This E39 BMW 5 Series is oddly cheap

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If you were to ask a BMW enthusiast which generation of 5 Series is best, it’s likely that they would say the E39. Although it …

If you were to ask a BMW enthusiast which generation of 5 Series is best, it’s likely that they would say the E39. Although it was the M5 that put the E39 into the hall of fame, all of the regular E39 5ers were pretty damn great, too. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive used BMW, the E39 is a great car to look for. Especially this especially cheap E39 5 Series in England.

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This 1999 BMW 528i is currently for sale for £750. You read that right, it’s not £7,500, but £750. And it isn’t some high-mileage beater that’s been abused for all of its 17 years of life. In fact, it’s actually hard to find fault with the old Bimmer.

The Arctic Silver E39 528i only has 138,700 miles on it, which is nothing for its age. Kelly Blue Book claims that 15,000 miles per year of its life is generally pretty decent mileage for a used car. According to KBB, 10,000 miles per year is great mileage. This E39 5 Series has 8,259 miles per year. So it has excellent miles for its age.

bmw 528 001 L 750x562

It almost seems too good to be true. Taking a look through the pictures, it seems perfect. Sure, there’s a couple of small scratches and tiny dings, but that’s to be expected on a car that’s almost 20 years old. With a grey leather interior and wood trim, the cabin is luxurious and classy. It also looks near-perfect and there doesn’t seem to be any real blemishes. While looking at this car and then looking at the price, I’m starting to think I’m being Punk’d.

The E39 BMW 528i packed a 2.8 liter I6 M52 engine and developed 190 hp. This particular car has been paired with a five-speed manual, which is just icing on the cake. This is a near-perfect combination of luxury, performance and fun. While the 528i wasn’t particularly fast, especially by modern standards, it’s fast enough to be fun. Plus, the M52 engine makes a great noise and is fun to rev out, especially with a manual.


This 1999 E39 BMW 528i looks like the steal of the decade. It has me looking up the process of importing European cars. But, when something looks to good to be true, it usually is. So maybe there’s some secret underlying issue and the engine’s about to explode, killing its occupants in a fiery crash. I might risk it.

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51 responses to “This E39 BMW 5 Series is oddly cheap”

  1. Johnny Mark says:

    bmw is a crap brand, so it is worth what it is. Want to risk the lives of your passengers? Then buy a bmw. Want to be killed on your way home? Then buy a bmw. So, are you an absolute idiot? Then buy a bmw.

    • pickupbets says:

      Governments use bmw’s cars as e.g. presidential limousine so it must be safe as it was shown by accident in Poland with 7 series limousine

      • Johnny Mark says:

        Are You drunk? Read the article carefully. He says that theoretically that shouldn’t have happened. That’s exactly what I’m saying, i.e. want to risk the lives of your passengers? Then buy a bmw. If he was riding in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, he wouldn’t got in such a ridiculous problem.

        • guest says:

          If he’s drunk why is your response incoherent?

        • guest says:

          Speaking of reading carefully, doesn’t the article state the issue was a blown tire? Pretty sure BMW doesn’t manufacture those.

          • Johnny Mark says:

            bmw put the tyres on the car, stupid kid. So as always they did a poor assembly. The result? Polish president on the brink of going to the underworld.

        • Nathaniel says:

          I owned 3 BMWs two 7series and a 5 series my cars drove just fine and I still own a 7 series with 300k and I still drive it works fine my next one will be a B7 my Benz the engine has failed with 175k a friends s430 suspension failed you see that a lot on 2000-2008 and 2009-2011 modles my wife sister e class had a major engine failure had to trade it mb rides softer but that’s all

    • Fritz says:

      You are one frustrated fellah.

    • guest says:

      Google e39 best car in the world, then get over yourself.

      • Johnny Mark says:

        Yes, the most frequently breaking machine in the world, surely. Google never lies.

        • guest says:

          Nothing to do with Google, it is a repository for the multiple sources stating the greatness of this car. You’re right, they all lie, only you know the truth.

          • Zlatan Petric says:

            The truth is that every time you hit a small pothole with the idiotic E39, you’ll have to change all the front suspension of the car. This is how weak and unreliable it is. Don’t you believe me, guest? Then search in the bmw forums. While with a MB E-Class W210 you can hit whatever, and no problems at all.

