Q3 2015: BMW and Mercedes head-to-head race in U.S.

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The car luxury race in the U.S. is heating up. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are going head-to-head in one of the most heated duels in the …

The car luxury race in the U.S. is heating up. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are going head-to-head in one of the most heated duels in the last few years with both companies delivering impressive sales.

Passenger Cars

For Mercedes, the sales growth has come to a standstill compared to the same period last year. The total number of passenger cars sold has increased 0.5 percent, with some models like the E-Class, CLS-Class and SLK-Class showing a significant decline. The stars of the MB lineup are the CLA and the C-Class – both up 27.7 percent and 28.6 percent, respectively. In comparison, BMW has a more balanced lineup. The 3 and 3 Series are showing a healthy growth – 4.6 and 20.9 percent, respectively – while the 2 Series shines with a 59 percent increase over last year (the 2 Series went on sale mid last year, hence the impressive growth figure).

With more than 9,000 i-models sold, BMW also holds a special position in the field of electrified vehicles.

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Here BMW has been able to transform its own sales shortfall from the first half of the year in a small win. Nevertheless, the model changeover of the X1 and the capacity bottlenecks of the X3 – in favor of higher-value models X4 to X6- left its mark in the sales balance. The X5 continues to shine in the BMW SUV lineup with an increase of 22.6 percent, while the new X6 is also showing promising numbers – 71 percent increase over last year. The GLE, GL and G-Class continue to grow in their segments adding to the bottom line.

Mercedes sold nearly 19,000 GL/R-Class models.

MINI / Smart

MINI has grown by approximately 15 percent as of September. The market launch of the new Clubman is expected with great enthusiasm in Quarter 4, and likely great sales. For Smart, the decline in sales has accelerated at the end of Q3 – apparently the new Smart for 2 is unable to match the numbers of its predecessor. A drop of almost 33 percent is a clear sign.

The exciting race between the two German automakers will continue in Q4 and BMW’s newest models – 7 Series and X1 – might give a slight edge to the Munich-based carmaker.

[Source: Bimmertoday]

4 responses to “Q3 2015: BMW and Mercedes head-to-head race in U.S.”

  1. Autopal says:

    BMW might be able to hang on this year, but I think they have no chance next year. I think the GLC will be a game changer, and with the new C Class coupe, and C450 AMG, next year will be a record year for Mercedes

    • Vincent says:

      Regrettably I tend to agree with you… add a pretty awesome AMG GT-S halo model at the top of the Mercedes range and compare this with BMW’s line up topped with a less than inspiring i8 and things are looking a little pretty pale.

      3/4 series numbers make BMW King. But with C63 dominating over M3/4 (eg in Australia), the trickle down effect on the beefed up C class range could see Mercedes take the crown over the aging 3er and the overall win.

    • Max says:

      Don’t forget the X1, this will bring up BMWs sales a lot next year. 7series should also bring more numbers next year. And you can definitely see the X7 is missing.. We will see.

  2. dc says:

    I know it’s different for premium brands, but when I look at volume manufacturers, be careful what you ask for – GM, Toyota & now VW have all suffered major setbacks in the race for #1. Going by the # of Benz hatchbacks I see these days, I think they’re the ones risking brand dilution pursuing #1.

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