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BMW M4 Convertible with DCT weighs in at 4,088 lbs

BMW M4 | January 29th, 2015 by Horatiu Boeriu

European Auto Source gets their hands on the new BMW M4 Convertible and puts it on the scale. The F83 M4 Cabrio came equipped with …

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BMW M4 Convertible Driving Impressions

BMW M4, Models, Videos | January 7th, 2015 by Vanja Kljaic

Extremely popular in the online automotive culture with his down-to-earth videos, Shmee150, is taking a new BMW M4 Convertible for a spin and shares his …

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BMW M4 Convertible with BMW M Performance Tuning

BMW M4, Tuning | January 6th, 2015 by Horatiu Boeriu

Abu Dhabi Motors is back once again with a special edition BMW. This time, the local M branch decided to seduce their customers with a …

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BMW M4 Convertible vs Jaguar F-Type Drift Off

Videos | November 13th, 2014 by Vanja Kljaic

UK magazine Auto Express has pitted the BMW M4 against the Jaguar F-Type and this drifting event will make any automotive enthusiast smile. Both these cars represent a different motoring …

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UK: BMW M4 Convertible ad banned for encouraging “unsafe driving”

BMW M4 | October 16th, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

In the UK, a video ad for the BMW M4 Convertible has been banned for encouraging “unsafe driving.” The Advertising Standards Authority said BMW’s commercial …

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F83 BMW M4 Convertible looks great in Yas Marina Blue

BMW M4 | September 23rd, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

The recently launched F83 BMW M4 Convertible was spotted on the road featuring the Yas Marina Blue color. Initially advertised as the launch color for …

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See The BMW M4 Convertible Reaching 270 km/h

Videos | September 7th, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

Last week, BMWBLOG headed over to Munich, Germany, to test drive and review the new BMW M4 Convertible. Our full review can be found here. …

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BMW M4 Convertible in Sakhir Orange

BMW M4 | August 31st, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

At the International Media Launch of the 2015 BMW M4 Convertible, BMW brought out different models to showcase the color palette of the new cabriolet. …

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BMW M4 Convertible Individual Tanzanite Blue

BMW M4 | May 30th, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

At the 2014 Leipzig Auto Show, BMW brought to the floor an M4 Convertible painted in the beautiful Individual Tanzanite Blue. The M3 Sedan and …

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Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 Convertible Spotted

BMW M4 | May 12th, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

From Munich comes the first Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 Convertible we have seen since the car had its official unveil at the 2014 New …