Photo Comparison: MINI R60 Countryman vs. New MINI F60 Countryman

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Yesterday, BMW debuted the world premiere of the brand-new F60-generation MINI Countryman. It’s the second generation of the Countryman and it has changed dramatically. Finally. …

Yesterday, BMW debuted the world premiere of the brand-new F60-generation MINI Countryman. It’s the second generation of the Countryman and it has changed dramatically. Finally.

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The first-gen Countryman was, let’s be kind, aesthetically challenged. It was frumpy, ungainly and seemed a bit sloppy. It was too tall and had almost no body lines to speak of, making it seem like a poorly drawn cartoon car. Especially with Plain-Jane grill and face. The new one, however, is much more attractive. While it isn’t exactly pretty, it has a far more rugged character that’s both more masculine and muscular. It’s a far more interesting looking car than the previous model. The headlights, now somewhat squarish, look far better, as does the new grill and lower front fascia. The dome in the hood looks cool, too.

In profile, the new F60-gen Countryman has the appearance of being lower, without actually being lower, and has more interesting body lines. The more pronounced dip in the roofline over the rear-quarter window looks cool and the new fender vent is much better looking. Overall, the new Countryman is a pretty cool looking little SUV…err…hatchback. Whatever the hell it is.

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Out back, things are much, much better on the new car. Whereas the old car continued its “drawn by a fourth-grader” style of having virtual no design cues to speak of, the new one is far more visually interesting. The taillights, though similarly shaped, have more style to them, the rear bumper is more rugged looking and the little silver handle above the license plate actually gives us something to look at on the tailgate. It’s just a more square-jawed, more rugged looking car and it’s so much better looking for it.


Whereas the previous-generation Countryman was a car that I, personally, would never consider owning, the new one is actually kind of charming. Does it go against virtually everything MINI stands for, by being large, complicated and luxurious? Yes, but not as much as the previous-gen, as this one is more reminiscent of the original Austin MINI Countryman, which had a sort of outdoorsy feel to it. Would a traditional MINI fan buy one? I don’t know, but I can say with some confidence that any fan of MINI, BMW or the gift of sight would choose the new F60 MINI Countryman over the old R60.

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  1. Me says:

    I would actually disagree with arguments about the new MINIs not being mini and especially those blaming BMW for the size increase.

    The model bloat occurs in every manufacturer and every model. My neighbor’s Accord is huuuuugggeee compared to my 4 door E90. The Accord used to be a tiny 2-door. The Civic she had before that was also larger than my E90.

    What I’ve been noticing is that manufacturers, while continuing to increase vehicle dimensions and features, introduce a new and smaller vehicle into the lineup. We’re seeing that with the 1 and 2 series. SO it wouldn’t shock me to see MINI introduce a production version of that tiny Rocketman everyone loved sometime in the future.

    In the meantime, if you take things into perspective, the Cooper is still a MINI relative to competition. The Countryman is also a MINI when you realize Countryman is to MINI as Suburban is to Chevy, Landcruiser is to Toyota, etc. It represents the biggest car in the lineup. In general terms, the Countryman is a compact CUV…. in MINI terms, it’s a giant full size, family road trip vehicle… it’s all perspective.

    • Yes, by comparison to other modern vehicles, MINIs are still quite small. It’s just fun to poke fun at MINI because their name is “MINI” but the cars are bigger than ever. Just being snarky for fun :) We still love MINI.

    • Matthew says:

      >The model bloat occurs in every manufacturer and every model.

      Generally, I have no argument there. However, the classic Mini’s footprint never changed. There are similar other iconic examples in the industry.

      Many of us have been arguing that MINI might have taken the same path with all iterations of the Hatchback. Keep that model the same size and satisfy MINI owners’ demands for larger MINIs with the Clubman and Countryman.

  2. Wayne Ward says:

    Having purchased and owned from new a 2012 mini countryman S, we would NEVER buy another mini. The car had 52k km when we traded it. (lets not even discuss the HORRIBLE residual value of the Mini). Mini Canada will not warranty things like batteries within the warranty mileage/time period. They claim that batteries are wear items, but still cannot provide a failure model. If if fails in one month, is it a wear item, two months, 2 years?
    We recently bought an F48 X1, better support from BMW.

  3. TheBingoBalls says:

    The FXX chassis MINI’s are a huge improvement over the RXX MINI’s with regards to value and mass appeal but the problem is pricing – overpriced when compared to others in the segment. It would definitely help if MINI’s were comparable to the competition but as they stand right now, they’re under specced for the price.

    If you’re in the market for a MINI, the best option is to find a completely stock MINI with little to no options and enjoy it for what it is. But if you plan on loading it it up with options, your best bet is to go elsewhere.

  4. Ray Franklin says:

    I loved my 2008 MINI hatchback but it was too small to be practical for me. When the Countryman came out I had to have one. I have 98,000 miles on my 2011 now and haven’t had any trouble other than replacing a water pump.

    I may be prejudiced but I prefer the cleaner lines of my model to the new one. That won’t stop me from buying one when I’m ready to trade. Its a fun, sporty, functional ride.

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