For Sale: 1971 BMW 2002tii Touring

Interesting | February 3rd, 2016 by 2
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The BMW 2002 is somewhat of a sacred animal for BMW enthusiasts, as it’s the car that started it all. The 3 Series, M3, 1 …

The BMW 2002 is somewhat of a sacred animal for BMW enthusiasts, as it’s the car that started it all. The 3 Series, M3, 1 Series, 1M, 2 Series and now M2 are all possible because of the groundbreaking BMW 2002. It created the idea of a small but usable sports car for everyday. It’s the epitome of what BMW stands for. The BMW 2002tii is the best iteration of the car and the 2002tii Touring model, a very rare hatchback iteration, is an absolute favorite among many enthusiasts.

An owner in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, has recently put his 1971 BMW 2002tii Touring up for sale and it’s a very intriguing offer. According to the seller, the car is a complete numbers matching car with all of its original paperwork. It’s painted in Polaris Silver and the paint seems to be in great shape. In fact, the whole car seems to be in excellent condition, save for a small rust spot on the driver’s side rear quarter panel, which is a common place for rust on older BMWs for some reason. There aren’t many photos of the interior, but what we can see seems to be in good shape, but in need of a cleaning. Though there are a few cracks in the dashboard, another common classic BMW issue.

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The engine bay looks clean and everything seems to be in order, though the seller doesn’t mention whether or not it runs or drives. We’re assuming it does, but we can’t be certain. The only modifications done to the car are the Ireland Engineering/Bilstein stage 2 suspension setup and a set of 15″ Alpina wheels.

It’s a gorgeous car and an absolute rarity in America. Just finding one is difficult, never mind one in the condition, so when you do come across one, it’s always a tempting buy. The 2002tii is one of the best driving classic cars of all time and the touring model not only adds a cool, rare factor to it, but actually adds some practicality. It’s one of our favorite old BMWs and this one is certainly tempting. The seller is asking $19,000 for it, which actually isn’t too bad for a numbers matching 2002tii Touring, considering its rarity and the fact that it supposedly only has 62,000 miles on it. In fact, that’s a pretty good deal, especially if it runs and drives well. If there’s nothing mechanically wrong with this car, this could be a very good buy for a BMW collector.