          • Johnny Mark says:

            The only greatness the e39 has is being the undisputed champion in the frequency of breakdowns. In other aspects it sucks just like all other bmws. Drive over a slightly uneven road, and You’ll have to replace all the front suspension. This is pure misngineering. That’s why people bought W210 E-Class much more than the unreliable e39 5 series.

          • Alex says:

            Boy,you must be either on drugs,or your mother have dropped you on your head too many times ( obviously not enough) I drive E39 Touring ( with rear air suspension) for a bit over 3 years. Got family of 2 kids and wifey. Since i live in Finland,we often use the car to go in the woods..stones,sand,forest,mud..pot holes..,you name it,the car goes like a dream,fully loaded!! I take it out the forest,wash it,and its good enough to take my family to cinema in perfect comfort. For 3 years i replaced only the front sport springs!! Not because they were broken,but because the previous owner installed some low springs,and it had quite stiff ride. In other words NOTHING!! I had Honda Accord before,and no matter how many tie rods,axles,sway bars,etc i replaced,there was always some noise coming from the suspension!! Not with the E39!! Solid like a damn tank!! It still has the original air boots,and the compressor works just fine for over 15 years!! Winter,with temperatures going down to -40,the ride is flawless! Ice,snow,road rails..,nothing can move that thing off the road! You my friend never owned one. Save some cash,and go for it!

      • Nathaniel says:

        You are right the e39 was voted the best car in the world,I remember when mb got help from Porsche to build the e class and it still came in second place to the BMW 5 series and the 2017 5 will be the best car in the class

    • Robert Lutz says:

      You’re one sad IGNORANT fella that cannot buy ” THE BEST LUXURY CAR BRAND 10 YEARS IN A ROW” (google it) , because your coupons don’t add up….

    • Marco de Vayo says:

      Well done, Johnny. Keep on kicking these losers’ stupid ass. Stupid admin? You see? I was able to deceive Your banning system. A bmw fan can’t be as smart as a Mercedes-Ben fan.

    • guest says:

      As a brand they are worth more than Mercedes, 2nd only to Toyota, a much larger corporation. Keep trying/lying.

      • Ferdinand Pashoich says:

        Hey coward, why don’t you post under your real name? Because you’re a typical bmw pussy fan (maybe you’re the admin of this blog, who knows and who cares).

      • Federick Jackson says:

        So is Toyota the best brand in the world? You’re another idiot just like any bmw fan. That ranking has nothing in common with cars, asshole. Anyone who has a slight understanding in cars, will tell you that there are 3 group of cars: 1.Mercedes, 2.The rest, 3. bmw as the worst.

        • guest says:

          So you’re delusional and you want my name?

          • Federick Jackson says:

            I don’t care about your name, stupid loser. You can’t even read simple English (what else can we expect from a bmw fan). Where in my comment did you read that I want to know your name?

    • Alex says:

      You must be the biggest faggot out there. What you drive,Ford or Skoda?

  2. Sam Vdb says:

    If you are not a fan of Bmw, then why are you surfing this website ?

    • StupidZombie says:

      In hope of finding a BMW I’ll be fan of.

      • guest says:

        Or that you can afford.

        • Michael Frontier says:

          Even poor people can afford idiotic bmw. Today every one has GBP 750 to buy the idiotic e39 described in this post. Though I think that its suspension is finished just like any other bmw. The same thing has recently happened to the Polish president, who then declared that such a thing shouldn’t have happened. I’m sure that now he’ll get rid of that crappy 7 series and order an S-Class.

        • StupidZombie says:

          Even millionaire, I would not buy or lease any current BMW. The only ‘BMW’ I might want and but not be able to afford, would be the new Toyota ‘Supra’.

          And for every BMW that I can or cannot afford, I can find a for me preferable alternative from other brands.

          Former BMW fan.

