2017 BMW G30 5 Series Rendered Once Again

5-series | March 28th, 2016 by 11
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Launched back in 2009, the current BMW F10 5 Series received a well-deserved and ever so subtle facelift in 2013. However, since then a lot …

Launched back in 2009, the current BMW F10 5 Series received a well-deserved and ever so subtle facelift in 2013. However, since then a lot of new technology popped up in the automotive industry as well as a brand new rival from Mercedes-Benz. In 2017, we’ll be greeting the next iteration of the legendary model – the G30 5 Series.

We’ve already seen spyshots of the new midsize sedan but, in good tradition, BMW has kept things rather well hidden from prying eyes. The camouflage on the outside and inside of the cabin did a good job keeping us in the dark. However, some styling cues can be distinguished here and there.

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As we’d only expect, the future 5 Series will likely be styled to look like an evolution of the F10 model, with some styling cues taken from the flagship model – the new G11/G12 7 Series. Therefore, we should expect the headlights to be connected to the kidney grilles up front while the taillights should feature a similar shape as the ones on the new 7er.

That’s what automotive rendering artits Theophilus Chin also seems to believe, as he put together a new rendering of the new 5 Series. As you can see, the general design lines should remain the same, with the most important changes taking place at the front and the back of the car.

Being built atop the same CLAR modular platform as the 7 Series, the new 5 Series will also drop considerable weight compared to the current iteration. This will be achieved thanks to CFRP usage in the chassis as well as extensive usage of aluminum everywhere it’s possible.

As far as the technology bits go, there will be a considerable amount of pressure mounting on the shoulders of the engineers, since the E-Class that was launched not long ago does claim that it is the most technologically advanced car in its segment. That means, we’ll probably get to see most of the technology first launched on the 7 Series imbued in its smaller brother, from the new iDrive infotainment system to gesture control and even laser headlights. Some novelties might also make their debut on the 5 Series and my money’s on the Organic LEDs we’ve seen on the M4 GTS.

As for the engine range, no big changes should happen. 1.5-liter 3-cylinder units are not likely to be introduced, and the entry-level choices around the world should still be based on 2-liter 4-cylinder mills. The biggest changes will come from the introduction of the new B-family of modular engines on all models, as well as a more diverse offering of plug-in hybrid versions.