Video: DRIVE Finds the BMW M2 Complicated but Fun

BMW M2 | April 15th, 2016 by 5
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Reviews of the BMW M2 seem to be pouring in these days and rightfully so. The sporty coupe is proving to be a lot better …

Reviews of the BMW M2 seem to be pouring in these days and rightfully so. The sporty coupe is proving to be a lot better than anyone anticipated. The M brand has redeemed itself with the smallest model in the range who provides – by  many accounts – a better drive than the larger M4. The latest to give their thumbs up for the new ‘baby M’ are the guys from DRIVE.

Mike Spinelli decided to take the M2 out for a spin and you can tell by his smile the M2 is more than he expected. The M2 is shaping up to be a great, fun, track-capable car that will get a smile on your face from the moment you get behind the wheel.

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Let’s have a look.

5 responses to “Video: DRIVE Finds the BMW M2 Complicated but Fun”

  1. John says:

    He cut his hair!

  2. John says:

    One of the comments nails it:

    “The engine is not an M engine.

    The seating position is horrible, because the drivers seat is pointing towards the left headlight, instead of being center of the steering wheel. BMW had to move the seat inwards because of crash regulations. But they didn’t move the steering column with it.

    It autoblips your downshifts for you (what’s the point of having a manual then?)

    The interior is really plasticcy and cheap in order to keep the price down.”

    • FilipMPower says:

      If you sit in one, you don’t notice the problem with the seat not pointing centre, I tried it yesterday. You still sit very low and are maybe tilted by one degree to the left. I think this problem is really overrated. And I don’t see the issue with the auto blip. The same people that complain when the traction control cant be turned off completely are the same people complaining that you have turn off TC to blip the throttle on downshift yourself. The interior does really feel cheap, no doubt about it.

    • Steve Bracewell says:

      Let me tell you something… I have owned many BMW’s in my lifetime as well as Audi, MB, Lexus, etc.. This car is one that I love for the simple fact that it truly does put a smile on your face. I did not think I would want this to be my DD, but it has become that. Have you actually seen or driven one? My guess is no.. The interior is classic BMW, while not of 6 or 7 series quality is actually quite good for what this car is made to do. I took delivery of mine a little over a week ago and will probably keep this car for a very long time. The Long Beach Blue Metallic is gorgeous. The DCT 7 speed is one of the best out there the computer gets it right 99 percent of the time and when shifting on your own, just as flawless… Well done BMW… Thank You for this excellent Beast of a Machine….

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