If you were in charge of BMW, what would you do first?

BMW M3 | January 31st, 2016 by 28
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All of us enthusiasts tend to think we know more than BMW when it comes to selling and creating cars. We constantly say that BMW …

All of us enthusiasts tend to think we know more than BMW when it comes to selling and creating cars. We constantly say that BMW is wrong and we’re right and why doesn’t BMW listen to us? I’ve done it a bunch of times, saying BMW should sell more diesels in America and that we should get hatchbacks here. However, the reality is that we don’t know better than BMW and the Bavarian brand is doing exactly what it should.

But what if, only for a day, we could be in charge of BMW and make decisions for the brand that would continue after you are gone? What would you do to shape BMW going forward? Would you create new models, eliminate current models or maybe bring back an old, classic nameplate? There are so many ideas that float around forums and blogs of what fans would like BMW to do. So now’s your chance to actually do it.

So if you could, what would be your first course of action?

BMW M3 Touring photoshop 1 750x450

I can tell you what I would do and I think you will see it coming. If I were put in charge of BMW for the day, my first and most important decision would be to create a BMW M3 Touring. It just makes so much sense, as both Audi and Mercedes-AMG have powerful wagons that are capable of both shredding tires and hauling groceries. But BMW lacks such a vehicle.

The Bavarians used to have an M5 Touring, but it didn’t last very long and it was very expensive. The current F80 BMW M3 is an incredible machine that’s both fast and usable everyday. Add more practicality to it and a kick-ass wagon body style and you would have created possibly the best car in the world. Keep it rear-wheel drive and available with a manual and enthusiasts would weep with joy.

I have a strong affinity for wagons, especially BMW Tourings, and a modern BMW M3 Touring would be my absolute dream car. So if I were in charge of BMW for a day, I’d create a BMW M3 Touring and sell it world-wide, profits be damned. What would you do?

28 responses to “If you were in charge of BMW, what would you do first?”

  1. Erick says:

    Make sure there’s a manual option for every transmission and drive combo (xDrive or otherwise)…

  2. jason bourne says:

    Get rid of the Gran Coupe models and FWD.

    Make all models available in the US.

    Redirect focus on driving dynamics rather than luxury appointments.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      no gran coupe are beautiful 4 door coupes.

    • John says:

      You really think the Gran Coupe models are a serious problem??? Not the GTs, or the X4? or the other bloated hideous models?

      And Driving Dynamics? You mean you want BMWs to drive like Porsches.

  3. realtrevor says:

    – I would kill the FWD BMW cars.
    – Change the 6 series name to 8 series and make it a bit more luxury.
    – Make the Z4 a soft top in order to have a proper Z4 coupe, and bring back the Z4M.
    – Create an all new Super car using the carbon fibre know how from the i division and the performance know how from M division.
    – Create a super luxurious SUV and call it an X9 to take on the Range Rover and Bentayga.

  4. hosen says:

    I like to make BMWs more durable and pull them up in JD Power and Consumer Reports ratings. I will kill Lexus. WHY do BMWs aren’t good in durability and quality ratings?

  5. Jonathan35is says:

    Limited edition BMW M2 Shooting Brake.

  6. IceDree says:

    • Build an M7 in 2 flavors, AWD 580hp V8 & RWD 650hp V12 … Both models will be LWB only.
    • Build an ultra luxurious 760Li … Perhaps even bring back the L7.
    • Build the next 6-series as an AMG-GTCarrera rival & bring back the 8-series as an S-Coupe & Continental GTV8 rival with a V12 option.
    • Bring back the Z8 as very limited production car.
    • Expand M’s budget & free em from dealing with Bean Counters
    • Make sure the X7 is unique, ultra luxurious, EscaladeRR-sized & have a V12 option.
    • Make sure the next generation of BMWs won’t a stupid Hood line like the current models.
    • Make sure the next generation of SAVs won’t inherit the ugly D-Pillar from the current X5.
    • Give the X4 an emergency refresh … Both in & out.
    • phase out the ActiveGran Tourers once they reach EOL status.

    • Have them restore 4 E65 7ers for me … :)

    • Icebreakerr says:

      dude you need to be the next CEO i agree with EVERYTHING you say. love the E65 also. but one thing you missed. a BMW M SUPERCAR :D

      • IceDree says:

        Hehehe thanks! #IceDreeForBMWCEO
        That’s where my mythical next generation M6 comes into play …
        The 640i will be an AMG GTCarrera rival, The 650i will be an AMG GT SCarrera GTS rival, The 650i GranSport will be a GT3GT3RS rival & The holy grail M6 will be the TurboS488Huarcan650S super car rival … The M8 will be positioned between the S65 Coupe & the F12 :D

  7. Matt Stokes says:

    I’d get them to sign off a life-time benefits and pension package for me, then leave them to get on with doing what they know how to do.

  8. Mike says:

    Focus on eletric cars (the i brand). They’re clearly the future and the current BMW efforts have been somewhat half assed.
    Forget hidrogen, start offering more and better eletric cars and less petrol/ diesel cars.

