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BMW M2 | September 8th, 2016 by 5
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The interwebs erupted two days ago when alleged real photos of the BMW M2 Convertible leaked on Dutch website The report hinted at official …

The interwebs erupted two days ago when alleged real photos of the BMW M2 Convertible leaked on Dutch website The report hinted at official images while underlying the fact that an M2 Convertible is in works. To solve the mystery, we’ve reached out to our own sources at BMW who have unequivocally denied any plans for an open-top based on the popular M2 Coupe.

While BMW might be working on a supped M2 GTS, the M2 Convertible business case just doesn’t make sense for those in Garching. Back in February, M2 chief engineer Frank Isenberg also denied the allegations of a BMW M2 cabriolet.

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Speaking to Australia’s Car Advice, the engineer said “there will not be an M2 Convertible. We need to keep it as purist as we did with the 1 Series M Coupe.”

“We’ve got such a nice M235i Convertible. And convertibles are not for racetracks, they’re for cruising,” Isenberg said.

From an engineering stand point building an M2 cabriolet is a fairly easy task, but considering the demographic for the new “baby-M”, the rate take for the M2 convertible would be relatively small to warrant its production. Instead, we will have to settle for an sportier model based on the M2, which is by no means, a less appealing choice.

5 responses to “No BMW M2 Convertible planned”

  1. JRobUSC says:

    “A convertible isn’t for recaetracks so we won’t build it” said the company that builds heavy folding hardtop M4 convertibles and even heavier M6 convertibles.

    You want to know why BMW won’t build an M2 convertible? An M2 convertible would likely weigh around 3750lbs, which is 300-400lbs less than the M4 convertible. It would be as quick or quicker in a straight line, handle better, and cost less, while offering identical passenger space and more trunk room. In short, it would hurt sales of the more expensive, more profitable M4 convertible. And that is why they don’t build one.

    • Mark777 says:

      Sadly I think you are 100% right about what BMW is thinking. But what they are missing out on is buyers like me… that will never buy an M4 convertible, but would buy an M2 convertible in a second. I guess I should be thanking them, I don’t really NEED a new $65,000 car.

    • Fritz says:

      Frank Isenberg sure knows how to talk nonsense.

    • bmw driver says:

      JRobUSC, thank you for the common sense. We are lucky the M2 even happened. BMW make less money per M2 than for each X1 they make. The two are produced on the same production line. Developing a convertible version would be even less profitable. The entire RWD 2 series platform is living on borrowed time. It can’t be electrified or hybridised, it’s hurt by its packaging constraints, in a segment where packaging practicality really counts. By 2020 I predict it will be gone entirely and be replaced by some FWD/AWD platform.

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