Rendering shows a realistic view of the new 2017 BMW 5 Series

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2017 BMW 5 Series render 750x500

Later this summer, BMW will unveil the new generation G30 5 Series. Shortly after, the new sports sedan will make its world debut at the …

Later this summer, BMW will unveil the new generation G30 5 Series. Shortly after, the new sports sedan will make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show before launching on the market at the end of this year. The U.S. market will receive the first units in early 2017.

Ahead of its unveil and based on the latest spy photos, the folks at Carscoops have created a new render. The image shows a design inspired by the outgoing 5er and current 7 Series.

2017 BMW 5 Series render 750x530


The front-end styling is dominated by large air intakes, laser headlights and a larger than usual twin-kidney grille.  The side view profile displays the typical character line beginning within the front fenders, then flaring out above the door handles.

Being built atop the same CLAR modular platform as the 7 Series, the new 5 Series will also drop considerable weight compared to the current iteration. This will be achieved thanks to CFRP usage in the chassis as well as extensive usage of aluminum everywhere it’s possible.


As far as the technology bits go, there will be a considerable amount of pressure mounting on the shoulders of the engineers, since the E-Class that was launched not long ago does claim that it is the most technologically advanced car in its segment.

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That means, we’ll probably get to see most of the technology first launched on the 7 Series imbued in its smaller brother, from the new iDrive infotainment system to gesture control and even laser headlights. Some novelties might also make their debut on the 5 Series and my money’s on the Organic LEDs we’ve seen on the M4 GTS.


As for the engine range, no big changes should happen. 1.5-liter 3-cylinder units are not likely to be introduced, and the entry-level choices around the world should still be based on 2-liter 4-cylinder mills. The biggest changes will come from the introduction of the new B-family of modular engines on all models, as well as a more diverse offering of plug-in hybrid versions.

Globally, the new 5 Series will be offered in sedan, Touring and Gran Turismo configurations, followed by the F90 M5.

12 responses to “Rendering shows a realistic view of the new 2017 BMW 5 Series”

  1. Efoza says:

    Based on what I have heard, there have been a few last minute changes to the design following a slow but steady sales of the current 7 series. Many have attributed the G11/G12 slow sales to its conservative design and looks generally. This is certainly what the feedback has been from BMW dealers worldwide. So, a few experiments are currently underway to try and see if the forthcoming new 5 can possibly be made to look a better more radical so to also impress those who go more for looks rather than substance. Unfortunately in the motor industry one has to please both to be a mass producer and BMW cannot therefore afford to be too conservative with the new 5 given the current competition.
    Also expect a much improved gesture control.

    • Rad Dockery says:

      Interesting. I have seen a couple of G11/12’s up here. Depending on the package, it defenitly appear to be too conservative on the exterior.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      They should’ve gone for the shark nose on the G1x. It might look like a little detail, but that’s a key design element that defines a good looking BMW. Look at the F06 M6, F8x M3/M4, the LCI F21, the F27, the new X1 and especially the Compact Sedan concept. These are all considered by many fans as success design-wise.

      For the G1x however, the reactions have always been mixed, right form the live presentation of the car (we could even go back to the leaked pics). Some have pointed out the “pig face” of the car in M Sport pack, and the more i look at it, the more i think it’s the problem. Lots of us wanted a more vision luxury-ish face as well.

      And in fact, when you think about it, people loved the Alpina B7 at first sight because the lip added more balance to the front and made it less straight and bulky looking.

    • Jordan Patterson says:

      It would be great if you were right. When the market talks, BMW should listen.

  2. Tung says:

    I think the new 7’s headlamp design is a failure. In addition its rear looks a bit like that of the new Toyota Camry (Asian version). The rest are not bad at all.

  3. Tunmishe Oke says:

    The 7 series is a design disaster imho. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. The Mercs are looking more aggressive in this iteration. The shark nose and bulky hood design and the low slung stance of the F10 seemed to define an improvement on the earlier generation. Anything bland like the new G11/12 would be a failure. And let someone tell them in Bavaria that the v8 in a 5 series represent for the over 50s an escape from middle age crisis and menopause for the gals.

    • Buster says:

      You got me until you mocked the V8 engine.. I had 5 5 series including 2 M5’s all except the M5 E60 had V8’s engine. I now have X6 50i and I am ways from 50.. Speak for yourself next time you opine..

  4. John says:

    Please sell the wagon in North America. The E-Class wagon is awesome, and BMW should compete with Mercedes. Mercedes is also bringing the C-Class wagon to North America, so BMW shouldn’t just watch from the sidelines.

  5. Carla W. says:

    I want one in white

  6. Leslie Hamilton says:

    I just got a 2016 5-series ( been driving z4 for the past 6 years) I’m by no means complaining, however going from a convertible roadster to a sedan has me feeling like I’m driving a bus….I did not upgrade the wheels and feeling like that was a big mistake. I love the wheels on the 2017 5 series pictured above and wonder if it would help make my 5 series look a little less like a mom car? Any ideas???

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