  9. 181 says:

    Prioritize the all electric 3 series. That’s the future core of the brand right there.

  10. Stephen Garrett says:

    1)Build an M1 supercar off the i8’s chassis.

    2)Build Z3, Z4, and Z5 sports cars. All RWD, Z3 being similar in size to FR-S; Z4 being similar to current car, just more sporty; Z5 being a Corvette competitor.

    3)Make all Touring models available in the States.

    4)Make a manual standard in every car.

    5)Kill the 3GT and 5GT.

    6)Not build an X2.

    7)Make the i5 a Tesla-fighting sedan.

    8)Make an i6 that looked like a retro 3 or 2002.

    9)Make a (proper) M7.

    10)Make all cars going forward- especially M cars- more focused with improved driving dynamics.

    11)Keep the US-spec 1 Series AWD only, and build a RWD-only 2 GranCoupe.

    Oh, and improve reliability across the board. Some of what I mentioned actually IS happening, some of it’s a pipe dream. If only.

  11. Icebreakerr says:

    1) V10 M Supercar
    2) super luxury 8/9 series coupe

  12. Random415510 says:

    I would be happy with a 335 rwd wagon but a M3 wagon sounds even better. Either one I would buy on the spot.

  13. John says:

    0) Get rid of the GT models. They are HIDEOUS. Just make the wagons look a bit less like wagons and call them GTs.

    1) Offer the 3 series and 5 series wagons with different engine and drive train options in North America. RWD 340i Touring? YES PLEASE

    2) More reliability! (Why is Lexus doing so much better than BMW in this respect?)

    3) 6 Series Gran Coupe becomes the 8 series. 2 door 6 series remains the 6 series.

    4) More engine options in North America. Why do we only get a 328i/d Touring?

    5) More interior exterior colour options when you spend more money. Why is it that the more expensive variants have fewer interior options??? This is the opposite of Luxury.

    6) Bring smaller more fuel efficient models to North America. 520d? YES PLEASE

    7) Give the X5 and X6 different fronts.

    8) Make the 3 series sedan look like the 4 GC.

    9) Less plastic in the interiors of the 3 series and 4 series. The difference in interior quality between the 4 and 5 is too large.

    10) Develop the X models so that they can actually go off-road. Why is Porsche doing better than BMW at off-roading??

    11) Stop offering inferior headlights on the base models. It’s 2016. We all know BMW is just trying to make an extra $1800 off the Lighting Package

    12) Bring the 1 series to North America

    13) Make the i3 less ugly. The rear is comically bad. Looks like a hollow plastic shell with stickers for rear lights

    14) Build the i5 faster. What’s taking so long??

    15) Improve the steering across the board.

    16) No FWD models. Don’t care if it makes BMW more money, or if some buyers can’t tell the difference.

    17) Stop with the concept cars that look WAY WAY better than the actual product. It’s a HUGE let down.

    18) Make the X1 a two-door coupe.

    19) Give more carbon options for people who want it. Why can’t more cars have carbon roofs (would be a nice option for people who don’t care about sunroofs.) or, carbon trunks/lids/bonnets/hoods?

    20) Get rid of any and all artificial synthesized motor sounds in the cabin.

    21) Make the 5 series sportier. A lot of people are very disappointed in how soul-less and bland some of the variants are.

    22) Standardize the interiors better. The current line up’s interior design language is all over the place.

    23) Get rid of the hideous DCT shifter. Looks like an egg or a grooming device.

    24) Make a more affordable version of the i8. Something around 70K USD?

    25) Improve rear-visibility in cars that have tiny rear windows.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Kenneth says:

    bring the 1 series hatch to north America
    3 series M40i touring
    4 series M40i
    X1 M40i
    rember roots…the joy to drive, and not to be driven, RWD with manual transmissions!!!

  16. Kommodore says:

    Sacrifice short term profit for long term domination – Higher quality standards for parts and advertising to back it up. Figure out a way to enforce service quality at dealerships.

  17. Jared Caputo says:

    M1 hybrid hypercar, M7, mid-engined M with 600 plus horsepower, no front wheel drive, X7, put the 6 series on a diet, new and improved Z line with M variants. Up M3/M4 horsepower to 500 (shouldn’t be hard, see Dinan), M2 to current M3/M4 horsepower (or even better, 500), save the manual, i8 M, expand the i range (i5, i6, etc), no GT models (3 and 5).

  18. Forty2 says:

    2/4-series and M2/M4 shooting brake.

  19. Kiril Toshev says:

    Stop front-wheel drive BMWs


    Get rid of all the GT models, take away the option of DCT/auto on a few models, use better exhaust systems to counteract the shitty effects of turbocharged exhaust noise and DELETE and EMPTY RECYCLE BIN the stupid artificial cabin exhaust noise. the people who thought of that must be sacked immediately. take more inspiration from 80s-2003 BMWs and stop making great driving cars look so ordinary out the factory. they’re extraordinary, so why not make them look it?

  21. Steven says:

    3 and 4 Series to lose at least 100kg each with Convertibles returning to fabric roof.

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