Welt.com We also have …

BMW-Welt will be launched in summer 2007

BMW European Delivery | February 20th, 2007 by Horatiu Boeriu

This is an official email that Mark, our forum moderator, has received from BMW. Dear Mr Wagner, The information you found on our website is …