Next-generation G20 BMW 3 Series has been rendered

Spy Photos | October 30th, 2016 by 10
2018 G20 BMW 3 Series rendering 750x500

Latest issue of Autobild introduces a new rendering of the future BMW G20 3 Series. The current 3 Series’ competitors have caught up, so the …

Latest issue of Autobild introduces a new rendering of the future BMW G20 3 Series. The current 3 Series’ competitors have caught up, so the 3 Series isn’t the dominating car it once was. The likes of  Jaguar XE and Mercedes-Benz C Class are challenging its status quo and BMW is in need of a new, fresh model.

We’ve seen some spy shots of the upcoming G20-generation 3 Series but we haven’t been able to make much of its design out. We know that it will be built on BMW’s new architecture, the very same one that underpins the current BMW 7 Series and will be used for every future rear-wheel drive BMW moving forward. That means that the 3 Series will have the same Carbon Core technology as the Big 7, which will likely make it the lightest car in its class. It will also be more rigid and far more dynamic. Think of what this architecture has done for the 7 Series over the previous model.

2018 G20 BMW 3 Series rendering 750x565

Yet judging by some of the spy photos out there, the headlights seem to have slimmed down quite a bit on this G20 compared to the current F30 generation. They seem to be much narrower and the kidney grilles seem to have grown a bit, similar to the new G30 5 Series. So it is definitely taking some front end design from its bigger brother. The front overhang is still very short and the Hofmeister Kink also remains. Aside from that, there really isn’t much to see, though.

Furthermore, this rendering is showing the front end of a fully electric 3 Series which we know it’s coming. The other image highlights the design of a conventionally-powered 3 Series.

BMW is also working on the modernization of its current engine kit. The start of production of the 3 Series – scheduled for summer of 2018 – will coincide with the launch of an electrically driven compressor (instant torque), more powerful 48V systems and an advanced regen system that can recirculate 20 kW and more.


10 responses to “Next-generation G20 BMW 3 Series has been rendered”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    “That means that the 3 Series will have the same Carbon Core technology as the Big 7” You guys just said they won’t use carbon core on low margin models tho

    • BrianF says:

      Exactly the same thing I told myself, that doesn’t make sense. Come on Bmwblog !
      Anyway, I hope it will be the lightest in its class.

  2. fathornyblackandjoe says:

    This looks really good!

  3. Arunabh Awasthi says:

    It definitely looks better than current BMWs but i doubt that it will be a game changing design.
    What BMW should be doing is to completly overhaul its designs and not just evolviong them. The designs should be carrying the virtues of BMWs but with a completely different approach.

    Somewhat like what Fascination concept from Mercedes did. It brought the 21st century looks and feel along with the traditional ethos of Merc and boy the results are out for all to see.

    Sure, some of the Mercs may age quickly and some are a bit too dramatic but it has created an indelible mark on the prospective customer’s mind about what to expect from premium brands: progressive and confident designs.

    Given how conservative and unimaginative designs BMW is doing currently, i think few designers must have had their hearts in their mouths when they must have seen the rendering (given in this article). Even this rendering must have felt radical to them.

    • Silverstar says:

      I personally don’t mind if BMW keep to evolutionary design rather then revolutionary and I do not think many of the current Merc designs are that great in terms of keeping the traditional Merc design cues yes they may have stepped into the 21st century but they have lost their identity in the process and some of their models such as the A class can be quite easily confused with any other brands like Hyundai. I bet if you covered all the badges and put it in front of the general public (not car fanatics) most will not be able to tell that its a Mercedes!

  4. aspandiar ichhaporia says:

    BMW needs to bring revolution to its design and make the new 3 series more bold and aggressive styling alike the i models or the M1 and other concept cars.

    Further, BMW should also concentrate more on sportiness since, that is its main forte, which has made it popular.

    In today’s world all cars are equally equipped, with performance and technology almost at par. So the main deciding point which remains is the Design and Looks.

    The designing of the 7 and 5 series models are really disappointing and this safe styling philosophy is simply ruining the technological advancements and prowess of these great products.

    Come on BMW do something new and bold. Its high time BMW does something NEW.

  5. Conscience_of_a_conservative says:

    I’m missing an naturally aspirated in line six , which for someone like me who keeps a car for over a decade, is essential since I do not trust turbos long term and don’t view four cylinder engines as inherently smooth.

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