Keep your friends close and your enemies closer: The BMW and Mercedes-Benz alliance

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Over the years, the competition between Mercedes-Benz and BMW was always intense, backed up both by the media and the fan base although the two …


Turbocharged BMWs: Back with a vengeance

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In the last ten years, BMW has successfully proven that it can generate a significant amount of controversy regarding its way of business and car …

McLaren F1 BMW Engine

Bugatti Veyron and McLaren F1: Comparing the incomparable

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Most of you have already seen the previews for the next season of Top Gear so you have probably caught a glimpse of a thrilling …


BMW Z4 vs. Porsche Boxter: The Rematch

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We are only few hours away from the start of the new season of Top Gear, the legendary British show that has established itself as …