2018 BMW Z4 Roadster Rendering Follows Current Design Line

BMW Z4 | May 17th, 2017 by 12
2018 bmw z4 g29 rendering mirrors the 5 series design 117884 1.jpg 830x553

Over the last few months, rendering artists from around the world have been hard at work trying to guess the design lines of the next …

Over the last few months, rendering artists from around the world have been hard at work trying to guess the design lines of the next BMW Z4. That’s understandable as the BMW Z4 has always delivered an emotional design, with a throwback to the BMW 507 that is still a stunner to this day. However, none of the renderings we’ve seen before hit so close to home as the one we’re showing you today.

X-Tomi Design is behind this new take on how the Z4 could look like and they definitely did their homework, infusing elements from current BMWs into their futuristic creative exercise. Up front you’ll notice the new headlights, connected to the kidney grilles as well as an M Sport bumper that might also feel familiar. That’s because it came straight off the new 5 Series. They work great together enhancing the sporty look of the open top.

2018 bmw z4 g29 rendering mirrors the 5 series design 117884 1.jpg 830x467

With sleek lines along the sides, short overhangs and massive wheels, this rendering has all the elements to make you think this is the real deal.

The G29 Z4 will be built atop a platform that was developed in a joint-venture with Toyota, underpinning the next Supra as well. Therefore, you can already tell it’s going to be a blast to drive, with weight going down significantly compared to the outgoing model. Using a soft-top instead of the traditional metal retracting roof the Z4 got us used to, the handling of this roadster should put BMW back on the map in this shrinking niche.

Under the hood we’ll find both 2-liter and 3-liter petrol engines, with power output ranging from around 200 HP for entry level models to around 350 HP for the Z4 M40i M Performance model. Whether or not we’re also going to see a proper M version in the future, remains to be seen.

12 responses to “2018 BMW Z4 Roadster Rendering Follows Current Design Line”

  1. Julien says:

    finally a masculine roadster from bmw since the z3 !

    • trollsbwild says:

      Z3 had terrible structural rigidity. Major body flex driving on a highway. 2009 Z4 I owned had no such issue. Loved the car which had a six speed.

      The 2014 Z4 3.5i I have now is not lacking for power, especially after Dinan install.

      The rendering is not bad- just looks like an 4 series without a back seat and soft top. For everyday driving, including winter days, soft top is a huge negative.

  2. Arunabh says:

    Thank god its just a rendering.

  3. Thaal Rasha says:

    looks too wide for a Z car, wich seems to be narow with very long hood usually (we could at least see proportions with camo on). The rendering makes it look like a 4 series convertible rather.

  4. Senne says:

    Hmm this is very weird: on the one hand BMW is back in the game with some amazing drivers cars coming up and being released the past year: M4 GTS, M4 CS, M2 and now the upcoming M5 with M xDrive which will be one of the best M5’s EVER. On the other hand BMW is coming out with some average looking, FWD vehicles, like the 2 Series AT and GT and the future 1 Series which will also switch to FWD. We’ve seen some test mules of that and it really doesn’t look impressive. I guess the most important thing is they satisfy both the masses to make profit that allows them to create enthusiasts favourites like these M Cars and M Performance vehicles like the M760Li, which is an absolute monster.

    • Gabriel Nica says:

      Exactly but there’s nothing weird about it. Nowadays you just can’t have one without the other. You can’t build only performance cars as the budget you’d need for R&D would probably run the company into the ground. That’s why you also have to build ‘odd’ vehicles like the 2 Series Active range and 1 Series Sedan for the Chinese market to make sure the company remains profitable. There’s obviously a market for people who desire the BMW badge but need more practical cars that don’t necessarily appeal to enthusiasts. The 2 Series Active Tourer and Grand Tourer are best-sellers in Germany for example, bringing in heaps of money that can then be used for R&D on cars like the new M5 for example. Keeping this balance is paramount these days otherwise we might never get to see a Z4 again and wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

      • Senne says:

        Yeah, exactly. Us enthusiasts should think more of it that way. Still, I can live with 2 mini-vans and the X1 that switched to FWD. But killing the last RWD hot hatch since the 80’s? That’s just cruel… Why not, like one of the earlier reports said, build an A1 FWD competitor and a 2 Series Hatch, which is the size of the current 1 Series and keep that one RWD. That would be perfect: 1 Series Hatch = money maker, 2 Series Hatch = enthusiasts and journalists favourite. ;)

        • Gabriel Nica says:

          Actually, the way BMW is thinking about this is similar but with one essential difference. The 1 Series Hatch will migrate to a FWD platform because it’s the cheapest car they sell. Profit margins on cars that cheap are extremely small and, therefore, they will have to make the most out of the UKL platform so that production costs as little as possible. The way they see it is that the 1 Series and 2 Series are basically the same car. Therefore, as you said, there will be a 1 Series FWD (F40 and F41) hatch that will take on its hatch rivals while the 2 Series Coupe and Convertible (G42 and G43) will be regarded as the fun RWD alternative only not sold in hatch guise. There are just too few people out there buying RWD hatches just because they like this particular body type. For most enthusiasts a move to a Coupe with exactly the same specs wouldn’t really be something they couldn’t get past, as they probably prefer this body type in the first place.

          • Senne says:

            Yeah, I agree. Most important thing is that they keep the 2 Series Coupe/ Convertible (and hopefully Gran Coupe) RWD. Still, I’m said to see the RWD hatch go.

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