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So which BMW M car is the fastest? Is it the BMW M6, with its 560 hp 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine? Is it the …

So which BMW M car is the fastest? Is it the BMW M6, with its 560 hp 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine? Is it the BMW M4 , with its 3.0 liter turbocharged 425 hp? Or is the BMW M2 with its 365 hp turbocharged I6? Surely, it’s the 600 hp BMW M5 Jahre? Carwow finds out in this drag race.

In this video, Carwow lined up these four BMW M cars to see which is fastest in both a standard drag race and a rolling drag race. First up is the standard race, with each car having to launch off the line and run a quarter mile.

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The BMW M2, driven by Carwow’s Mat Watson, is obviously ad a disadvantage, here. With the weakest engine of the bunch and a manual transmission, it simply doesn’t have the firepower to compete. All of the other cars have big engines and dual-clutch gearboxes. So which is fastest in a standard drag race?

Well, the M2 actually gets off to a good start, Watson’s good launch combined with the M2’s lightest curb weight allows to to jump off the line quickly. Just as quickly, though, the other cars pull ahead and leave the M2 for dead. The M4 is actually the winner of the drag race, which is surprising considering the bigger powerplants of the M5 and M6. BMW M2 Coupe 2018 1280 01 830x482

Next up is a rolling drag race. So each car starts moving, gets in line and launches from a rolling start. The M2 actually has a bit of an advantage, here, as its manual gearbox allows Watson to keep the car in the desired gear for launch, while the others have to kick down (yes, they could manually select the proper gear but I think they were driving automatically).

Again, the M2 gets a good jump on the other cars, from not having to kick down, but it’s quickly eclipsed. Here, the big power of the M5 and M6 really show their strength, as they quickly pull ahead of the pack. Oddly enough, the M4 gets left for dead, only beating the M2 by a bit.

Alpine White BMW M6 with HRE P101 Wheels in Gloss Black

Still, Watson claims he’d prefer the M2 for its nimble agility and fun-to-drive nature. It’s clearly far fast enough to be fun but also smaller and more dynamic than the other cars. So while the M4, M5, and M6 are all faster, Watson claims the M2 is more fun.

4 responses to “VIDEO: BMW M Collection Drag Race”

  1. bmw driver says:

    If you buy a manual M2, you have to go into it knowing you’re buying a slow car. Real world, you’ll struggle to get under 5s 0-100 and the boost dropping every time you shift will slow you down further. But in gear, it’s obvious how strong the M2s engine is. With a DCT car these races would have been much, much closer. That said, nothing else on that runway will drive like the M2. Even among its brothers, it’s special.

    • Airkrd says:

      I hate to sound like an offended fan boy but, I challenge your assertion that the manual M2 is a slow car. Fast or slow are completely subjective terms that depend on your frame of reference. What frame of reference are you using to judge the M2; an F18? A more realistic comparison would be to compare the M2 to the average car. Using a 4 cylinder 2017 accord as a benchmark for the average car, it’s 0-60 is around 7.0 sec, now compared to the 4.2-4.4 sec 0-60 manual M2 (as reported by motor trend), that’s a 2.6ish sec difference…not insignificant and easily much faster. Even compared to the other performance cars in it’s class the M2 is still a strong performer and by no means slow. If you have any doubts, watch the Motor Trend video review where Randy Pobst runs a hot lap with both a manual M2 and a manual M4 on the Streets of Willow and the M2 puts down a slightly faster time. Now I understand Randy is a professional but, I think it proves my point that the manual M2 is not a slow car.

  2. Pevvex says:

    IF I forget new M5 for a sec fastest M car is not even included in race.
    I did experimental rece like this with semillar M cars and X6M was fastest car. Don’t even want to mention what happened on in wet conditions because X6M destroyed other M cars.
    In fact in wet conditions M140xi was faster than M4, M6 only lost to X6M sligly. So for everyday driving in part of Europe where I live more important is how car handles in wet then dry conditions. That’s why X6M is an amazing car to drive.
    On the top of it X6M is the only M car without pathetic fake sound from speakers witch is discrace and shame of BMW.

  3. Senne says:

    The M2 should’ve been a DCT. :/ How is it even possible it did nowhere close to 4.5 seconds 0-100 even with a great start? :o

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