BMW USA sales decreased 10.3 percent in June 2016

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Sales of BMW brand vehicles decreased 10.3 percent in June for a total of 28,855 compared to 32,176 vehicles sold in June, 2015.  Year-to-date, BMW …

Sales of BMW brand vehicles decreased 10.3 percent in June for a total of 28,855 compared to 32,176 vehicles sold in June, 2015.  Year-to-date, BMW brand is down 9.0 percent on sales of 153,436 compared to 168,623 sold in the first half of 2015.

Notable vehicle sales include the BMW 7 Series which increased 69.2 percent, the BMW 2 Series which increased 139.4 percent, and the BMW X3 which increased 69.5 percent.

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“The mid-point to the year always brings some uncertainly about what may be ahead in the second half, so I’m very pleased to see several of our key models showing strong results in June,” said Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO, BMW of North America. “The X1 and X3 are indicative of the still growing trend toward Sports Activity Vehicles, but the numbers also show that great cars like the BMW 7 Series and 2 Series have a strong appeal and following.”

BMW Group Sales
In total, the BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported June sales of 33,769 vehicles, a decrease of 11.9 percent from the 38,350 vehicles sold in the same month a year ago.  Year-to-date, BMW Group sales are down 10.2 percent on sales of 178,580 in the first half of 2016 compared to 198,883 in the same period in 2015.

MINI Brand Sales
For June, MINI USA reported 4,914 automobiles sold, a decrease of 20.4 percent from the 6,174 sold in the same month a year ago.  Year-to-date, MINI USA reported a total of 25,144 automobiles sold, a decrease of 16.9 percent from 30,260 automobiles sold in the first half of 2015.

Table 1: New Vehicle Sales BMW of North America, LLC, June 2016

% YTD June 2016 YTD June
BMW brand 28,855 32,176 -10.3 153,436 168,623 -9.0
BMW passenger cars 19,959 20,529 -2.8 105,254 119,085 -11.6
BMW light trucks 8,896 11,647 -23.6 48,182 49,538 -2.7
MINI brand 4,914 6,174 -20.4 25,144 30,260 -16.9
TOTAL Group 33,769 38,350 -11.9 178,580 198,883 -10.2

BMW Pre-Owned Vehicles

  • Sales of BMW Certified Pre-Owned set a June record with 10,158 vehicles, an increase of 8.9 percent from June 2015.
  • Total BMW Pre-Owned sales also set a June record with 17,420 vehicles, an increase of 15.6 percent from June 2015.
  • The Total BMW Pre-Owned cars sold year-to-date were 98,767, a 6.0 percent increase from the first half of 2015.

MINI Pre-Owned Vehicles

  • In June, MINI Certified Pre-Owned sold 1,003 vehicles, a decrease of 4.6 percent from June 2015.
  • Total MINI Pre-Owned sold 2,284 vehicles in June 2016, a decrease of 5.7 percent from June 2015.
  • Total MINI Pre-Owned sales year-to-date were 13,667, a 5.4 percent increase from the first half of 2015.

19 responses to “BMW USA sales decreased 10.3 percent in June 2016”

  1. John says:

    Because I am all knowing and everyone wants my opinion, I think BMW should improve their interiors… :P

  2. JohnS1000RR says:

    Too many old models, that’s why. BMW needs to come out with new cars. The new Audis and Mercs are killing the old Bimmers at the moment.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      You realize this is a circle and every brand will come to that moment after a while… Right ?

      • John says:

        With planning, you can minimize how these long stretches of “oldness” are.

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          No matter how good you plan things, you’ll always have a couple old models. And frankly BMW only has the 5 and X3 that feel really old.

          • JohnS1000RR says:

            BMW 3 series: (2012), BMW 5 series: (2010), BMW 6 series: (2011), BMW X3: (2010).
            Audi: New A4, A5, Q7. Mercedes: New C-Class, E-Class, GLC, GLE, GLS, SL. Facelifts won’t help BMW anymore. Only their new cars can increase their sales.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            3 Series ? Watch comparison videos and you’ll see if it’s old, plus it has been face-lifted a year and a half ago only. 6 Series ? Let’s be real, even if this car was 20 years old it’d still beat its competitors, plus it just received a facelift.

            Now for the other two… A5 ? Let’s be real, it’s ugly. Q7 ? The X5 doesn’t lack anything. For merc, the C-Class isn’t new anymore, the GLE is even worse than the Q7, and BMW doesn’t have a competitor for the GLS and the SL.

            Just as i said, only the 5 and the X3 are really old.

          • JohnS1000RR says:

            Sadly the 3-series interior is a joke compared to the new C-class and the new A4/A5. The only thing people notice with the 6 Series face lift is the new LED’s. Besides, the SL is the main competitor to the M6.

            My point is that BMW does not put new products on the market as often as its competitors and clearly it’s hurting their sales.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            They obviously can’t launch as much cars as Mercedes because they don’t have as much different products as Mercedes, so there’s that. And then for Audi i maintain that it’s just a coincidence that right now they have more new models.

            What will you do in 3 years, complain on the competitor’s blogs ?

          • JohnS1000RR says:

            Bro, I get that you try to defend BMW and everything but there is no reason for you to get upset nor to come with an immature comment as your last one.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            Yeah just play the fanboy card. That’s what you do when you’re obviously wrong and can’t come up with anything: you change the subject.

          • JohnS1000RR says:

            Clearly you’re the one who’s the butthurt fanboy besides you only come with personal opinions and zero facts :)

            “What will you do in 3 years, complain on the competitor’s blogs ?” Hahaha! Seriously, how old are you?

          • Ninong says:

            Yes, it’s hurting their sales so much that BMW has been Number One in the World for the past 11 years straight! It’s hurting them so much in the U.S. that once again they were Number One in the U.S. in 2015 — Lexus was Number 2, Mercedes was Number 3 and Audi didn’t even make the top 10. It’s hurting them so much this year that every month so far they have outsold their record worldwide sales of last year. At least through May. The June worldwide figures aren’t online yet but the U.S. figures are. In spite of being down in the U.S. last month, BMW still outsold both Mercedes and Lexus in the U.S. Audi is never in the big picture in the U.S., only in the world.

            We all know exactly when each of the new BMW models goes on the new CLAR platform. The 7-series was first and the G30 5-series is next (the end of this year) and the G01 X3 follows that. Nothing has changed. They’re on the same cycle they have been on for decades. Mercedes is a couple of years ahead of BMW with their new models but that’s temporary.

    • John says:

      I also think they need to give the 4 and 2 series more purpose. The 4 (2 door and GC) should have more personality and shouldn’t look like a very slightly wider, very slightly lower 3 series. The 2 series has lots of potential too!

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  4. T says:

    Again the figures for all show the continuing rise of the SUV.

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