Hyundai wows New York with Genesis “New York” Concept

Auto Shows | March 25th, 2016 by 9
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Hyundai has once again stepped up its game. The Genesis “New York” Concept has taken the New York Auto Show by storm featuring a futuristic …

Hyundai has once again stepped up its game. The Genesis “New York” Concept has taken the New York Auto Show by storm featuring a futuristic design and some impressive technology.

Built to fit somewhere between a 3 and 5 Series sedan, the four-door sedan with coupe-like figures is setting the aspirations quite high for its newly spun-off Genesis luxury brand. The rear three-quarter view has the looks of a fastback reminiscent of a Mercedes-AMG GT.

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The interior is futuristic in design and in tech with stainless steel mesh accents and an infotainment system with an impressive 21-inch curved, floating 4K LCD. There’s also a 3D gesture control sensor that allows occupants to remotely move content from one area of the screen to another.

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The car was designed under the direction of Chris Chapman, Hyundai’s chief designer, the man chiefly responsible for pushing the concept and eventual production BMW X3, X5 and Z4 models while a key player at BMW Group’s DesignworksUSA in California before heading up new vehicle and concept design at Hyundai N.A. in 2012.

Under the hood is a 245 horsepower, 2.0 liter hybrid drive system coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission, though Genesis didn’t reveal any further drivetrain details.


Insiders say a production car based on the Genesis New York Concept is due out within 18 months.

9 responses to “Hyundai wows New York with Genesis “New York” Concept”

  1. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah… it looks awesome ;-)

  2. Bmwfan says:

    This article is wrong. Normally I take every article from this blog as it is: an opinionated bmw marketing department-funded wall to post propaganda. Which is fine.
    But please, do your homework first, at least read the press release. This car has nothing do with Chris Chapman, was not even designed in NA and has nothing related to bmw. Half of the other statements in the article are just invented.
    It’s a great work from the hyundai design department chaps, easy as that.
    Sorry for being a hater but this is so unprofessional.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      First of all, we are not funded by BMW. Too bad you just can’t see that. And too bad you can’t see how objective we are. If we were funded in any way by BMW, I don’t think we would post about other brands.

      Now as far as Chapman, that’s what I personally heard from Hyundai people at the show. If we’re wrong, then many other websites are too.

      Propaganda? That’s just too funny.

      Question: do you take all blogs and websites about Apple as being propaganda and funded by Apple? Or any other websites that focus on a single brand? Just curios.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      And last point. If we were funded or heavily supported by them, we would have been invited by them to all press events globally. But we are not. And that says it all. Nor you see any BMW-PAID ads on our website.

      And at over 1M readers a month, we just cant afford to be biased. They wouldn’t let us. The readers that is.

      • Bmwfan says:

        Funny. I’m trolling you, but I’ve never guessed that I would receive such an extensive response. Let me develop my point, then.
        I’m an insider of the car design industry. Every time that Bmw develops internally (and secretly) a car, this blog just “drops” a poll or an article about the possibility of a car like that being released. It’s actually cool to see how marketing really works in this industry as they are providing you with what they want you to tell.

        Second point. If you where there in NY, or maybe just checked the press pictures, you would have seen every boss, manager, senior designer, junior designer, engineer from Hyundai design Europe. RÜSSELSHEIM, Germany.
        I’m sorry if I sounded offensive in the previous comment, this is still the place to go to be best informed about Bmw, no doubt on that.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Wrong again on the first point. No one feeds us info just to put it out there. What we find out is thru different sources that have nothing to do with the design department. And we don’t really do polls. What we do is use rendering artists images to show WHAT IF.

          I was in NYC and no, I admit it – I don’t know the Hyundai designers. So all I got was maybe secondhand info. As other sites did also.

          • Harris Er says:

            I’m working in BMW , I have 4 car to driving,that’s the Hyundai Veloster Turbo,Kia K9,BMW M4,BMW i8.
            When I visit this blog , I can get about information or new update for BMW,Hyundai,Kia all model !
            Great !!!!

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