What’s the best BMW you’ve ever owned?

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We’re all BMW fans here, that’s no secret, whether BMWs are your brand of choice or just a brand you enjoy. If that’s the case, …

We’re all BMW fans here, that’s no secret, whether BMWs are your brand of choice or just a brand you enjoy. If that’s the case, it’s likely you’ve had at least one BMW in your lifetime. Maybe you’ve had  one, maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have five or six. But you’ve almost certainly owned a Bavarian car before.

On sites like this, forums and other publications, people rant and rave about specific BMWs, like the M3, being the best BMWs and the only ones to buy. However, BMW customers buy all sorts of different vehicles, not just the enthusiast favorites, as they fit their lifestyle. Many of these customers create real bonds with a lot of these cars and become regular customers.

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Some Bimmer buyers do like their sports cars more than anything else, so they appreciate the sharp handling of more nimble cars like the E46 3 Series or maybe a Z3. These fans would appreciate their older BMWs more so than maybe a newer one, thanks to the more pure feel of an older BMW.

There are also Bavarian buyers who prefer luxury or need a lot of space. Theses buyers might buy 5 and 7 Series BMWs, or maybe even SUVs. If this is you, maybe the E53 BMW X5, the original, as it provided great interior space combined with good driving dynamics, would be your favorite.

So which BMW has been your absolute favorite BMW and why?

BMW 340i F30 vs BMW 323i E36 60

Personally, I’ve only had one, unfortunately, a 1996 E36 328i sedan. So by default, that’s my favorite BMW that I’ve ever owned, however, I feel as if it still might be had I owned more. I love it, how tight and sharp it feels, how focused. It’s also the absolute perfect size, not too small and not too big. It’s just right. The 2.8 liter straight-six is fantastic and has a throaty low-end with punchy torque and a screechy top-end with a razor sharp responses. It’s not the fastest or most powerful car, but it’s great fun.

So what’s the best Bimmer you’ve every owned?

18 responses to “What’s the best BMW you’ve ever owned?”

  1. Stevie says:

    2006 Carbon Black E46 M3 competitive package. The best BMW I have driven. Now driving a 2011 BMW 535 XI. Missing the E46 M3 everyday.

  2. MrB says:

    My best and only BMW I’ve owned was a black BMW 130i MSport.. And what a car!! That glorious N52 straight six has such a loud bark.. Really miss it..

  3. BorisF says:

    2004 E46 330i I picked up from the factory in Munich via European Delivery. Drove it 1800 miles through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I still drive it everyday.

    • Shawn Sepehry says:

      that’s amazing. I love hearing stories like this. So often you hear of people trading up constantly. I’m looking to keep my ’07 525xi for years to come barring any major issues, fingers crossed.

  4. Kwambus says:

    I have had so many 5 series I need some sort of clinical help. My favourite is my current 2015 5 Series F11 Luxury Touring with a very full spec sheet, Variable Damper Control is a must-have if you can afford to add it on I wouldn’t buy a BMW without it.

  5. Bilentusiasten says:

    European (321hp) E36 M3 3.2 Coupe. Lovely car in so many ways. Fantastic engine and a great handling car.

  6. Jose says:

    E46 M3. Bought new and after that I have had an E60 535xi and now an 650 xDrive Gran Coupe as my daily drivers. Both great cars, but the E46 is the one. Whenever I drive the E46 reminds me why I can’t let it go :)

  7. Surf says:

    2003 e39 M5. Perfect balance of tech and performance. After the hassle and expense of two twin turbo bmw’s I REALLY appreciate naturally aspirated power.

  8. Aziz Halim says:

    Still my favorite: E46 Sedan 2000 320i. Great long drive with excellent engine performance & good steering.

  9. jb001 jb001 says:

    No brainer, E46 M3!

  10. bmw driver says:

    F31 328i M-Sport. Mine is tuned, intaked and M-Perf exhausted. Best sounding turbo-4 I’ve ever heard, timed it 0-100 in 4.9s flat (with baby seats in the back), I’ve tracked it (handles so neutrally, but needs brakes) transported 300kg of concrete in the boot (hello lift-off oversteer) timber, a clamshell pool, you name it. Wagons are rarer than M-cars over here, so you get to feel special for not much money :). For a day to day car for someone who loves to drive, it takes a hell of a lot of beating.

  11. Brian says:

    I have loved every BMW I have ever owned but without question my all time favorite is the Z8, still in my garage since 2000. Every time I drive it I get excited.

  12. Tommy Fernandes says:

    2000 E46 328ci, I’ve had it since new and since then I’ve got married, had 2 kids and expecting third and it’s still my all in one and favourite. I take it across europe when possible, but still my everyday car too! Naturally aspirated engine all the way. Balance, responsiveness and sheer driving pleasure means that it’s a keeper and even my kids prefer being driven it more than any other. To get rid of to would be like losing a family member or limb, so no way. P.S. works still 100% percent :o)

  13. Merkava4 says:

    BMW 2002 tii..In his time – dream car…

  14. Prussian says:

    318ti hatchback with S52 swap. Because lightweight, M power, and huge transport space.

  15. Tiago Santos says:

    E46 320d M Pack….305.000KM and counting :)

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