BMW First Automaker To Introduce Wireless Apple CarPlay Integration

5-series | October 21st, 2016 by 15
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The 2017 5 Series is the first car to hit roads to use Bluetooth for CarPlay, saving you from the trouble of plugging your phone in.

In February 2017, BMW will release the seventh generation of its 5 Series sedan and along with a new and fresh design, it will also bring to the market a series of technology. As well as having the most advanced automated driving features of any BMW yet, the lowest drag coefficient in its class, and being 100kg lighter than its predecessor, the 5 Series has a world first; it’s the first car that will let you use Apple CarPlay completely wirelessly. Update: BMW of North America says the feature is also available on the 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 Series and X5, X6 which included the option as of August Production. X3 and X4 included this option as of September production.

BMW has been the one automaker with the slowest uptake of CarPlay and has only recently announced the availability of the popular system. The 2017 5 Series is the first car to hit roads to use Bluetooth for CarPlay, saving you from the trouble of plugging your phone in.

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BMW beat everyone else to the punch in offering a cord-free CarPlay experience, no longer requiring an Apple Lightning cable to take advantage of the advanced phone integration feature set.

CarPlay works via BMW’s iDrive infotainment system by integrating phone, navigation, entertainment, as well as vehicle control and information features onto its central 10.25-inch touchscreen.

15 responses to “BMW First Automaker To Introduce Wireless Apple CarPlay Integration”

  1. Scott Biden says:

    Doesn’t the 2017 X5’s have wireless CarPlay?

  2. Scott Bailey says:

    I just drove a 2017 440i that had Bluetooth for CarPlay. That said, it disconnected several times…but I ordered one with it anyway.

  3. jason bourne says:

    Just another driver distraction.

  4. Guillaume Perret says:

    Why focusing on wireless ? I mean, when you drive 500km and use your phone as GPS, you obviously plug it in order to recharge its batteries …
    My piece of advice to BMW: provide a real USB plug with 2.5A and quick charge compatible !

    • John says:


    • Scott Biden says:

      Focusing on the wireless because of the wireless charing feature. If you have this option and you have to plug in your iPhone to utilize car play it kinda defeats the purpose.

    • mike shaddock says:

      2017 BMW s with iDribe 5.0 include an extra USB to charge your devices. It’s not quick charge compatible however.
      All BMW s with the new iDrive have Apple Carplay as an available option. It works wirelessly as dies the new Connected Drive North America app to control Spotify etc.

  5. Andrew says:

    I am a product specialist at a BMW dealership in Columbus, OH and almost all 2017 BMW’s are available with wireless CarPlay…..

  6. disqus_z9950eFoQ3 says:

    Will the 5 screen include Audi MMI?

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