Interview with Nader Faghihzadeh, BMW 7 Series Exterior Designer

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Last month, we had the opportunity to interview Nader Faghihzadeh, the exterior designer responsible for the new 7 Series. Faghihzadeh is not on his first …

Last month, we had the opportunity to interview Nader Faghihzadeh, the exterior designer responsible for the new 7 Series. Faghihzadeh is not on his first rodeo – the 39 year old Iranian-German was also responsible for the Interior Design of the BMW 7 Series (F01/F02), the Exterior Design of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, Coupe and Convertible (F06/F12/F13).

To our knowledge, he’s the first BMW designer to pen the exterior and interior designer of the same car, but for different generations of cars.

BMW has gone to great lengths to insure that its newest 7 Series is as advanced, in terms of both luxury and technology, as possible. While the exterior of the car is more evolution than revolution over the previous design, it does look far better and more refined. The whole car looks tighter and crisper while the large kidney grilles display an air of power and opulence as the full LED headlights seem to flow out of them.

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Where the old one looked rather large and bloated, this new 7 Series’ rear end seems to have been doing some squats. It’s much tighter and leaner than before and its full LED taillights have been slimmed down. An evolutionary design – no doubt – but one that can help the 7 Series retake the crown in the high-end limousine market.

In the video interview below, Faghihzadeh explains to us design concept and talks about the process of designing the 7 Series – influences, heritage, luxury and sportiness.

14 responses to “Interview with Nader Faghihzadeh, BMW 7 Series Exterior Designer”

  1. Jimbo says:

    Did he mention luxury or what?

  2. IN77 says:

    BMW needs european designers. Stop with these trashy asian tastes.

  3. rwill007 says:

    This fool needs to go sit down somewhere with that sh!t as it’s not impressive, plain, simple and down right ugly.. get the f*ck out of here w/ your silly azz “luxury” explanation out of there. smh!

  4. emulajavi says:

    Great interview!

  5. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    A single designer for both interior and exterior design isn’t always the best idea. Apple is doing the same crap by giving a single group the control of both hardware and software design – all this ends up doing is proving too simple of an outcome. When you have two different teams, headed by two different chief designers, the outcome is invaluably unique. As for this guy, I am not a fan. His 6 series gran coupe is beautiful… and the new luxury added to the 7 series is nice… but the design looks so unfinished. Simply gluing plastic chrome all over the body of a car makes it just too busy. The rear end isn’t anything special or unique, and it almost lends itself to cheapen the exterior by creating similarities to brands like Hyundai. I would much rather see the big mothership 7 series look polar opposite of all other models then too similar. Remove the hockey stick from the side of the vehicle and the profile looks almost identical to the previous generation. Shrink the kidneys and bloat the headlamps and there’s literally no change once you remove the aforementioned plastic chrome.

  6. jitorres4 says:

    Just got back from the 7 series launch event at local dealership. Very impressed with over overall design.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      What did you like most?

      • jitorres4 says:

        The car itself looks much better proportioned in person than
        in photos. From the front, looking lower
        and wider, it reminded me a bit of the E38, which is great in my opinion. The quality of the materials and attention to
        detail in the interior also stood out.
        Although BMW has always been meticulous regarding detail and materials
        (this last one could be debated), it really shows in this car. The interior really is a departure while
        staying very BMW.

  7. JKSanibel says:

    Nader is an extremely talented designer. The 6-series and the 6-series Gran Coupe are just examples how he as the project leader, together with Karim Habib, BMW’s Chief Exterior Designer are consistently developing BMW cars for the 2020s. The proportions, the not-in-your face luxury, help to easily make sure for everybody that BMW is a very successful premium brand. While Audi is only doing facelifts since 1996 and Mercedes is following an almost cartoonish style guide, BMW offers the best package of Design, Styling AND Technology – Kai Hollensett

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