Video: Watch Rimac Concept_One Smoking A Model S And A LaFerrari

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YouTuber Archie Hamilton decided to put the Rimac Concept_One against a Tesla Model S and a Ferrari LaFerrari.

If there ever was a car that resembles the BMW i8 in design, it’s got to be the Rimac Automobili Concept_One. While the latter comes with a lot more horsepower and overall better performance, it certainly looks similar to the i8, employing a futuristic design and exotic looks.

The Concept_One has four motors and four gearboxes at each corner, and makes a whopping 1073 horsepower and 1180 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot more than the BMW i8. On the other hand, the Concept_One is a fully electrical supercar. The vehicle features All Wheel Torque Vectoring,  a separate electric powertrain with an independent inverter, motor and gearbox for each wheel of the car, the world’s highest power density motor system and a price tag of more than $1,000,000 as well.

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According to rumors, the next-gen BMW i8 is set to make an insane 750 horsepower, making it a much more potent vehicle, thus closing in the performance gap when compared to other supercars, being conventionally-powered or electric-driven. While these two models are in completely separate classes – in both performance and price point – they clearly have a lot in common. Both supercars feature an elongated, sleek shape, low-hung body and a discerning set of design features, all aimed at better airflow, increased performance and handling prowess.

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As mentioned earlier, the Rimac Concept_One features a contemporary and futuristic-ally designed exterior and a completely bonkers interior – just like the i8, for example. But, the looking good aspect is greatly surpassed by the performance. YouTuber Archie Hamilton decided to put the Rimac Concept_One against a Tesla Model S and a Ferrari LaFerrari.

16 responses to “Video: Watch Rimac Concept_One Smoking A Model S And A LaFerrari”

  1. Io says:

    Mmmm… The author of this article is pathetic bringing the i8 in discussion here, i know this is a bmw blog but please don t squeeze stuff in this article that don’ t belong here…the rimac looks like an i8, yeah right….please change your glasses…the i8 will have 750 hp in the future (2020+) , so what? Tesla will have 1000 hp and rimac at least 1500 by than…bmw and all the germans is way behind in the electric race in terms of performance and range and their i3 and i8 sales show just will go the dinosaur/nokia/ibm/etc way soon, once there will be lots and lots of charging starions ( 5 years) nobody will care about their penta sexta etc turbo diesels, the future is electric and bmw can t handle it

    • james says:

      lol…someone is upset…

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      If you read the article (without only needing to bash something, out of whatever reasons), then you would see that it clearly is stated that the Rimac Concept_One is a better vehicle, performance wise, overall.

      On the other hand, if the BMW i8 (as far as design goes) is not an appealing car, then please get your eyes checked. And overall, if you don’t think the two have a lot of in common (design wise), than well, same thing applies.

      Consequently, both cars are the future in their respective areas. Both are not mass-produced sports cars that will be bought in hundreds of thousands of units. Both have a similar purpose; research & quality learning. Beyond that, if you have the slightest feeling that BMW can’t handle any other car maker (Rimac, Tesla etc.) then you seriously need to learn more about BMW and the R&D Department.

      • Io says:

        Dude, do you really need to read the article to figure it out that the Rimac ,ferrari or tesla is better than the i8? :) my point is that the author tried to include the i8 in an article where the competition outclasses the i8 from all angles…and no the rimac doesn t look like an i8, you need ur eyes checked..
        p.s – the nokia/ibm/ etc r&d development team thought they were pretty cool as well :))

    • Fritz says:

      All the current hp nonsense isn’t that relevant for BMW. Not at that level anyway. They don’t compete with Bugatti et cetera. How many people want to get in 1000/1500 hp ‘death traps’ anyway?

      • Vanja Kljaic says:

        Well, I completely agree. Both cars (BMW i8 and Rimac Concept_One) have their own price, performance and purchase parity range, but some people can’t comprehend that.

