2019 BMW 6 Series renderings show a sleek design

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2018 bmw 6 series photoshop 750x500

German magazine Autobild renders the 2019 BMW 6 Series Coupe. The new 6 Series will arrive in 2018, seven years after the introduction of the …

German magazine Autobild renders the 2019 BMW 6 Series Coupe. The new 6 Series will arrive in 2018, seven years after the introduction of the F12 Convertible and F13 Coupe models.

The renderings follow recent rumors around a sleeker and sportier design of the popular high-end tourer. The new 6er is said to have a more dynamic roofline than the current model and shallower glasshouse. Some of the sleek design cues seen on the 4 Series Coupe are an inspiration for the larger two-door model with a stretched roofline which puts the C-pillar just behind the rear wheels and allows a short rear overhang. Some suggest it will have the visual dynamics of an Aston Martin.

2018 bmw 6 series photoshop 1 750x500


Front kidney grilles shown here are upturned as a reverse from standard BMWs. The headlights take an ultra slim shape with laser lights incorporated while the taillights are sleeker and larger.

Side air breathers and large air intakes are a continuation of BMW’s present design, along with plenty of chrome elements for a more luxurious look.

2018 bmw 6 series photoshop 750x500


The new 6 Series will go on a diet for a total weight saving of around 200 kilograms. The rear axle comes from the new 7 Series, but xDrive all-wheel drive will continue to be offered. The 6 Series family remains in the conventional mix of fabric roof convertible, coupe and a four-seater Gran Coupe.

12 responses to “2019 BMW 6 Series renderings show a sleek design”

  1. arretjenoff says:

    the upturned kidney grilles may be an indication of a complete new drivetrain…as a symbol of generation next propertys like …reversing the negative portrait and making the impossible possible as expect the unexpected…. this is litterally reversing the style icons to symbolize the next gen fuel cell engines and the elektrification of next gen BMW!!

  2. FilipMPower says:

    In my honest opinion, eventhough this is just a random render, I dont think it looks too bad. The headlights are a bit too sharp, but that will be corrected, the rear I think looks better than the current one as it is sharper, and the upturned kidneys should just be made a bit sleeker I believe, but I like that upturned shape, looks aggressive The front intakes look like sh** but I guess that the bumper will be done properly. Oh, and the hood cut line must be corrected.

  3. FilipMPower says:

    Here are some of the changes I would make, excluding the ugly front intakes.

    Just did a fast edit on the phone so sorry for the bad quality.

  4. Icebreakerr says:

    this is old render will look nothing like it

  5. miketcho says:

    For me, the next generation 6 series should look like this:

    • FilipMPower says:

      I think this would be the best look, however, the seat placement makes it impossible to make a decent 4 seater and gran Coupe, which means that BMW would not build it this way.

  6. Matt Stokes says:

    Next 6-er will look like manic-depressive Tesla S? God I hope not!

  7. Victor Dias Ferreira says:

    I would like to change my 2015 BMW 630 i with a more comfortable seating car. I went to see Bentley and their seats are far more luxurious and comfortable than my BMW. I have complaints from the family and friends saying that the seats are hard! I am a BMW lover from more that 30 years but I can no longer wait for a new version of the BMW 630 with more comfortable seats. Are you planning to improve this feature? if not I will have to buy a Bentley…..

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