2016 BMW X1 long-wheelbase leaked in patent images

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2016 BMW X1 LWB 750x500

The 2016 BMW X1 long-wheelbase is a model destined for the Chinese market and has been spied testing several times before, but now PCauto.com.cn via …

The 2016 BMW X1 long-wheelbase is a model destined for the Chinese market and has been spied testing several times before, but now PCauto.com.cn via IndianAutosBlog has published patent images which fully reveal its exterior.

The extended wheelbase BMW X1 will essentially be the same front-wheel drive based X1, based on BMW’s new UKL architecture, except it will have an extra row of seats, making it a seven seater. The roofline is extended quite a bit and less sloping than the standard wheelbase model and the rear end is a bit taller. Also, the shape of the three-quarter glass seems to be a bit different than the standard car. Otherwise, the long-wheelbase BMW X1 will look just as attractive as the standard car.

2016 BMW X1 LWB 1 750x500

The UKL platform also dictates the positioning of engines. Under the hood, the three and four-cylinder engines are mounted transversely hence there is not enough space for six-cylinder engines. In China, the X1 LWB will be powered by a 2.0-litre BMW TwinPower Turbo turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. A three-cylinder-powered model is likely to be introduced as well. The engine should be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The standard wheelbase X1 is 4,439 mm long and has a wheelbase of 2,670 mm. The long-wheelbase version’s could be stretched by around 100 mm.

2016 BMW X1 LWB 2 750x500

The Chinese market values backseat space more than almost anything else, that’s why BMW builds long-wheelbase version of even the 3 Series for it. So it’s understandable why the X1 would be made as such for the Chinese market.


4 responses to “2016 BMW X1 long-wheelbase leaked in patent images”

  1. FilipMPower says:

    aka FWD X3

    Honestly why do they make a long wheelbase version of the X1 for the Chinese market. Why not the X3? X3 is on the 3 series level, not the X1.

  2. Dt says:

    Where these specifications?
    two slot exhaust
    Mirrors blind system
    running the car by remote
    Open the box of the car by remote
    Consistency length, width and height with the height and width of more like Santa Fe Sport
    Presence in all markets with excellent price and less
    Comfortable leather seats

  3. Dt says:

    when we drive x1 with seven seats we need to feel that we drive jeep with 5 seats , we don’t like to drive station car or mpv car , we want to drive real jeep like santa fe sport and captiva sport , now if we look to captiva or santa fe sport we thought that the car with 5 seats only and for young guys , but when you check the seats you see 7 seats , we don’t like to see long car like grand santa fe or kia sorinto , , we need from bmw company to add only 2 seats in the box and that’s it , don’t make long car or grand car or station car , we want to see size like santa fe sport or captiva sport but with 7 seats , if I want to use the seats I can open the seats and have 7 seats , and if I want to use the box of this car I can use it , and I asked bmw to put the Mirrors blind system ( I can turn off or on this system ) and work on the Comfortable leather seats and also to run the car and open the box by main remote for this car , I hope this msg arrived to bmw company and hope to see this model soon in all world with best specifications and best price , then I will promise bmw that it will not see any car like santa fe sport or sorinto or captiva sport in the road :) only x1 with best size like any real jeep and sure with 5+2 seats

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