          • Sasha Mitchell says:

            Absolutely agree. I have driven many cars, but the only one that I wouldn’t recommend is certainly bmw. And there are 2 arguments for that: 1. The most rough riding car even over slightly uneven roads (even Nissan Leaf drives smoother than the latest 7 series), 2. The most frequently breaking car (every time I went over a slight imperfection, I needed to replace the entire front suspension). I owned E39, E60 and F01. So bmw=1000xDislike. I’m also a former bmw fan, but as soon as I drove a 2005 E-Class, I asked myself: “Have I so far been an idiot to drive the shitty bmw?”

    • guest says:

      “If you were to ask a BMW enthusiast which generation of 5 Series is best…”. They really miss the point of the article, and the blog, don’t they? Apparently hater trolls read that as “Please make incoherent unsubstantiated ramblings about the brand without which this blog would not exist and you would have nothing to hate on or type about.”

      • Genrich Clattenburg says:

        bmw is the only rough riding crap in the world, so one must be absolute idiot to like it.

        • guest says:

          You are either illiterate or typing from somewhere where English is not your first language, so let me point out the obvious fact that if correct, your assertion is proof positive that there are millions of (happy) absolute idiots in the world, so keep typing, perhaps it will improve your language skills.

  3. JohnS1000RR says:

    Nothing more than a money pit, that’s why.

  4. HereWeGo says:

    1. Nice rip off of someone else’s article (Pistonheads Shed of the Week)
    2. Loads of good cars in the UK for under a grand

  5. Marco de Vayo says:
    Read this article and shut up forever, stupid bmw fans. A luxury car doesn’t have the right to fly off the road this shameful way. Like I said before multiple times, only idiots can like a bmw.

  6. Zlatan Petric says:

    Stupid bmw fans. You’re real assholes.

  7. Ivica Shukur says:

    I used to drive a 1997 BMW 523i, and it was the most unreliable car I’ve ever driven. Finally, after 5 years of ownership and wallet sucking I got rid of that crap and switched off to a 2005 MB E320. The difference was day and night. Not a single problem in 5 years. So bmw is even worse than a Nissan Leaf.

    • Zhitomir Petrov says:

      Mercedes-Benz – the best or nothing. These stupid bmw fans together with the admin of this blog simply don’t want to accept bitter truth. All the admin of this blog can do is trying to ban those people who speak against bmw. This is how foolish bmw lovers are (as they always were).

    • guest says:

      Congratulations, you beat the odds! Daimler AG were still struggling with Chrysler in 2005, one of the reasons their reliability was @ an historic low (outsourcing & cost cutting also contributed). You dodged a bullet not buying an S-Class.

      • Ivica Shukur says:

        If MB’s reliability was an historic low, the bmw’s reliability was much much worse. MB’s can run 200,000 miles without a single issue while bmws start to break apart just after 100 miles. Congratulations, fan of a crap brand called bmw!

        • guest says:

          “If”? Look it up! Speaking of which, where is your citation?

          • Ivica Shukur says:

            You’re on a wrong site. Go to sites about English. You don’t have any argument to bring against mine, and you start to be so hopelessly miserable. I couldn’t expect anything else from a pussy fan of bmw. Regarding my citation, here it is: “As long as there is Mercedes-Benz, bmw will always look like something like Tatra.”

          • Ivica Shukur says:

            Come on, speak about my incorrect English, stupid asshole.

  8. Morgan Johnson says:

    It seems that there is a hot war between Mercedes and BMW fans. It’s always nice to follow such debates. And as far as I see, BMW fans have no sound arguments to favour BMW, while Mercedes fans put forward some clear arguments that support the established truth, i.e. Mercedes-Benz leads, the rest try to follow.

  9. S. Sohail says:

    I owned an E39. Probably the worst mistake I made in my life. I paid close to $ 65000 for it new and was happy to sell it for $ 3500 !!!. Actually, I lost $ 4500 on it because I had spent $ 8000 on repairs. Those white lab coats worn by the service advisors would look more complete if they wore rubber gloves, kept they middle finger extended, and asked you to bend over. The breakdowns were so frequent and the repairs so outrageously expensive that I was downright petrified to drive the bloody thing. I have owned a number of Bimmers and although they were all expensive to maintain, none were as bad as the E39. After several BMWs, I have finally realized that the brand is all hype. I will never buy a BMW again and have strongly discouraged every one of my acquaintances from buying one. Its garbage.

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