BMW testing a 1 Series Sedan M Performance in Spain

1-series, Spy Photos | September 28th, 2016 by 19
BMW 1 Series Sedan M Performance 3 750x500

Although initially the BMW 1 Series Sedan was intended for the Chinese market, latest rumors from Munich mention an European arrival in the near future. …

Although initially the BMW 1 Series Sedan was intended for the Chinese market, latest rumors from Munich mention an European arrival in the near future. Today, we’re bringing you the first exclusive photos of a BMW M135i sedan testing in Spain.
The new strategic approach brings the 1 Series Sedan to European soil to compete with the Audi A3 Sedan, Mercedes CLA sedan and a future Infiniti model.

But what is really important are these spy photos we bring you today. The 1 Series looks like an ordinary sedan, conveniently camouflaged, but underneath it hides a prototype of a sportier version from the M Performance lineup. There are few differences compared with the standard model, like the red brake calipers and alloy wheels of the MINI Cooper JCW.

BMW 1 Series Sedan M Performance 2 750x500

The big mystery lays under the hood though. So far the 1 Series Sedan was said to only feature 3 and 4-cylinder engines, while most of the high-end M Performance models, like the M140i and M240i are powered by 3.0 liter six-cylinder units. So it’s unclear what the top 1er sedan would offer in terms of displacement and power.


The UKL platform will allow the 1 Series Sedan to actually be fun to drive, despite its front-drive nature – xDrive will also likely be available for those who absolutely cannot have FWD and certainly a prime option for Europeans.

A BMW M135i sedan would not only bring power upgrades, but also a series of performance upgrades to the chassis, suspension and brake system, similar to all the other M Performance cars. Therefore, the 1 Series Sedan would deliver a compelling package, a mix between great design, high-performance and affordability.


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  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    Considering that the 30i makes 252hp, something around 275 ponies sounds about right. However 300+ would be better to compete against the S3. Glad to see they are changing their mind about this, i’m pretty sure it can sell well.

    Yes, an FWD BMW sedan is a sacrilege, but as long as it only touches the 1s and the Active/Gran Tourer, it’s not that much of a big deal imo. The main issue is that we’ll lose the last rwd petrol hatchback.

  2. WiscoNative says:

    Why create a four-door 1 Series? Isn’t that just going to be hilariously cramped?

    • Weiman says:

      To sell more cars?
      I bet this will have interior space similar to an E46 sedan, partly thanks to the FWD layout. While the 3 series is ever growing.

      • WiscoNative says:

        I understand the desire to sell more cars, but if this is destined for China, where they seem to value more leg room in the rear seats (that’s why their version of the X1 is stretched), it’s odd. My dad’s 335i’s rear seats are more aspirational than functional, so I can’t imagine a smaller car being any better.

        • Weiman says:

          I’m sure a lot of people in China want a BMW sedan but can’t afford a 3 series. Maybe they’ll do stretched version too..

        • livesarah says:

          This is not destined for China! It will be on sale before long as a 1/2 series replacement. The current F2x chassis cannot be electrified or hybridised. BMW either have to design a completely new compact RWD chassis, or they can use the existing UKL, a chassis designed to be like VAGs MQB chassis. BMW is a company that wants to make max profit. You know exactly what will happen next.

          • Weiman says:

            Yes, the next 1 and 2 series will be based on the UKL platform no doubt. But most reports regarding this particular car have stated that is China-only for now.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      This is an FWD car, it’s not a sedan version of the current 1 Series, they aren’t on the same platform. This one Series will have more room because of its layout.

      • WiscoNative says:

        Thanks for the clarification! Still, seems odd that they would market something as a 1 Series, if they’re going to make it larger (equal to the 3 Series?).

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          It’s not odd, they have two big reasons for it: CLA and A3 Sedan. It makes sense actually.

          • WiscoNative says:

            I mean I get the need for newer, competitive models. I just wish they’d stick to an understandable naming convention for sizing them.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            It is conventional. A BMW sedan that is smaller than the 3 Series should be called 1 Series. The hatchback will move to this platform and act as its wagon version i guess.

          • WiscoNative says:

            The poor, forgotten 2 Series. =P

            Interesting that they’d make the wagon version as a hatchback. I kinda like the idea, but I admit I’ve never thought of a hatchback as a real wagon. Maybe that’s just me.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            The 2 Series could’ve had a Gran Coupe version, but this 1 Series sedan pretty much shows that it’s not gonna happen.

            The 2 Series moniker is the odd one in the range, because it’s associated to a coupe and a bunch of MPVs, i have no idea what will happen to them in the future.

            I feel like hatchbacks and wagons are the exact same thing but with different proportions.

          • WiscoNative says:

            I always felt that hatchbacks had a more sloping rear window, closer to 45º, when a wagon had a more vertical rear window. Then again, that’s informed by my mom’s 90’s Volvo wagon, so maybe design has change da bit since then, haha.

  3. FoggyAgave says:

    Small size equal to a Jetta or Golf would be nice – fully optioned below $35,000 – the 2 series seems as big as an E46 3 series (over $50,000 fully optioned!) – would be good to see some of the i3 Tera World interior wood materials going on – and some new exterior colors – BMW has been so cookie cutter with many of their ‘entry level’ model colors – how about some 1970’s pastel flat colors – if every model can have bright metallic blue – then the color loses it’s flair ^^

  4. harryb says:

    check out that front overhang…

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