Would America go for a BMW 730d?

7-series | January 29th, 2016 by 12
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We’ve just learned that some markets are getting the BMW 730i, which uses a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Now that may sound like a …

We’ve just learned that some markets are getting the BMW 730i, which uses a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Now that may sound like a very little engine to be in such a big, luxurious car and that’s because it is.

But it does pack a decent punch, a 258 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque punch to be exact. Now that’s actually decent amount of power, but is it enough to power BMW’s flagship car?

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In America, we say no. Reason being, if we’re buying a massively luxurious and expensive vehicle, we want it to be massively powerful as well. And while American customers have started to come around on smaller displacement turbocharged engines, like the Ford F-150 Ecoboost V6, we’re not yet ready to put a four-cylinder in our big luxury cars, regardless of how much power it makes.

And this is understandable, as luxury cars need bigger, more powerful engines than a 250 hp four-banger. American customers are okay with smaller engines, but it seems that six-cylinders is the lowest cylinder count we’re willing to buy for luxury. The BMW 740i will sell well here in the ‘States, despite the fact the its only a 3.0 liter I6 engine. But those who have driven the new B58 turbo’d six know that it’s plenty enough engine for nearly any application and that it puts its power down in big, smooth, linear waves, perfect for a car like the 7 Series.

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So a BMW 730i, with its little four-pot, won’t be as well received here in the ‘States, so it’s a good thing that it won’t be coming here. But the BMW 730d should.

The BMW 730d uses a B57 3.0 liter turbocharged diesel inline-six engine that develops 265 hp, not much more than the 730i, but 457 lb-ft of torque, which is more than enough twist to hustle the Big-7. In Europe, this will likely be the volume seller, as smaller diesel engines will help luxury car buyers avoid certain engine and emissions taxes while also offer the kind of performance and torque they’re used to in big luxury cars. Now, Americans aren’t big on diesel, especially lately, but once they sampled the 730d, I think they’d change there mind.

In fact, after seeing how much better economy they can get with the 730d over the 740i, while not really losing any performance, it’s possible that the BMW 730d could change American perceptions on diesel.

12 responses to “Would America go for a BMW 730d?”

  1. Mike N. says:

    I don’t think Mercedes sold too many S350 CDIs, though I know someone who has one and love it.

    On a related note, it sucks that the “35d”s sold here are actually the 30d’s sold elsewhere.

  2. raleedy says:

    You say we don’t want the 730i, but how would you possibly know? Twenty years ago top-end cars had that kind of power and torque, or even less. Luxury and economy are not incompatible. BMW would do better to experiment on some of these sensible combinations instead of the ugly and unpopular models we get: X6, X4, 5GT, 3GT, 4 Gran Coupe!

    As for luxury and 4 cylinders: the 528i is hands down the best seller in the F10 series in my community, which has heavy BMW market penetration. In terms of price and equipment, the 5-series clearly qualifies as luxury.

    • Tax em says:

      It’s just a simple fact that the market (i.e. Buyer expectations) has changed. 20 years ago the E32 730i managed 0-100kmh in 10 seconds. The G11 730i goes in 6.2 (with considerably better gas mileage via turbocharging), similar to the 400hp V16 E32 prototype that managed 6 seconds.

      Sure BMW could dabble in the low end (the high end of decades ago), but that’s just not what performance/luxury automakers do, and it’s not how they preserve the brand prestige that translates to $$$. If somebody wants a cheaper car that operates like a luxury model from the 90s, there are plenty of options.

      BMW’s flagship 7-series represents a certain level of *relative* luxury and performance that buyers are attracted to–watering it down by emphasizing lesser versions or making versions that dip even lower could easily result in harm to the brand and, in the end, the company.

  3. Ask says:

    Didn’t we get 740d here?

    • I think last year’s model did…but the newest model that’s out..there’s only a v6 and v8 gas model available for purchase in the USA…i checked like every country…they offer a diesel 7er, even South Africa, Australia do too….Canada not yet…and US not yet…but i think they had to fill the other markets first…then release them in the US since the market and demand is huge here :) anyday now probably:)

  4. My oh my…i can’t wait to buy the Diesel version of the new 7! I’m from Europe, we love diesels…the torque! The power! The effeciency! And plus gas is more cost per gallon. Hopefully the diesel arrives in the next few months..I’ll be one of the very 1st buyers! Plus, I guarantee Americans will fall in love with diesel…heck the S class doesn’t offer diesel which sucks…that’s what stopped me from buying the Mercedes-Benz….plus I tested both….The flagship 7er beats it in everything…the comfort, the drive, the tiny details, the name, everything…oh and do not forget the new DIAMOND surround sound system…it’s only ~3,500 extra…a must-have add on..the sound quality will blow your senses! Go BMW…diesel waiting!

  5. Guillaume Perret says:

    How can we love car and ask for Diesel ???
    I live in Europe, I have a 3.0i in a E85 and 2.0D turbocharged in a F31, I appreciate the efficiency of the diesel and it is cheaper here.
    But when we live in the US, with a price of 2.5$ a gallon (5$ in France!), how can we want a diesel ? the sound ??? the vibrations ???

    • The car is really well insulated, modern built engine, it’s 2016! Plus gas will go up soon, watch! And diesel is Funner to drive, it’s hard to explain the feeling, you have to personally step in the driver seat for a few miles or kilometers and all of a sudden yiu realize you’re addicted! Trust me.

  6. Tony S. says:

    Tony S. NY

  7. Tony S. NY says:

    I have a 2014 X5 d, nothing like a BMW Diesel engine! who cars about 0-60 quickness of the V8, in daily driving the Diesel beets it in every way! waiting for the 2016 730d to be available in the US to place my order.

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