      • Io says:

        Actually Tesla is in the Bmw scope, and a direct competitor…their hp output is ~ 700..of course
        Bmw needs to evolve now and not at the next i8 generation in 2020+…they are so behind in terms of performance and range on electric…when tesla 3 will come out next year it will smoke the 3 series , c class and a4 alltogether….400k pre-orders on the tesla 3 is what the future looks like, this is what people want, nobody pre-sold that many cars since ford invented the car

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          1.15 million sales on average for the past six months and still growing for these three guys, that’s what the present looks like. And btw, the Tesla makes 700 horses but weights 2.2 tons.

          Tesla might be earlier on the electric bangwagon, but BMW silently improves its chassis to deliver a big strike when their powertrains and batteries are ready. I bet 1650kg for the fully electric i8, and i think you understand what it means.

          Audi and Mercedes are also doing their own thing, via Porsche and AMG. Wait, and see.

          • Io says:

            I think you’re looking at the wrong stats my friend…2.6 seconds from 0 – 60 mph Does it matter how much a Tesla S weighs when it produces those numbers ? Isn’t this a bit “veyronish” for a sedan competing with the m5 and the rest? You guys have way to much confidence in Bmw but these days Bmw is giving us back so little compared to others… I have owned only Bmw from 2005 onwards but i am thinking to go full electric this year….what has Bmw to offer me ? Mmm the i3 …I think i’ll pass and get a real car….Bmw will be loosing clients untill 2020+ when they will probably have a decent electric lineup, but in 4 years + it might be too late for them…disruptive technology means bankruptcy for some old tech and i am telling you that not all the germans that sell 1 million cars will gonna make it

  2. CDspeed says:

    I wish the Rimac was aimed at being a mass produced Porsche 911 competitor. Rimac seems to have done an amazing job engineering the Concept One, it’s a shame so few people will ever get to own one, let alone see them in public.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      Yeah, they are more “let’s build awesome tech” than they are keen on mass-producing 911 competitors. Which is good, actually. I believe without the stress of production, their know-how is much better utilized in creating awesome new technologies and providing the automotive industry with some interesting and high-tech solutions, but we’ll wait and see. There are a lot of rumors about Rimac floating around, go figure.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      The problem is, if you really want to pull this off you need to already have a name for you. The 911’s segment is a really tough one, especially now that it has tons of competition (F-Type, AMG GT, even R8 and 570/540 for the upper models).

      I think it’s a better way to start a la Koenigsegg or Pagani, and then gradually produce more and more accessible cars. Exactly like McLaren has done it basically (if we consider the F1 as their first car, even if it’s from another era).

      I’m curious to see how they’ll do in the future.

      • Vanja Kljaic says:

        We heard some rumors about their “production model”. It’s basically matured tech from the current Concept_One vehicle, all wrapped into something more affordable. But as rumors go, I’d take this with a chunk of salt though.

        It’s highly unlikely they will more than 100 units per year. Which is fine by me. It really depends in what direction will the EV market go in the future, as we have yet to see a fully electric Porsche, McLaren or Ferrari, for that matter. Maybe, the first one to surprise us all will be Audi, if and when E-Tron gets to a stage where its reasonably fast, has a good enough performance level and the range isn’t restricted to like 100mil on average.

        With the BMW i8 of the next generation, I think BMW will hit that sweet spot with a hybrid that’s got enough power when driven with petrol + EV mode, but don’t have that range anxiety we’ve been all hearing about. For me, it’s all about battery technology. And that, in all true fairness, is miles away from any car manufacturer out there.

  3. Kaisuke971 says:

    Now that’s something interesting, this thing absolutely FLIES. That said i’d like to see an electric car with a good powertrain but also a good chassis to go along with it. Something like an electric 918, or an electric 911 Turbo S. Just to see how good these things can be, considering the low center of gravity associated with their straight line performance.

    I hope BMW can pull this of with the next gen i8.

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      Yup, completely agree! This simply shows the way of future development for all sports cars manufacturers, not just BMW, in any way. It will be interesting to see what the next i8 brings, specially in wake of vehicles like this one here.

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