Upcoming BMW 5 Series spied

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The upcoming G30 BMW 5 Series is going to be a very important car for BMW. With competitors like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Volvo all debuting …

The upcoming G30 BMW 5 Series is going to be a very important car for BMW. With competitors like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Volvo all debuting brand-new cars in the segment, BMW desperately needs to update its 5 Series. However, good things are planned for the G30 5er, as it will be based on the new 7 Series platform which utilizes quite a lot of lightweight construction, thus reducing weight by around 200 lbs.

That could make a huge impact in performance, handling and even ride comfort.

2017 BMW 5 Series Plug in Hybrid 1

So that much we do know about the upcoming 5 Series. But what we didn’t previously know was what it will look like. The next-gen BMW 5 Series has recently been caught testing out in the wilderness and from what we can tell, it looks like a smaller, tighter 7 Series. This isn’t a real surprise, considering their shared architecture, but we didn’t think it was going to look this similar. Admittedly, these are just spy shots of the car covered in camouflage, and we know what lengths BMW is willing to go to camo cars, so this might not represent the final product.

The headlights are certainly new and definitely represent the new 7 Series’ quite a bit, as do the large kidney grilles. Though the 5 Series seems to be considerably visually narrower. We don’t know exact measurements and it might not be that much narrower, but visually it seems to be the skinnier car. It also seems to be shorter, with much shorter overhangs, giving it a tighter look. The hood also slopes lower and is more aggressive than the 7er’s. The predominant body line down the side of the car is very similar to the one on the current 5 Series, so we can tell that this will be much more of an evolutionary change than a revolutionary one.

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2017 BMW 5 Series render

We can also make out new taillights, which seem to be much wider and shorter than before, mimicking those on its bigger brother. The new exhaust pipes look cool and might signify that this is a 550i model or possible M550i, being that the current 550i is the only 5er to use rectangular exhaust tips like that. From the rear view, we can also see that the air-breather that BMW has been using lately is present.

As far as powertrains, we’re still in the dark about those, but we don’t imagine them changing too much from the current car. They’ll like remain similar but move to the new engines, so the 528i’s N20 engine should be replaced with the new B48 and the 535i’s N55 should be replaced with the B58 and possibly being called the 540i. Aside from that, we don’t see much change happening. This way, sizes and displacement should stay the same, but, performance and efficiency should improve across the board.

2017 BMW 5 Series interior spied

2017 BMW 5 Series interior spied

Overall, the car does look promising. The current 5 Series is actually still a very handsome car, so it makes sense not to change it too much. But just giving it some 7 Series styling cues and more modern touches should go a long way to keeping it fresh.

[Source: World Car Fans]