BMW M4 and Ferrari California meet awkwardly

BMW M4, News | August 6th, 2016 by 9
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Well, this is awkward. The owner of a slightly modified Frozen Red BMW M4 ran into an owner of a Ferrari Red Ferrari California. The …

Well, this is awkward. The owner of a slightly modified Frozen Red BMW M4 ran into an owner of a Ferrari Red Ferrari California. The problem is that the M4 literally ran into the California, t-boning the Italian Prancing Horse.

There’s a perception of BMW M drivers, whether or not it’s warranted, that they tend to be reckless, aggressive drivers that have little to no care at all for other drivers on the road. Especially BMW M drivers whose cars are painted in Frozen colors with aftermarket wheels and aerodynamics, such as this car. This accident doesn’t help that perception.

Admittedly, Ferrari drivers don’t have any better of a reputation, but this crash seems to be the fault of the BMW driver, being that the M4 t-boned the California and pushed it up onto a sidewalk. Either way though, it’s likely both drivers were probably driving a bit recklessly, considering the severity of the crash.

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Fortunately, no one seems to have been hurt and that’s the most important thing, here. However it seems like both cars have a lot to do with that, as both cars seem pretty safe and solid. The BMW M4 held up pretty well and it seems that no real damage made its way into the passengers. However, it was leaking fluids after the crash, as there’s been sand poured on the ground around to absorb it.

But it’s still a shame to see such beautiful cars completely destroyed in such a wreck. Especially because it seems like a crash that could have been avoided. Although, we don’t have any story behind the crash, so we don’t know what happened. Thankfully, though, no one seems to have been hurt, but it still hurts to see such great cars in such bad shape.

[Source & Photos: Bimmerpost]

9 responses to “BMW M4 and Ferrari California meet awkwardly”

  1. roadkillrob says:

    A lot of heersay and conjecture in this story. Why would you assume they are both driving recklessly just because of what they drive and why would you assume the BMW is at fault because it t-boned the Ferrari. Maybe the Ferrari ran a stop sign and got t-boned, maybe someone cut them off and evasive maneuvers ensued or maybe a dog ran in the road.

    Report the details, don’t make up a story!

    • ArkansasDeb says:

      Thanks, Rob–my thoughts exactly!

      • Ruthbjames1 says:

        <<rw. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!ir156m:….,….

    • Batman says:

      We all assume it’s BMW fault, because in order to hit such a heavy Ferrari and to push it on to the sidewalk, you didn’t drove with 20km/h right ? You get it now??? 99% of all the BMW drivers are wreckless, I’m tired of all you dumass excuses and “blame the others” attitude… If you’re such a big shot and an amazing driver, and if you wanna kill yourself, there are tracks, you pay and go there to drive fast. But oh wait…… you’ve sold your last pair of socks in order to get a stupid BMW and then you ain’t got money to pay for shit … awwwwwwwww :(((((((

    • Firstly, we’re not making the story up as we clearly stated that we don’t know what happened only reporting what it seemed like could have happened. Secondly, the area in which they were driving is very tight and narrow, so to push a nearly two-ton Ferrari up onto a sidewalk the BMW had to be going far faster than is acceptable for that sort of road. So yes, they were driving recklessly, regardless of fault. So don’t knock our journalistic pedigree, we don’t just make stuff up.

    • Paulius Lau says:

      This happened in Palanga, Lithuania. I know pretty much everything about this crash. M4 driver was a real dumbass on the street.
      Palanga is a resort, town near the Baltic see with insane amounts of tourists in the summer. The city is very crowded with bikers and passengers, reminds me NY center.
      Not only was it his fault, but the maximum speed in Palanga center is 30-40kmh (30kmh in this crossroad probably) thats like 18mph LOL.
      And the M4 driver often reved the engine like a complete douchebag in front of tons of people who are in Palanga to have a peaceful holiday, was driving waaaaayyy too fast, like 60-70kmh, showing no turning signals like a real bmw douche he is.
      So obviously his reckless driving and speeding led to this karma crash.

  2. Vic says:

    Happened in Palanga, Lithuania. M4 was going twice above the speed limit. It’s a miracle no one was on the sidewalk as this is a popular holiday resort this time of year. More here:

    • Thank you for the context, we had assumed the BMW was driving quickly from the evidence and we appear to have been correct. We didn’t know where this happens or how so we appreciate the information.

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